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  1. I totally agree with you Darius and how much I laughed when I read this article. I thought they said that this game isn't a naval battle simulator? Then why compare the game to real-life events. Real life has nothing to do with WG BALANS-ing so stop proving your points of fantasies WG. YOUR game is just game and it will always be its not real-life.
  2. The_Listener

    Aircraft Carriers - Plans for the near future!

    Rockets are not usually used by carrier based aircraft during WW2, the inclusion by WG of the armament baffles me. And this CV to DD conundrum started with those Apaches err I mean rocket planes.
  3. The_Listener

    Update 0.8.0. Prepare for Takeoff! - Discussion Thread

    Can we have an option to turn off the animation of the crane delivering a daily container?
  4. I totally agree ^^^ Look at what they did with the Black Friday Ship mission a complete rip-off.. Better spend my extra money for my family these coming holiday season I say..
  5. Oh sorry I don't speak Greek but my mistake indeed that 4gb is your GPU ram thanks for pointing that out...
  6. Hello All.. Well I bought the Asashio B and played it several times and the free doubloons never came. So I checked the Black Friday posts and I saw that you have to have two same premium ship just to get the doubloons. Since I don't have the original Asashio and I'll never consider the notion of buying two same premium ships just to get a freebie so I kissed the free doubloons goodbye I might as well kick myself in the shins by getting duped. I tried asking for refund by they said I've used the ship too many times or they can convert it to doubloons. Doubloons doubloons I should have learned my lesson. Next time I will make sure to read tons of posts and news and previews by CC's before I'll buy something from this game again.
  7. I noticed that your ram is 4gb only that seems a little low when running a 64 bit Windows 7. I recommend to make it at least 8gb. Higher ram are better it gives much headroom when running games.
  8. I would like this as well. I don't need any more dubloons.
  9. So what will happen to Saipan? If it gets up-tiered how will it survived against high plane count CV's like Enteprise? As we all know Saipan is a CVE "Escort Carrier" low plane numbers and its planes will die in tier 10 AA and get de-planed by the floating aircraft factory Enteprise.
  10. The_Listener

    Developer Bulletin 0.7.11 - Discussion Thread

    Regarding this changes this change will ensure BB captains to: 1. Camp further away from frontlines 2. Less prioritize DD's when they have AP loaded 3. Grind for cancerous BB's like Conqueror 4. Opt to use radar CA's in games. More radar more fun for DD's eh?
  11. The_Listener

    0.7.5 Bugs

    With the new patch the crash to login screen and freezing in post battle screen seems to be getting rampant AGAIN with each and every update WG releases. I thought they have a QA testers but it seems they never get this glitches prior to release. The sad part is I always have to hard reset my PC every time the post-battle screen freezes or I have to login every time the game crashes to login-screen in the middle of a rank battle.. Should we the players always have to play as guinea pigs just to catch every bugs and glitches every game updates for you WG?
  12. The_Listener

    Z-39 Stats

    Considering this->https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_destroyer_Z39 I have arrived to a conclusion that maybe the in-game Z39 is a "fully-loaded' in terms of the ship's displacement that is why WG arrived with 36 knots top speed only.. But should they also apply this to other ships as well in spirit of fairness? Ex: 1. Gearing (in-game top speed 36 knots.) almost no change from real-life Gearing fully loaded or not --> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gearing-class_destroyer 2. Ognevoi (in-game top speed 37 knots.) no change from real-life Ognevoi fully loaded or not --> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ognevoy-class_destroyer So you see WG is not consistent with their "balans-ing" techniques and we're just talking only about DD's and top speeds..
  13. The_Listener

    Z-39 Stats

    Z-39 has 128mm guns? Pray tell where?
  14. The_Listener

    Z-39 Stats

    I'm just confused of how a 50,000hp engine ship can beat a 70,000 hp engine one regarding top speeds.