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  1. __Worf__

    Torpedoes really are broken

    you read this thread and you relise 2 things: 1. community really hates WG 2. WG doesnt care about it at all sad
  2. __Worf__

    Soviet Cvs

    im sorry but dont you read the forum? dont you know what the expectation is? well let me spell it out then NO MORE PLANES IN THE GAME
  3. __Worf__

    ST - 0.10.4 changes to test ships (DB 159)

    Wait, no changes to airstrike mechanics? Really
  4. __Worf__

    Air strike not as [Edited] as it seems?

    good luck playing in a bb against that..... Ballanced AF
  5. __Worf__

    Well Done, Wargaming! .... Hhhhhhh XD

    i have a question. How did this come to a live serveres in such broken state? and they even buffed it in last dev blog... jesus. What dies it say about WG? (i know its actually 2 questions)
  6. __Worf__

    Well Done, Wargaming! .... Hhhhhhh XD

    This is a disaster.... when you see things like that, it just makes you want to stop playing this game. The ideas that the devs come up with are just pathetic.
  7. __Worf__

    Update 0.10.4 – German Destroyers: Part 2

    Its best time to play without any signals what so ever and just have fun. Ive been doing it for weeks now and its ok. WG tactics to milk playerbase is pathetic. And that word is a mild version of what i really wanted to write. Bad players are rewarded again. Its like the developers are expecting bad players to remain bad forever, and be happy with few random containers and flags. Its just yet another crap change in game no one actually wanted, despite what pr wg staff is saying, achievement page was clear and easy to understand. The real focus of WG is not to fix real issues in game but to keep pumping new lines, cash out on early access, new premium ships no one asked for, new crap cosmetic scummy content like kong and the list goes on and on. World of Warships is a single best game, with a single WORST company standing behind it. So much greed and scum behaviour. Its just sad.
  8. __Worf__

    PSA: Kong and Godzilla camo

    there is only one word that can describe this SCAM
  9. The gimmick is that like most other non premium german ships, they are crap.
  10. Rewards are getting more and more pathetic, and ship is meh at best after what ive seen. After paying for hizen which btw is a terrible ship, I've learned my lesson. In hizen dockyard event at least you got a free t5 premium. Everything i want from the dockyard stages ill get just by playing games... and i dont desire the gift containers that will drop 1 flg or a camo, thats what ive learned from italian bb free access... so in short, not spending my money on it. Wargaming is becoming too cheep. They expect us to pay more and more giving little in return.
  11. __Worf__

    How to brake the game even more

    I think the devs must be working from home, coz they clearly don't have enought work to do with ballancing existing game... Lets just make a game that promotes people with insane skill of cpm - he who can click left mouse button fastest, wins ... dumb
  12. __Worf__

    Nurnberg, Dallas, New Orleans or Schcors ?

    my advice will be, if you are just learning cruisers dont go for the light cruisers line as they will frustrate you with how currently the mata plays. I would go for the Heavy USN line first.
  13. __Worf__

    Why some operations are not played

    yeah, the rewards are getting worse and worse ... 4 itallian bb containers gave me 2.5k free exp and 3 (!) special flags total (so one per container). crap show.
  14. __Worf__

    +1 To Both Brawl and Big Hunt Modes

    i would just prefere if they spent that time and energy in ballancing the actual game ....