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  1. EgyptOverseer


    One year later, after a rework, and my opinion is the same. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/98881-matchmaking-double-cv/
  2. EgyptOverseer

    Helena - Remembrance Night camo bug?

    And I thought it was just me. Totally throws me off the grind to get to the Seattle. Can't Dakka properly if I have to check the reticule becoming green to see when to press again...
  3. EgyptOverseer

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    Discounting premiums, because on DDs they are essentially designed to be improved versions of the silver counterpart, for me was the following: T5 - USN T6 - KM T7 - KM T8 - USN T9 - Only have the Fletcher and I can't get it to work as well as the Benson. Can't be a gunboat in in every salvo at least 2 shells are off target, long torp reload means you have to bank on the unspotted torps doing anything, gets outspotted by too many silver and premium DDs in the MM bracket, and the smoke is nothing but a glorified tool to help teammates, doing very little to save you from death in the meta. Essentially I stopped grinding past T9 on all lines because of the Fletcher burnout. When a ship is hyped by so many and it turns into a personal disappointment, it's hard to have any fun in it. It's especially bad when the stock grind is so painful in the Fletcher, and takes so many battles to not have a gimped DD that you end up looking at the fully upgraded ship and be unable to disconnect from the pain of the stock grind.
  4. EgyptOverseer

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    *T7 silver Minsk cries in 4Km torps*
  5. EgyptOverseer

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    If I wanted to play World of Warplanes, I would have installed it. When I installed World of Warships I expected a game about PvP between ships. Instead I have a class of ship that makes normal gameplay, tactics and combat techniques utterly pointless. This is not about a rework or what CVs should be. What next? A class of ships where you pilot the shells around the map, like modern warfare missiles? The appeal of this game is the warfare mechanics of concealment, ballistics, angling, armour, and general synergy between warships. Planes were the end of Warships, and warships only have a place currently as cargo or payload delivery facilities. You cannot introduce a class that made all other ship classes irrelevant since WW2 without effectively making a warships game a game where you control targets...
  6. EgyptOverseer

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Freemium culture is inevitably due a legal challenge. It has been used as a bottom line business approach to increase profitability and reduce risk at the expense of being a non-guaranteed service, but it's so widely used that it can now be considered in legal surroundings a reasonable service level expectation. There is only so many times you can argue something is not guaranteed because of being free, but at the same time sell products and services that you expect also to benefit from the same exemption and fail the fundamental universal consumer rules and regulations.
  7. EgyptOverseer

    Karma; how much is out there?

    My karma is zero, and it's much more relaxing that way. I take great enjoyment from imagining the amount of wasted salty reports on me. No matter how much I carry or how I turn the tide of the game in our favour, compliments are far and few in between, and I do not hold back from speaking my mind. No profanities or insults, just poignant and honest feedback. Let's be honest. When is someone on the receiving end of a devstrike going to compliment you? Meanwhile that Ibuki or Donskoi farming damage from the border of the map to save a star as the team is eaten alive cannot go through the game without receiving some harsh truths for the bottom of the barrel waste of everyone's time of a display, as he gets reported 8 times by all teammates and proceeds to blindly report everyone back. The joys of toxic online gaming, harboured by a feedback system designed to funnel all frustrations into inter-player pointless scoring systems, with the sole purpose of saving customer service resources or actual development of a healthy community interaction in game.
  8. EgyptOverseer

    Karma - Rewards and Punishments

    When it's possible to carry games and clutch wins from the jaws of defeat and still get no compliment, I just stopped caring or complimenting. Like, what is the point anyway? Also, I agree with the "Plays badly" being a report option just showing its just a substitute for frustration. Other games call it grieving, but here it's just an excuse to make new players believe there is punishment without clogging up customer service channels.
  9. EgyptOverseer

    Where are CVs?

    Read the topic title and thought it meant it was time to get back to Randoms after not playing since 0.8 was released. Turns out it's just wishful thinking, and with a ridiculously short Ranked season I will not have a reasonable game mode to play against other players without having to swat flies as I play a game of Warships. Oh well...
  10. EgyptOverseer

    Blacklist, how many can set on it?

    Mine has a lot more than that, so 100 is definitely not the limit. Once I am unable to add more players to the list I will let you know, but I would say it's very unlikely that it's less than 1000, if a limit exists at all.
  11. Except for that teeny tiny detail that smoke+radar is unavailable in silver lines, and all steel ships with that combo are considered extremely powerful. Like others have said, the surprising part is that they chose the GC instead of Kamikaze or Belfast, particularly when unlike the GC the Kami and Belfast are ships that require a tremendous level of misplay not to carry a whole team. As a principle, remember that the Kami is the single best example, candidate and logical option for a test to premium nerf. It was given for free at some point, it was the first premium ship that mirrors a silver ship to specifically NOT be nerfed along with it for being a premium. It destroyed the experience of a large swaith of silver grinders. It can produce the same results of the T10 IJN CV post-0.8 with the stealth torp soup, but in a tier where ships can't even torp beat. All in all, needing the GC before the Kami becomes an issue in principle because of what it represents, especially when it's factually not the most overprinting premium in the game, or the most used, or even a ship responsible for ruining the game for all classes it comes against in tier.
  12. EgyptOverseer

    Please FIX the Arizona and DeGrasse AA

    Having a lot of De Grasse Battles as my sole premium ship for credit farming for a while, I can say confidently that nerfing De Grasse AA is a mute point. Still remember the many times taking DefAA a full action time to take down a single RTS T5 IJN plane. It never had an effective AA and the DefAA was solely to spread drops. Also, AA talk is sort of redundant at the moment, because it's perhaps the most broken part of the whole update. It literally makes no sense how they deployed the concept. Side reinforcement has no impact on planes that can go to the non buffed side and drop before you can even switch. Then you have the non-sensical part of the highest damage guns deploying flak that follows pre-determined predicted paths instead of a chance to burst in front of a selection of optional paths (totally fine to have bot ships know the exact hit spot of your torps from the moment you launch, but God forbid having flak that is an actual threat to a CV player that doesn't even once alter the heading of the planes). And to top it all off, the weakest guns are the ones that do continuous damage, whilst still insufficient to take down same tier or above plane HP.
  13. EgyptOverseer

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    GC gun calibre: 320mm, 830 m/s, 525 Kg shell Bayern gun calibre: 380mm, 800 m/s, 750 Kg shell QE gun calibre: 381mm, 731.5 m/s, 879 Kg shell Even the low calibre Normandie (340mm) needs almost 1000 m/s to do meaningful pens.  Definitely T6 BB material there.
  14. EgyptOverseer

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    GC gun calibre: 320mm, 830 m/s, 525 Kg shell Bayern gun calibre: 380mm, 800 m/s, 750 Kg shell QE gun calibre: 381mm, 731.5 m/s, 879 Kg shell Definitely T6 BB material there.
  15. EgyptOverseer

    Giulio Cesare to be changed to T6.

    Following premium logic in WoW, this means the GC silver counterpart is T7. Sounds bizarre. GC was already just a glorified HE slinger in T7 MM with the poor pen on T7+ BBs. Against T8 it will potentially be worse. Sounds like they will have to artificially improve pen, then heavily nerf accuracy. Tldr Incoming T6 Roma. Expect complementary beer can hat.