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  1. To be fair there is not much counterplay to well played ships with broken abilities like this (except to CV early spotting and ruining her approach and concealment ;) especially if you are still learning your DD play. Doing 30-50k of direct damage + 60-80k of spotting damage to enemy DDs and CLs is huge advantage every game. It happens nearly every game if there is no CV and there is enough (3-4) DDs not on ocean/okinawa map But then if BBs fail to shoot her then they deserve to lose. I love my radar Mino but I admit that she is broken against not very well played DD with 900m of radar range over detection (she's balanced by extremely fragile hull though.)
  2. Lootboxer


    You do get salt, and happy teammates stealing kills when your bombs or torps are about to connect with low hp target.
  3. Lootboxer


    BB can dev strike sometimes but it can be mitigated by situational awareness, good positioning, angling, using islands, speed juking, kitting etc and most of all by concealment, all this gets countered by CV spotting by the way. As a DD in a CV game I am getting much much less spotting damage and less spotted ribbons because Cv does both much better, so no, DD does not do initial spotting, Cv does it better too. I can play CVs and around them very well but playing around them is not fun, and some ships are not designed and balanced around CVs in game. In competitive it is the same just times 10. It's not that better clans can't adapt to CVs, it is that game gets so boing, stale and predictive with limited options that we just do not want to play at all. But what can you know about it with a few TX games only? It's all new to you.
  4. Lootboxer


    WG showed by accident not a long ago with a comprehensive data sheets after subs testing that CVs have only slightly lower damage then BBs with 3x as high spotting as DDs and you still think that it would be BBs would go under nerf hammer first???
  5. Lootboxer


    Sorry but not in a current form unless you want only 1 or 2 DDs and cruisers to be viable in a game mode.
  6. Yeah, Big divisions is big fun but they should improve MM to try get those games longer and more aligned and to spread smaller divs better.
  7. Lootboxer

    Is Roma worth to get?

    She can be very frustrating. Poor accuracy with tendency to scoring ridiculous numbers of overpens on lightly armoured ships (you will see T6 and 7 sometimes) plus no AA so CV will pick you as an easy target. But she is tanky angled, has good concealment (if there are no subs, CVs and DDs around) and is a beauty. I personally enjoyed her only when deadeye was a think. I can live with poor accuracy alone but experience of shooting time after time at cruisers and missing most shells + overpenning with rest was too much for my mental health. Now she is a port queen. (Got her from a box anyway)
  8. Lootboxer


    OP. Beast approves so it must be the best idea since the Introduction of Subs into Live Server Permanent Testing (by pepegas mostly because why not).
  9. Lootboxer

    Warships Spring Championship

    I znów tzw "endgame" do znudzenia 10ki. A ponadto juz za póżno trochę by się zapisywać.:
  10. Thank you mate. It was close game, GG. I was distracted that game by real life staff and only noticed you later on a scoreboard, otherwise I'd say Hello in a chat. It's the only way of playing this - in a division or not at all.
  11. Lootboxer

    WG really? 7 hours is a very long time???

    Chill buddy, the only "promotion" was free to everyone link to WG webpage where we can download free game world of warships.
  12. Yes. It's nice and with a pleasant vibe to it.
  13. I play 4-5 days a week, played yesterday morning and night. email came 5AM this morning that I haven't logged for a long time besides WG -2000 doubloons is not a decent amount anyway I can't afford a with it. Can please check your data before sending promotional emails and not throw those away at random players? BTW if I was really not playing for a long time it would take more then this to make me log in. You know like something valuable for free to bait me not a link to download the game. Can you please forward this fail to marketing department. @Seraphice
  14. Designer table is a nice port (if you can call it port) and not bad for resources. Now if only WG wouldn't change it for me every patch ....