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  1. EgyptOverseer

    Japanese Destroyer Captain -. Rookie Player

    Except the fact that the torpedo line has better guns from T5 to T7, and the gunboat line has better torps from T5 to T7. Calling the Hatsuharu always feels like a bad joke to me when I sail it and see I have 2 guns with the reload of a BB, the lowest caliber of all DDs in tier and can stealth torp from stock. Fubuki on the other hand has more guns and can't stealth torp from stock, yet it's called the torpboat line. https://tenor.com/vI9x.gif
  2. EgyptOverseer

    CV rework new gameplay: what about low AA ships?

    What scares me is that all this "testing and balancing" is focused around how much damage can the planes do. How about making progression about getting better planes but giving the hangar a limit? Like, all ships die after their HP pool is depleted, why does a CV have infinite planes to deal infinite damage? That being the case I want ships to be able to be scuttled and just act as islands with mounted guns. How much sense does THAT make? On a second note, I am increasingly worried about the lack of testing and balancing of managing AA from a ship's perspective. Sounds like you are fine tuning the strength and blast radius of a nuclear bomb that is pitted against a guy in a barren field with a target on his head. All the guy wanted was for a chance to avoid it or fight back... All that they seem to want to change is the angle of view from which the bomb deletes the guy, the field, and all life forms in a 100 mile radius...
  3. EgyptOverseer

    World of HE Games

    Glad we speak the same language. Interesting take on the secondary build. Never saw that being featured and it does make a lot of sense. If you secondary range is longer to start with, CE and Manual secondaries actually makes more sense than being a permanent target just to fire at 12Km secondaries that need IFHE to do anything more than shatter and hope to cause some random fires. I guess I paid the price for following guides and recommended builds. Yours actually fits much more my playstyle. Thank you sir. Now back on topic, AP relies on skill to hit specific ships at specific angles and specific areas in particular circumstances, HE relies on nothing but hitting a target. The higher the tier, the higher the alpha for HE. It's just a perfect storm for a DCP nightmare. In a way, being the sole AP Unicum in an HE fiesta is actually wastefull. A whole team firing nothing but HE while not sitting perfectly broadside and stationary actually normally wins against one that only fires AP (unless it's a team of Conquerors using AP, because the other team would have to kill 36 ships).
  4. EgyptOverseer

    World of HE Games

    I stopped at the Bayern, absolutely fed up with the unbearably unreliable guns. Bought the Scar because everyone raves about it, in hope getting a nerfed Gneisenau would bring back hope, and it didn't. Secondaries are just a roulette match and do little to deserve trading concealment. Guns are shatter masters on anything you hit that isn't DD armour or below. You only get to use torps when you are about to die, and I honestly don't get why on all other lines German BBs seemed impervious to major damage when perfect broadside, but when I am on one it eats regular 10k salvos from any angle. It also burns very well with a superstructure that covers most of the ship. I guess German BBs are not for me. On the other hand, German cruisers are a perfect fit for my aggressive playstyle. Either way, my point is that out of all the lines, I can at least understand some German BB captains using HE out of sheer frustration. One lucky salvo every 20 shots to a stationary broadside, or 20 guaranteed damage salvos every 20 shots. I think you will find HE will win that one.
  5. EgyptOverseer

    World of HE Games

    DoT trumps alpha damage, every time, when focused. AP takes skill and RNG blessings, HE just requires you to hit the general area of a target and damage is guaranteed. Wait for the premium HE shells that have higher fire chance. We all know it will be the last ditch attempt when income taps start to run dry.
  6. Have you considered the historical glorious Portuguese naval fleet of strong wood? Starting in the quick caravel that deployed 6 foot priests to convert the enemy, all the way to the Carack that carried long range spices and capable of deploying flying seagulls carrying the finest overseas ailments and diseases? No paper ships, but all its ships could be turned into paper!
  7. EgyptOverseer

    Help I can't stop winning!

    It has begun... Thanks WG.
  8. EgyptOverseer

    Help I can't stop winning!

    Try to outgun an Asashio in a gunboat. That new WG buff to IJN HE is insane on their DDs. Saw one gun down a Lightning and a Fiji. Jaw on the floor...
  9. EgyptOverseer

    Sealclubbing at T10

    As a fellow countrymen, that is a really weird way to pull in a Portuguese song. Only Portuguese will get it, even with the translation.
  10. EgyptOverseer

    Blacklist limit

    Yes, I do. Admittedly, at the start I wasn't, because this information is not easily available to new players. In fact, the whole Karma system and reporting as well as what right clicking on a profile does is not clear to new players. This inevitably leads to frustration, and ultimately subverts the very foundation of placing this community control mechanism in the hands of players. It's really just a way to cut costs in managing a community, but no company that relies on having a cooperative community can ultimately afford to fully outsource its management. It's just unfortunate that this business model worked in WoT. Not many free to play games make profit while endorsing or simply enabling an extremely toxic community environment. It only works because it's a model in a game designed to inflict pain and loss onto other members of the community. A frustrated player in a PvP FTP is likely to buy OP tools to defeat the type of player that frustrates him. Coincidentally, the same type of player is therefore less likely to feel part of a community if he feels isolated and then makes a point about doing the opposite of teamwork.
  11. EgyptOverseer

    Blacklist limit

    Not aware of a limit. Over 500 at the moment, mostly due to grinding silver ships through a sea of Kamikazes that early on I decided to blacklist (at first it was out of frustration, then it turned into a way of spotting dirty seal clubbers, and now it's just a reflex action).
  12. EgyptOverseer

    what does the blacklist feature do?

    Don't know what it does, but I know that every player that seal clubs on a Kamikaze is on mine... lol
  13. EgyptOverseer

    Mechanism to stop accidental use of doubloons

    Not quite about resupply, but I lost 500 doubloons when moving a 6 point captain to an unused ship, simply because the default option is to fully retrain a captain at a cost of 500 doubloons. By the way, I know I should have checked and triple checked before confirming in a rush, but charging 500 doubloons to retrain a captain regardless of amount of skill points smells more like "I hope they press this by mistake", than "We have a fair charging structure for this so if you press by mistake you only lose a lot of doubloons if you move a 19 point captain and accidentally retrain it fully"...
  14. EgyptOverseer

    Nearly 2019, and we still have detonations in the game

    Until I got detonated in my second match in my stock Hipper, I only mounted the flags on DDs and barely had any detonations in over a year. Now I live in fear of being one shoted in any ship... Last Fletcher game I was about to die to a Harugumo with almost full health while I was nearly dead. One single shell and he detonated... Did not find the experience enjoyable, and I bet he didn't either...