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  1. EgyptOverseer

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    Since the introduction of the new CV mechanics, they could introduce nuclear warheads and it still wouldn't surprise me. Balance is clearly not in the agenda.
  2. How dare you comment on planned ships that have the potential to ruin the balance of the game? Interesting how the feedback from CCs is basically sidelined and the priority is given to the perception by the community. Shows a lot about how development is planned.
  3. I am replying from the comfortable position of a player that stopped playing since the CV rework. All I have to say is that anyone that doesn't understand the negative impact CVs have on the gameplay is either a CV player that wants to keep their toys or someone who has never played this game. Any game developer with any intention of keeping this game balanced would: - remove plane spotting (with the advent of CVs only having attack aircraft and removal of meaningful AA mechanics, CVs should only self-spot); - make DefAA be more than a consumable that creates Chinese fireworks, celebrating the impending death of the user; - prevent strike aircraft being able to delete the lowest HP class with impunity with almost a single attack wing (less even, in some particular cases); - not make a class impervious to DoT whilst also being able to strike anywhere on the map in less than a minute whilst in the comfort of the map border; - acknowledge that the correct setup and group position should inevitably create an area where strike aircraft cannot survive and carry out strikes; - decide once and for all if this game is rock-paper-scissor of classes or simply a game of some effective ships and a majority of XP pinatas to frustrate non-paying customers.
  4. EgyptOverseer

    "Plays poorly"

    It means the player has insufficient roubles on their account.
  5. EgyptOverseer

    CV Rework Discussion

    So, when will German cruisers have any meaningful AA protection?
  6. EgyptOverseer

    Year of the CV full recap

    And this comes from someone that gets purple and green stats in CVs. Such great mechanics in a class for the ecosystem of the meta... *slow clap*
  7. EgyptOverseer

    CV Rework Discussion

    Guess I won the bet.
  8. EgyptOverseer

    CV Rework Discussion

    Just a hard cap. To address the issue at T4 they would have to break their own REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEwork...
  9. EgyptOverseer

    CV Rework Discussion

    The fact this topic is not sticky yet still on the first page for months speaks volumes. Too bad WG isn't listening.
  10. EgyptOverseer

    What does the 'Blacklist' do?

    When I started grinding low tiers, I blacklisted every Kamikaze/Fujin player I saw. Later discovered that it did not do anything useful and I still regularly encountered 19 point seal clubbers in a Kamikaze/Fujin on every low tier battle. Haven't bothered undoing the blacklists as WG created a UI that is designed to discourage you from communicating with other players, finding them or perform any user actions outside of battle. This means anyone with a Kamikaze/Fujin that seal clubbed regularly 2 years ago is potentially unable to message me in game.
  11. EgyptOverseer

    CV Rework Discussion

    And somehow CV apologists are bombing a thread about this saying spotting is irrelevant...
  12. EgyptOverseer

    Spanish Ships line

    If the Spanish get a line, WG better introduce Portuguese caravels and carracks!
  13. EgyptOverseer

    Radar consumable for CV squadrons

    Just, wow... Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeework is truly achieving Arty levels of bonkers in the community. A class that dominates spotting in a mechanic unavailable to any other class having radar? How about smoke and DFAA too? Throw in some IFHE too? Please go to bed...
  14. EgyptOverseer

    Hey, Wargaming let's try this for CV direction?

    I think anything that removes hard spotting by planes available to a whole team is a move in the right direction. All the yapping about CV stats and how spotting is irrelevant is nothing but off-topic self-indulgence that contributes nothing to the long term prospects of the game. But what do I know? I am just someone who played a lot until the CV rework and stopped playing since. I am not the one wasting time in CV matches here, so even if nothing is done by WG I have nothing to lose but the stash of doubloons, silver, coal, steel, free XP and premiums in my dormant account. As far as WG is concerned, my opinion doesn't matter. If it did they would not be offering the worst return deals ever.
  15. EgyptOverseer

    CV Rework Discussion

    Interesting perspective. To be honest, they could release an Enola Gay plane with infinite Little Boys and people would still buy whatever premium ship they release, so they will never look seriously at any negative sign-up trends.