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  1. Ninjitsu_is_SK

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    lmao are you implying T10 CVs are not broken? Or T8 CV vs T6?
  2. Ninjitsu_is_SK

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    Da, real life it was different with VMF Kremlin leading the soviet fleet to lift the siege of leningrad in 1944! And just like real life, CVs were fast, stealthy ships that could not be set on fire or flooding, could launch planes with deck fires, had infinite planes and were immune to detonation Were those homing torps that ignore torpedo protection also real life? lol come on dude, WoWS makes too many compromises with reality and historical accuracy at this point.
  3. Ninjitsu_is_SK

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    As far as I know, all other ships except DDs have the same air detection and AA range. So this only matters for DDs. And yes, i understand how this will work. And i understand it's like main battery bloom effect. I still take issue with it. Can you share statistics on how many players do this and how often? I have never done this myself. There is hardly any scope to do this in matches, DDs have other things to do and it is not worth the risk of being spotted. I have not seen unicum streamers do it, nor have i seen this in KotS or ranked. Further, why was this not tested on PTS? Or even announced in a blog post? This is a significant change. Do you remember how adversely the change to main battery bloom impacted gameplay for DDs and cruisers? Then you guys had to mostly revert the change. This will be a repeat of that, but only DDs will be impacted.
  4. Ninjitsu_is_SK

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

  5. Ninjitsu_is_SK

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    Stealth nerf to DDs? What is the reason for introducing AA bloom? This completely nerfs the possibility of ambushing planes and then turning your AA off. Some DD AA ranges are almost twice as large as their air detectability radius. Is this because of all the incompetent CV players crying about the one DD line that can somewhat defend itself from the most broken class in the game? Currently, if an aircraft flies within the air detection range of your ship, you open fire with AA. Once the planes overshoot, you turn AA off. This does two things: The planes can't see where you are, making it a bit harder to line up the next strike Other enemy ships can't see you anymore, saves you from some incoming shells. Further, if you want to try supporting other ships within your AA range but outside of your air detection range, you risk taking incoming fire. In such cases you turn AA off if you take fire. The problem with this upcoming change is: This change makes it easier for CVs to make follow up strikes by keeping you spotted longer. CVs do not need buffs to their gameplay. They can already turn within the AA radius of DDs in some cases. This also makes it easier for other ships to shoot DDs as it gives them 2 extra seconds to aim and fire. DDs do NOT need their game to be made more difficult. This is a big mistake. Should have been on public test first. I guess all the premium CV sales from new players are making this a CV-first game for WG....
  6. Ninjitsu_is_SK

    Now were getting serious numbers of AAA DD's...

    Why is it always below average players complaining about OP DD AA?
  7. Ninjitsu_is_SK

    Constant Chatbans because I am playing CV?

  8. Ninjitsu_is_SK

    ST - Update 0.9.5

    NO AIRCRAFT CARRIERS PLEASE CVs in ranked is really, really bad. Please stop including them. Let ranked be the one mode untainted by CVs. Either CVs are terrible players and you lose the game, or they're really good players and DDs have no chance. Most T8 DDs and cruisers do not have heal to deal with T8 CVs in low ship count game modes. Why does WG insist on making the game unpleasant to play for all other classes except CVs? Do you enjoy it when DDs lose 33% of HP in the first minute of the match? I've met WG staff in game who don't like CVs in ranked either! Then why continue to do this? Have a separate ranked mode for CVs if you think people enjoy playing against them so much. You will find no one except CV players there. All the ranked seasons so far without CVs have been fun. I used to play ranked to escape all the CV spam found in random battle.
  9. Ninjitsu_is_SK

    ST - Unique upgrades update

    I think the rework is somewhat okay as a side grade. Probably more useful for comp plays with radar. but the concealment nerf makes no sense? So, there are a number of issues here. As i've detailed here, Khaba is in a very bad spot in current meta. What's worse is, Khaba special upgrade seems like it is mandatory to make the ship work. The rework doesn't do much to help. Khaba rudder shift is worse than ships like Moskva, Donskoi, Venezia, Smolensk. All ships that are 1.5x to 3x longer. Harugumo is longer than Khaba but has better rudder shift. Grozovi is almost identical in dimensions to khaba. It makes no sense. Special upgrade in slot 5 makes the rudder shift even worse, because you can't slot steering gears mod 2. The increase in range is very small compared to the trade offs. 20% reduction in heal and engine boost? when your whole play style is reliant on speed tanking? Turret traverse penalty was NOT the issue. Removing it doesn't make the special upgrade any better overall. You cannot really brawl in khaba in current meta. Special upgrade is still mandatory to make Khaba usable in current meta. This is bad design. You have to consider current meta for khaba is lots of BBs with high AP alpha. khaba eats full BB pens for some reason. brutal SAP, from Venezia High speed, high alpha AP and HE shells from soviet ships torp spam ships like pan EU DDs and Benham lots of heal DDs CVs that are completely broken at T10 Ineffective AA radars and hydro everywhere Suggestions: Recommended: Buff stock khaba. Improve rudder shift, range, torps to par with tashkent. add slot 6 range mod. Recommended: BB AP should overpen khaba like other DDs. then maybe your legendry mod can work. but even then it needs to improve AA and reduce consumable cooldown. but even then it might not make sense. Recommended: move the special mod to slot 6. Recommended: Completely rework Khaba special mod based on point 1, 2, 4 in suggestions. Khaba is in a very poor state. You have nerfed it too hard. it's a really bad experience after tashkent. Please rework khaba, then decide what to do with the special upgrade. Right now none of this makes sense. The ship is not competitive at all. It's not enjoyable to play. Tashkent is beautiful. Grozovoi is strong despite the competition. Why is Khabarovsk in such poor state? It has to be competitive with the likes of Kleber, Halland, Daring and Harugumo. The problem was nerf to range, not turret traverse. Why the nerf to main battery reload? Again, this makes no sense. If you're going to reduce main battery reload then do not nerf the range. The current meta for BBs is really not suited to close range fighting. There is too much HE spam. This is completely unhelpful. 80% penalty was way too much, I stopped using this upgrade on my Shima. 10% reduction won't help much. Torp tubes should be able to out turn the ship. Again, given that things like Benham exist this feels very rough.
  10. Ninjitsu_is_SK

    PT 0.9.4 - Submarines

    This is what the new meta will be with subs. Everything dead except CVs and subs. Subs chasing CVs while you desperately hang on to life. Being cross torped by CVs and subs. Fun and engaging. This match ended with me killing the CV that kindly decided to sail towards our sapwn (and thus, me). Couldn't kill the sub unfortunately because the CV wouldn't let me sit on top of it, but came close. I've been testing a secondary build Bayern and tbh i don't think it's going to be that effective in the real world. I've got to actually use it on subs *once*. Also, German secondary builds aren't really viable in the current meta outside of a few special cases (ranked sprints and ranked). So sure you had a meme game where your furious secondaries melted a sub, but in the game i played above, i had a sub sail into our spawn undetected and get a perfect double set of citadel-ignoring homing torps that obliterated our oblivious CV. This is how it will be in randoms. I suppose you were indeed playing a different PT, or trying to torp DDs. In anything less agile you have to swerve very hard to dodge if the sub's managed to torp from range. if you're sitting broadside to the torps or are too slow then it looks like this: 1. At around 00:12, i'm going full speed, shooting at a DD while moving towards the sub. Bow on homing torps. I wouldn't say it's an easy dodge because i had to really throw the ship around to make it. It works acceptably if nothing else is shooting at you but it requires full concentration and timing. 2. 00:56 - leander eats point black torps from sub that surfaces at will. not really a homing problem though. 3. 01:12 - fushun torps are easily dodged with hydro running. If those were homing torps, I would have likely eaten one. 4. 01:15 - non homing torps fairly close range, i dodge by de-accelerating. Homing torps would have probably hit. 5. 02:08 - homing torps swerve way to the left and then align themselves for my side. I'm too slow at that point to do anything about them, even though non homing torps would have missed. They're also confusing because you're not sure how they'll counter your own movements. Did you see that swerve? A shot that a DD would have missed completely now turns to the side by like 30 degrees after launch and then starts turning in again to hit my side. Normal torps would have missed even if shot directly at me. So no, they shouldn't be any better. You also have to consider how they will impact gameplay beyond T5 :) True, but if anything this just means that the current design is flawed and subs shouldn't be in random battles/ranked or clan battles. Of course, i don't think homing torps suck - they really shouldn't be any more than this anyway. Right now you are firing groups of 2 or 4 torps, what happens when the higher tier subs have more? what if they intro british subs with single fire homing torps? yikes. Long range, non homing torps with lower reload are probably a better alternative from a surface ship point of view. However, getting close to larger vessels at least means there is more risk for subs since they have to make it past DDs. I dunno i think it's a bad design in general at the moment for the main game. Boy are you going to have a bad time with higher tier DDs without homing torpedoes....
  11. Ninjitsu_is_SK

    ST - Soviet cruisers branch split

    Will players that do not sell the ship get compensated in credits? Same question for Kirov.
  12. Ninjitsu_is_SK

    ST, changes to test ships

    This is a mistake, you've killed what made the ship unique and fun.
  13. Ninjitsu_is_SK

    PT 0.9.4 - Submarines

    What are you talking about? I absolutely hope the concept is reworked and reconsidered before it even comes near the live servers. It's nowhere NEAR balanced. And here's a golden idea, maybe for once they should get the balance right before releasing it! CV balance is still a complete train wreck and AA is useless, along with all AA related skills, upgrades and consumables - and over a year after CV rework. Last thing the game needs at the moment is an unbalanced submarine concept in addition. They should honestly pilot it via a Halloween event again before they merge it into the main game.
  14. Ninjitsu_is_SK

    PT 0.9.4 - Submarines

    Feedback: The idea is interesting, however balancing performance and fun factor for all classes is going to be very difficult and may not be suitable for random/ranked/clan battles The burden on DDs is enormous. Apart from spotting, capping, contesting and defending caps, dealing with RPF, radar and hydro, being spotted, killed and harassed by carriers, DDs can be outspotted by submarines DDs are the main counter to submarines, which is a problem if they will be spotted long before they can even come close to them Not enough people play DDs well enough as it is, making games significantly more dependent on DD survival If you light cruisers and DDs are dead (and these ships are usually the earliest to die) then countering submarines is almost impossible. Matches will stretch on forever or unless the submarines kill each other, or one of them surfaces and gets killed by a BB or CA. The whole system with tracking torpedoes is not fun at all to play against. It can be impossible to dodge them if you don't have enough speed, they can still curve too much. HOMING TORPS SHOULD NOT IGNORE TORPEDO PROTECTION! It is an extremely bad idea. The amount of irreparable citadel damage that subs can inflict by doing that is completely unbalanced and unnecessary. On PTS the number of bots makes it hard to get a good feel of class balance since bots are stupid. But playing BBs has been hard. Almost no one is playing them. The fact that submarines can instantly dive and prevent itself from taking damage, yet still spot (and attack?) is nonsensical. DDs need an aiming device for depth charges, similar to torps. Honestly depth charge release should just be automatic like secondaries and AA guns when the submarine is in range. It will reduce the mental burden on DD players. It is hard to know where the submarine is when it is below your ship. Maybe add a highlight of the outline when within proximity spotting distance. Light cruiser Nurnberg did not have depth charges. General points on class balance As mentioned, DDs have too many threats to face from other classes, including other DDs Light cruisers are vulnerable to being perma spotted by subs and deleted without a suitable counter. This is in addition to CVs making it hard for light cruisers to use concealment and cover. Their HP pools are too low to eat citadel protection ignoring homing torpedoes Heavy cruisers are already under pressure from HE spammers. Again, they cannot take damage from homing torps that ignore torp protection. they are also too clumsy anyway. They can also not counter submarines without lighter ships that may not be alive BBs are already vulnerable to Asashio and Benham torp spam, carriers and smolensk/bayard/mainz/colbert/harugumo/other HE spammers. Adding homing torps that score citadels and perma spotting by submarines without a counter. Unclear to me what the CV vs Submarine balance is. But it's possible that every match will now become submarines hunting the CV that is hiding in the map corner. Suggested solutions: Remove homing torps! No other class has this nonsense. Do not allow the torpedoes to ignore torpedo bulkhead protection and score citadels. It's a broken mechanic and is honestly just unfair. It is a valid tactic to use the torpedo protection to mitigate the torpedo damage. You are contradicting your own fundamental mechanics. Why? That's bad game design. To compensate for the above two points, make the torpedoes reload faster, or do more damage, or have lower detection. Maybe just make them deepwater torps that can't hit DDs, that will reduce the overall threat level to DDs Change how spotting works for submarines vs DDs. I dont know how, but the current way is not good. Submarines and CVs should not be in the same match Consider keeping submarines in an entirely separate mode. Convoy attack defend (without BBs) and coop scenarios/operations should be good for them. Add some sort of mechanic that forces submarines to be on the surface more often, and be careful about when they dive and for how long. Think carefully about how BBs and CAs are supposed to interact with submarines once lighter ships are dead. I am not sure how you will address this, but points 1,2,6,7,8 will help.
  15. Just got the khaba recently and i'm a bit sad about how it plays, especially coming from the Tashkent, which was a lot of fun to play. Khaba's problems are, in order of importance: Range, 13.5km is way too less torpedoes, 6km is way too short for a large, kiting DD. Rudder shift is too sluggish by default. why does it have the rudder shift of kronshtadt, moskva and the scharnhorst sisters? Smolensk has better rudder shift! The problem is, all of khaba's properties interact with each other to make it more difficult to play. If it must have 50mm plating that arms BB AP, then it has to be at medium-long range to avoid getting blapped really hard. This is especially true with the current proliferation of radar, smolensk, large caliber accurate BBs (kremlin, thunderer), 220mm and 305mm cruisers, stalingrad, italian cruisers and their SAP, and everybody's favourite, carriers. 13.5km is not viable. On top of this, it gets outspotted by every other DD in the game, and in some cases can be outspotted by cruisers too. Solution - give it Tashkent's range It's a large boat with large detection range and has gameplay that encourages kiting. So 6km torps are all but useless. You can't get too close because you will arm AP. You can't stealth torp because concealment is not going to ever be less than torp range. So you will mostly use it for kiting. Slower torpedoes are good for kiting because they will take time to reach max range, allowing the target to enter this radius. However, 6km is far too limited for this. 8km torpedoes like the kiev has, is a must. Ideally i'd like tashkent's torps on it, but i can settle for kiev. In fact, maybe it should get its 10km torps again? Solution - give it Kiev or Tashkent's 8km torps Finally, the rudder shift is way too slow for a DD. Using steering gears alone should bring it to 5s or less. that opens up the option to use the torpedo detection upgrade or concealment. Right now it has cruiser concealment and rudder shift, without the advantages of a cruiser. Solution - bring the rudder shift closer to Tashkent than Smolensk/Moskva/Donskoi Khabarovsk is the top ship of its line, it should by all accounts be the best ship in the line, and at par with other T10 ships. Currently, the Tashkent is simply better and more enjoyable to play, with easier matchmaking. Khaba has not only been power crept by French DDs, it also operates in a much more dangerous environment than a year ago. The russian DD line is fun and challenging to play, but khaba seems to be a step back there at the moment. Similar discussion on NA forums: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/211160-cant-believe-im-agreeing-khabarovsk-needs-its-range-back/