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  1. Lootboxer

    Zamknięcie forum.

    Forum było zbędne, bo według tajnych danych WG wszyscy i tak już dawno temu przenieśli się na discorda, czego nie rozumiecie? Najbardziej jednak mi żal naszych ukochanych moderatorów, którzy z tak wielkim zaangażowaniem, bezstronnością, niezmierzoną wiedzą i wyrozumiałością dbali o porządek i merytorykę dyskusji
  2. Lootboxer

    Waterline: jesień 2023

    I cyk, amba fatima i forum już ni ma. Mówisz i masz
  3. Lootboxer

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    WG if you want to cut costs maybe shutdown premium shop instead? Or move it to discord as well
  4. Lootboxer

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    F...K IT. GG WG. Too much feedback???? No way I am going discord mess.
  5. Sorry guys but one has to be truly ret@rded or masochistic to suffer this for merely a chance for a random useless camo. Especially summertime.
  6. Lootboxer

    Blacklist broken in last patch?

    Maybe you have added everyone already?
  7. Lootboxer

    How to Play: European Destroyers

    It's deliberate to force us to use free xp. Only good is Gdańsk and nerf is incoming in 6 months after free xp wasted target will be accomplished.
  8. And that's why this type of testing sucks. New staff tested by clueless players mostly is the shortest way to the disaster waiting to happen when actually skilled players will lay their hands on those. Introduction of movement restricting mechanics in a game already suffering from passive gameplay while yoloers will just die faster due to flooding is plain sabotage.
  9. Lootboxer


    Mogło nawet być z ujemnymi punktami.
  10. Torp range lower by 500m but DPM is only half of Blyska. Gun range is shorter by 1.1 km, no AP to punish broadside cruisers, Lower surface spot but worse air spot, both no AA, ASW and consumables similar. Seems like a bit of too many nerfs for better spotting range, ruder shift and faster torps. Basically Blyska forced into closer distance fight where she's doesn't belong anyway. Effective only against bad opponents.
  11. Lootboxer

    Bitwy asymetryczne

    Do tego zaskakiwania powinien mieć spota poniżej 6km, jakieś 5.8 może. Ogólnie to taki co najwyżej średniak. Wziąłem go, bo mogłem, a nic innego nie było ciekawego, ale w sumie to nie gram tym, bo mam lepsze deski w porcie. Na grę z TRB (więcej funu) ma za dużego spota i za słabe AA. Wolę już Yugumo. Z dymkiem jest zaś dla mnie gorszą Shimą. Działa niby ok, ale to nie gunboat.
  12. Lootboxer

    Settings? WTF?

    I really understand your frustration. But wows was always mostly multiplayer pvp focused game and any other bot modes were just an after thought for testing ships or purgatory for pink players (except for operations which too had seen a fair share of neglect from devs) Anyway, we are dragging this off topic.
  13. Lootboxer

    The WoWs Karma Memorial

    Half of the year later no changes. Still around 250. Boring, Need to start playing subs probably to move in any direction (not gonna happen)
  14. Lootboxer

    Settings? WTF?

    Why the only way? There are randoms and ranked. I don't care really about coop to be honest. I play it only when I am grinning some missions. To boring and repetitive. But asymmetric battles vere nice place for BBs. It could stay along with the coop. Or as a kind of reworked fusion between both.
  15. Lootboxer

    Settings? WTF?

    ST Vincent with speed flag and speed boost is faster then most of cruisers. No point in playing slow bbs there.