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  1. DariusJacek

    beginners ( less than 8 weeks play) and matchmaking

    You've secured before removal from the shop two very strong and nice DDs capable of 60-70% WR even for barely decent player like me: Asashio and T61, but you are not ready to play them yet. Right now you are burden to your team with them. Let them rest in port for now and learn at lower tiers and you and your teams will appreciate it later. It's not fun at all to lose game after game and possibly be abused for your mistakes in the chat by angry teammates. Consider also looking for a new clan where you will have a chance of learning from better players in a division, communicating on discord, it will make you better fastest way. This already mentioned by @xe_N_on channel is very helpful as he not only plays very well, he is also very good at explaining why and what is he doing. Start T3-5, play some different lines and do not spend much! If you have to buy something, buy premium time as this can be very helpful for new players but remember that no amount of money thrown into We Greedy will make you better, only by practice you can git gud. Game is complex for new players so take time and enjoy.
  2. DariusJacek

    Flint is trash

    i will not say (because of potential ban) who would let Atlanta successfully torp him.
  3. DariusJacek

    Flint is trash

    Still much more good players then rest of T7 premiums from the shop. For me even NO is better ship now.
  4. DariusJacek

    Flint is trash

    So you are saying those people forgot how to play??? Or that all those 45% noobs and/or neewbies wasted all the coal on meh and overpriced T7 premium instead of T9s and are bringing stats down now? Ok, whatever...
  5. Secondaries have no sigma, shells will fall randomly within the whole dispersion ellipse and this was always too big to evade. No threat part was mainly by poor dispersion.
  6. Nah, WG has already better solution - Glorious Soviet Carriers (Looking a bit poor now but buffs will come).
  7. DariusJacek

    Flint is trash

    For a premium ship given only to the very best players ranking 3 times for a long time, then available to veterans only for steel (on the top competing with the likes of Stalin, Burgo, Black etc) and only recently sold for coal but overpriced for what it is it 52% WR looks pretty bad to be honest. Powercreept badly in recent years, effective DPM nerf with IFHE rework, AA massacred with CV rework,, now range cut plus facing all those T9 monsters. Indianapolis looks terrible, forgotten by WG cr@p.
  8. Too much forward thinking involved for WG to pull.
  9. DariusJacek

    Flint is trash

    Agree to most but those torps garbage? LOL Those are the same as on Benson torps, T8 DD, hitting hard and stealthily. Flint is hard to play well, positioning is crucial, using island cover is better then relying on smoke and range can be a big issue on some maps vs T9s but it's not a bigger garbage then most of t7 cruises. MM is terrible for them all.
  10. DariusJacek

    Why do we need to Report when; ?

    Think is you don't know who and why did compliment you as it's not instantly visible.
  11. DariusJacek

    Why do we need to Report when; ?

    Not really, it's nice of course but besides ofthis it does nothing. Only benefit is that when you have more positive karma, you will have more reports/compliments to spare.
  12. DariusJacek

    Naval Battles - Web Server problems

    This is a joke, instead of spamming us with more and more broken ship ideas, get the basis right first Lesta. Naval battles are more or less broken since months. @YabbaCoe any chances on getting it fixed some day?
  13. DariusJacek

    Amazon Prime and drops?

    Already very popular, my fist and only game so far. I fear to think what will it be like when higher tier ships with air drops will come
  14. DariusJacek

    Soviet Cvs

    If you airfield can't notice incoming DD and move (preferably in advance) or just kill it you really deserve to to back to port. And no, DDs are not invisible to CVs (at least those aware of surroundings, minimap, spotted indicators and tactical situation) Only times when DD has killed me in CVs was when game was already lost anyway or when I overextended badly with my hull.
  15. DariusJacek

    Soviet Cvs

    And soon wows will suck too, more by hybrids, air strikes and subs then ru CVs though.