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    The "shells-falling-short bug" seems to have been superseded by the "overshooting-the-target bug. In the past few days, on at least five occasions, all the shells went way above and beyond the waterline I had been aiming at, sometimes at nearly stationary targets that should have been impossible to miss. IOW exactly as the old "shells-falling-short bug" but over instead of short.
  2. I can't log in to North American player support any more. Pardon me for asking this here but I have been banned in eternity from the NA forum. The log-in is accepted on https://na.wargaming.net/en but as soonas I arrive on https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/help/ where you start actually writing the tickets, the log-in is "forgotten." It then only says "Log in or create account" (see screenshot). Clicking " Log-in" results in a short flicker of a different screen (second screenshot) but does not complete the log-in and returns me to the above ticket-writing page where I can't write a ticket. It works without a hitch on the EU support site. It can't even be some failed attempt at an automatic log-in (Firefox) since all the saved passwords were lost the other day when the game client crashed the PC.
  3. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    How do I counter subs? I am clueless, pls help

  4. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    WG is leaving Russia & Belarus

    In whose manuals IKEA prescribes to anchor them to the wall. If parents are too dumb to do that, you can blame many people but not their purveyor of furniture. Not that I'm gonna defend the Lagkapten desk top with the paper core or anything like that.
  5. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    WG is leaving Russia & Belarus

    That would be so fitting. In fact it would give Sarah Kendzior a laughing fit. And a crying fit at the same time probably. Or even a swearing fit.
  6. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    "Historical accuracy" and what it says about WG's attitude toward players

    Nooooo... hy could a Cypriotic company's corporate culture be so inherently untruthful?!
  7. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    "Historical accuracy" and what it says about WG's attitude toward players

    More relevant than ever.
  8. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    Remove subs from the randoms

  9. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    SUB POLL for the benefit of YABBACOE.

    "So much fun still - when there are no subs around." "Actual naval combat happening" "Not like, you kill two BBs then have to chase a stoopid sub around for the rest of the game." "Actually using things like stealth, and positioning... trying to find an opening... trying to gain an advantage... by using actual skill... by using your actual brains..."
  10. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    What the hell is going on in te HQ?

    Because MONNEY!!1
  11. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    Stun Bombs Dropped

    All's I'ma say is https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/160591-wargaming-will-just-charge-ahead-no-matter-what/?do=findComment&comment=4153156
  12. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    Wargaming will just charge ahead no matter what.

    Periodic reminder that another of Wargaming's proven techniques is to pitch something extremely atrocious so as to deliberately incite a shitstorm, then introduce something which seems marginally less awful while in fact being basically identical to the original pitch <cough>Legendary Upgrades<cough><cough><cough>, thus giving the community a sense of achievement and a feeling of inclusion, and creating the appearance of progress.
  13. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    Great way to fork up the game even further WG

    So that he can rinse and repeat untill he bought everything there is to buy in the game.