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  1. Reckless_Banana

    Looking for a competitive clan

    Hello everyone, Currently looking for a competitive clan where I can play clan battles often, I don't have much experience with them but I'm willing to learn and have watched a lot. Currently sitting at 59% WR and 1750 PR overall. Mainly a cruiser player wit 3 TXs (DM, Worcester and Hindy), also close to the Zao and Moskva, I have a 71% WR at TX. I look forward to hearing from all of you! Best wishes and a happy new year, Reckless_Banana
  2. Hey, Looking for a competitive clan to play clan battles in. Look forward to hearing from anyone interested. Reckless_Banana
  3. Reckless_Banana


    . Needs to be deleted.
  4. With ranked for T10 quickly approaching, was wondering what the general consensus was about the best T10 destroyer for ranked play.
  5. Hi, Want to purchase a premium destroyer, and I was wondering what one (currently available) is the best option to go for. Preferably it would have to be good at making credits. Thanks in advance for everyone who votes.
  6. Hey there! Just a casual bloke, starting a clan with a funny name (I play a lot of battleships) who is interested in bringing people together in a friendly environment. As long as you can write English, are level 15, and have >50% WR, you'll be accepted. The clan is really just a place for people to take advantage of the oil system, whilst still being able to platoon up with others if they want :) and if the clan grows big enough, we may even get involved in clan battles. Happy sailing! RecklessBanana
  7. Reckless_Banana

    Control + Alt + Deleted now recuiting

    Just a casual (English speaking) clan looking for casual players, to reap the rewards of oil, as long as you've got a 50% + WR, you'll be accepted no problem :) Let's get to deleting then!