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  1. EgyptOverseer

    Main Battery Reload Booster

    Thought the topic was about why De Grasse is the only french cruiser without it.
  2. EgyptOverseer

    Use of Premium Consumables

    Not so long ago players had to manually equip the premium consumables because the auto-resupply would default to doubloons. I, for example became so scared since the first time doubloons were spent by accident that I resupply manually the consumables and sometimes just forget to do so before the next battle. To this day the wording is dubious on the tick box, hence I cannot trust it to not drain my doubloons.
  3. Well, I guess this is one way to deviate attention from the CV rework.
  4. EgyptOverseer

    Fix the goddamn News Button?

    A bug that has been in the game for over a year has "slipped through"? Interesting...
  5. EgyptOverseer

    CV Rework Discussion

    Except those ships don't have infinite range, and if you disengage and nothing is within your land spotting range, suddenly you have mitigated the damage, even if it can ignore your angling or armour. I too get frustrated with IFHE spam, but the fact is that my positioning still plays a role. With CVs, however, your positioning means nothing because there are no land obstacles to planes that make spotting be time-constricted. Anyway, I am merely part of the group of players that stopped playing since the rework and is every now and then popping to the forums or Reddit to see if surface ships have somehow once again become viable. Until then, all I can do is try my best to prevent apologists from misrepresenting the matter in their favour, much like many others have done the same when someone was fighting to preserve the status of their OP ship. Unlike OP surface ships, the CV rework brings a complete meta change purely on a class being in the match. One OP surface ship or even a division are something you can at least manage with positioning somewhat. Funnily enough, most broken OP surface ships in the past only became overpowering in a division with a... *drum roll*... CV. Put simply, CVs and subs will always be game breaking when not balanced because by design they do not follow the same surface mechanics all other classes evolved through 10 tiers under. Islands, speed, escape routes, distance to nearest target, detection zoning, concealment, angling, etc, all of these become worthless when you take a CV or a sub. Watch when the subs get released somehow all islands becoming icebergs that can be sailed under, because that is just classic WG balans.
  6. EgyptOverseer

    CV Rework Discussion

    You did misunderstand. I read as him showing that this rework makes it so that either the class is the only one that cannot have it's damage mitigated meaningfully or a class that is unable to do any damage. Meanwhile, it remains a class that even without doing any damage can still produce a level of spotting that made radars no longer be a hot topic.
  7. EgyptOverseer

    CV Rework Discussion

    The duration of a single instance of flooding for aircraft carriers, without the application of modifiers, was changed to 30 seconds in Update 0.8.0. The new version will see it reduced from 90 to 40 seconds for other ship types. The Juliet Yankee Bissotwo signal which decreases the duration of flooding by 20% will undoubtedly become more useful as a result. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/flooding-and-radar-changes/ Please enlighten us more with your "factual" reporting. Flooding was reworked to be in line with the specific flooding durations of the carrier rework. Essentially, flooding was nerfed so that CVs flooding damage would not be less that surface ships. In that sense it was a buff indeed, but in the shape of a massive nerf to non-CV surface ships that rely on flooding and DoTs. Coincidentally, the majority of which are the primary target of the reworked CV.
  8. EgyptOverseer

    CV Rework Discussion

    It was introduced specifically because of the rework as the DoT stacks were impossible to manage. If you are not aware of that simple fact, then I guess you need to stay informed a bit more in such a volatile discussion.
  9. EgyptOverseer

    Good advice, learn to play.........

    For me it comes back to a time when games where in arcades only and you had to spend to play. Because I was extremely poor, my entertainment would come from watching others play the game and then when I saved enough for a try I would try to get as far as I could. The difference now is that you can watch and learn from such a wide array of sources that it's a viable approach to study streams and videos to prepare you for the event of actually playing it. My favourite sport, for example, now has paid jobs for people to watch the adversaries,k analyse the videos and provide tactical analysis of the opponents to the coach. It has become such a crucial part of the game that people actually get paid to watch the game they love. We should be happy at how many diverse sources of income and entertainment are at our fingertips, instead of mocking others for their choice of entertainment.
  10. EgyptOverseer

    Good advice, learn to play.........

    Another component of the game is that you can learn a ship, but the meta can make it ineffective, or even the MM of the match. For example, grinding all lines equally made me realize what ship lines were affected positively or negatively by the meta as I would grind furthest on the ones that adapted best. US BB line was the first, closely followed by the US DDs, mostly due to the ability to compete in many aspects of the game and having good AA options. In contrast, the grind of the IJN BB line was stopped at T4 purely because it was too masochistic. Then I found the KM cruiser line and it was a perfect fit. My aggressive playstyle was rewarded with close quarters devastating options, long range accuracy and DoT helped the process of disengaging not being a drop in DPM, and the AA was competent when specked. After good stats through all tiers, the first games in T8 were going well, but then the rework hit and the AA was deleted from the line and it's vulnerability to constant spam destroyed it's aggressive playstyle (even not having a meaningfull impact on AA, DefAA is almost compulsory and preventing the use of the line specific special hydro). It's the perfect example of a line that can be learned, researched, but utterly destroyed by the meta brought by the rework. L2P these days means nothing more than understanding the class role, the meta, and how the MM in each match impacts the avenues of attack/defense. Throw in the rework, and you basically need to forget what you learned in any line and accept defeat, or if you get a non-CV match you can apply what you learned and have an enjoyable match that will end in either a win or a defeat. Cue the reason why I have stopped playing until non-CV matches become an option, or when WG somehow understands how the new meta brought by the rework is steadily eroding the foundations of the whole progress made through the lifetime of the game and does what everyone knows is needed to save the game from turning into WoWp 2.
  11. EgyptOverseer

    134 planes , T6 cv

    Must be because I am also Portuguese.
  12. EgyptOverseer

    134 planes , T6 cv

    Why are most missing the point about the quick succession strikes forcing players to ignore angling to high alpha ships? The fact is that the sheer volume and DoT stacks (flood and fire) of low alpha plane strikes means players can't ignore them. Heck, my detonation record has gone through the roof with single torp plane hits. This is the salient point of the thread starter, not the amount of planes shot down or the performance of the CV. HE spam is annoying but at least range is a factor and HE shell detonations are a rarity compared to torp detonations. CV torp soup gameplay impact has nothing to do with alpha damage but instead about it promoting the demise of angling based gameplay.