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  1. DariusJacek

    CV Rework Discussion

    They nerfed not buffed AA ships so much in fact that now even Minotaur, Wooster or Des Moines can be killed by skilled T8 CV (it will cost him time and aircraft though) and at lowest tiers AA is totally useless if CV can dodge a few of black clouds there, so now fighters would be even more needed - you can call fighters out of thin air from T6 up with yours planes but you can't control them later and they have very low fuel reserves and die quickly plus usually will attack too late anyway.. You can kill ships even faster now it's been proved by unicum CV players, damage potential is even higher now. I agree that game is dumbed down and damage has shifted a bit from alpha to DOT or rather from one blap to death by thousand cuts. If I could pull krakens in CV it means that something is wrong as I have no experience and average at best skills in this class. I know thought how badly I misplayed often and still ended at the top of the team with big damage and multiple kills.
  2. DariusJacek

    CV Rework Discussion

    It is. For little girls of course.
  3. DariusJacek

    Whats wrong with this picture

    At least name fits well Sorry OP couldn't stop myself
  4. That's why I used to go to the weaker flank where I could use 2/3 of my guns easy while kiting away. Hated to push in Roon but it was the best silver T9 for me. Now I think French one is better.
  5. Played Genova a few times, it is really really bad, you are helpless against any target that angles. You can't farm damage, you can't be useful in front near the caps due to horrid spot and huge citadel. You can not carry games unless enemy team is total potato and then it will be won anyway.
  6. In second but it's typical WG trolling me by giving such a piece of so fast. It is definitely the worst ship in a game from all I had. Huge floating citadel and BB level reload without any possibility to harm angled targets.
  7. DariusJacek

    Well... it appears that the "Hosho" will be nerfed soon...

    Yep. It is still OP just a bit less, now I have to use rockets or AP from time to time and generally risk more by going closer. But I always liked to be close as I hate to fly long time, so not much changed really. Sometimes I just die early, but usually it is when my team is hopeless anyway. Logic would say back to one torpedo on drop, but WG and logic... All this will make the skill gap even bigger IMHO.
  8. DariusJacek

    Ram rasputin, Ram that guy, Ram...R-A-M... Ram

    For me it's third or forth year so I am a bit bored with it. Elite XP I am farming with my 19 pointers so no need to play again and again the same event. Luxury mate
  9. DariusJacek

    Ram rasputin, Ram that guy, Ram...R-A-M... Ram

    Played 3 times only this year, got bored soon, all 3 wins, only on my first try we had to ram the thing 4 stars, second time 4 stars as well and last time we even got 5 stars without raming and DDs (no torps) at all. Igor is a blast. OP as all BBs are. If a team sticks together in a healing zone its too easy.
  10. DariusJacek


    Dobra, przekonaliście mnie. Freexp do Gremlina. Szkoda kasy na to, skoro to badziew jak FdG, jeden mi starczy w porcie.
  11. DariusJacek

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I said that I will not reset anything but since i freexped Seattle on my way to Wooster I've decided I will give a go to USA CL line again before possible nerfs to IFHE. Had a blast with Omaha, struggled a bit with Dallas, but Helena is really nice HE spammer and Dd killer. Still felt like I am playing alone for a while. Teams are pathetic recently. Luckily (or not) on both sides.
  12. DariusJacek

    Open Letter To War Gaming/WoWs - Double CV Games

    Before you had options for counter-play, you could hide under the smoke, or under AA umbrella in a no fly zone of yours cruisers, you could panic TBs with def AA, you could get help from own CV sometimes, and after everything you had a few minutes of cool-down to reposition and do something useful. And the aircraft that CV has lost during it was gone. Late game when there was less ships, AA was broken, CVs were de-planed as well. Now he can be back in less than a minute and AA is no working if he can avoid the flak and god forbid what he can do to even AA cruiser if he knows how to slingshot (not really needed now).
  13. How dare you doubt comrade our balancing commiserate? We have best workers and peasants there working on subs.
  14. Hosho was Op even before the buff, I loved AP bombs then, now do not bother with anything but the torps, unless DD tries to kill me, poor thing... I have Lexi and it is OK, but at this tier I have to think and I can't carry yet, while at T4 easy mode on full retard relax farming.
  15. Hell yeah, CVs are too weak, buff pls ASAP! And the most useless are T4. Just a minute ago... And I lost 12 planes. Unacceptable.