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  1. AFK's and sleeper ... etcetcetc

    Hello, thread closed due to being non-constructive. Have a good day.
  2. Complaint

    Greetings everyone. This thread has been closed due to it´s non constructive nature. Thank you for understanding.
  3. Greetings everyone. This thread has been closed due to its non constructive nature.
  4. This topic has been closed at the request of OP.
  5. Hello everyone. This thread was locked at the request of OP.
  6. Zdravím. Zpětná vazba sebrána a odeslána.
  7. WG pls, save our time.

    The topic was closed as unconstructive.
  8. Warships weeb community

    Moved from Gameplay section.
  9. 0.7.2 CV controls are BUGED

    Moved from Game-play section.
  10. Sbírka VIVE LA FRANCE

    Uzavřeno na žádost OP.
  11. Moving Commander and Commander Skills

    Locked as non-constructive.
  12. Toxic Moaning Community

    Closed as non-constructive.
  13. Why did strangers123 leave OMNI?

    Topic closed. The answer is given.
  14. Game unplayable (I need help)

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  15. when will you stop this treasure?

    Closed as non-constructive.