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  1. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    General Feedback

    Aaaand we're back.
  2. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    Nerf on Japanese Gunboats ?

    It is beyond ridiculous that these things should have magic shells that magically penetrate armour as though they were 50% larger in caliber and four times as heavy. I don't come here for a fantasy game. Why not have dragons next, or dungeons for that matter.
  3. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    Premium ships worth buying? (just starting the game)

    Wargaming broke the game with the aircraft carrier rework. These are incompatible with the core concept of the game and can't be fixed but they won't accept that. Don't buy a thing until you've ground up to tier VIII and are still ok with it. By then they'll probably break it some more with submarines.
  4. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    Research Bureau

    The one good thing until now seems to be that the Spin-Off challenges wash a lot of competent players into the Narai operation to harvest those flags. There were still casuals but no fails so far today.
  5. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    General Feedback

    I get the distinct impression the game sometimes resets the port filter of its own accord when switching between tasks and back.
  6. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    General Feedback

    Missing sound effects. I still get the "stunned" sort of Privat-Ryan-ish noise when receiving citadels or heavy damage but many other times the actual shell impact sound just doesn't play, for light and heavy damage both. Airplane engines, mainly hostile ones. Possibly others. And the port carousel has repeatedly set itself from 4 to 3 lines.
  7. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    Rename “massive AA fire” to “AA barrage”

    Honestly, I've given up the fight for decent phrasing, wording and translation a long time ago. The game is replete with examples which have been pointed out - and ignored - time and time again, especially when they themselves asked for feedback. They keep calling any kinds of numbers "stats" when 80% of the numbers they are referring to are "specifications" or "data" that have nothing to do with statistics. Enemies and friendlies alike are called "targets" in the voice commands. They call it "Maschinenboost" in German when nobody in the 1940s knew the word "boost" in Germany and the accurate expression would have been something along the lines of "Notleistung". The list goes on for quite a stretch. It's just way too low on WG's list of priorities, to avoid putting it in a more truthful way that would no doubt be viewed as "unconstructive".
  8. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    Will submarines eliminate the destroyer as a scout and cap contender?

    Edit Submarines will be a complete, regurgitated, infuriating dog's breakfast. Or at least WG is fully intent on turning them into that, mictitating right in the face of what we laughingly still call "historical accuracy" in a thick, healthy stream.
  9. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    This is what this game is capable of

    Yeah three more of the same guns with enhanced HE pen and hard hitting AP shells, and being better in many many other respects - it sure is a burden. But that is just the way the cookie gets completely stomped on and obliterated. Of course it is! #RIGGED! https://replayswows.com/replay/61288#stats
  10. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    Is World of Warships better or worse ....

    "Interaction" lol I have no idea who came up with that ridiculous word. I sure made no such remark ever. What I did opine at various points is that automated game mechanics, such as AA, do not make for a fun & engaging gaming experience. Their only point is to make surface players feel a little less exploited. But sure, do bunch all "CV haters" (=86% of players) into one big undifferentiated lump. That'll help your credibility no end. WG demonstrated that if anything, they only even pretend to listen to player wishes when they get a massive shitstorm, and seeing that they only pretended to abandon the NTC while in fact basically implementing it 1:1 as originally intended, I'm not even sure that shitstorm wasn't orchestrated, or intentionally provoked, respectively. And my only demand re: carriers has been they be removed from the game as a playable class, or else WG makes sure - I don't care how - that they only crop up in max 10-15% of random battles. You do you, sweetie.
  11. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    are you serious with ranks...totally manipulated

    Oh it's not just Ranks either!1 cc @Baraccus84 https://replayswows.com/replay/61288#stats
  12. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    Is World of Warships better or worse ....

    Since the vast majority of players very openly hates CVs, almost every thread is a CV hater thread. Disguise or no. Though there's no need for disguise.
  13. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    AA Defense Changes

    Actually, from my DD perspective, it is bad luck if anything, though luck of any kind has in fact nothing to do with it. And 1400 damage is of course a massive chunk of DD which should not be guaranteed in the way it very clearly is, for all but the most unskilled / least trained CV players. IOW thanks for playing.
  14. FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor

    Is World of Warships better or worse ....

    It's clearly worse because although the RTS carriers were basically just as toxic, broken and incompatible as the rework carriers, at least they were so difficult that you only got very very few carrier games most of the time. Like, about a one in ten chance. Also I think mechanics wise, the game was easier for the casual players, particularly because there were also fewer HE spammers and radars, and those that were there, were less powerful. Also there were simply fewer ships to keep track of, whereas today, the casuals don't even know what they're up against half of the time. And the majority of players will always remain casuals.
  15. So when is WG finally going to release the Chieftain Special about the Panzer I that was filmed last October already? It's beyond ridiculous by now.