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  1. DariusJacek

    Unique Commanders / Captains - on what ship to use them?

    Halsey CAs Balti, Salem, will go to des Moines finally - I love switching AP/HE in one second. Yamamoto - Kitakaze, Haru, extra smoke with first blood. Ruski is waiting for BB line or if I will grind Gorozo. Dunkirk bros still in training on DDs now, but will go to BBs or CLs.
  2. DariusJacek

    Shimakaze - unique upgrade - opinion

    Are they? Most are sidegrades. You gain something, but you lose something else. Some trades are better, some are outright worse. Overall too much hype IMO with all these speshul upgrades. All depending on the play style, if someone is spamming 20km torps from the borderline I guess very slow rotation speed doesn't matter much.
  3. DariusJacek

    Russian Battleship Line

    They may use GC, it is so well balanced
  4. DariusJacek

    Which Graphic Settings Effect Torpedos ?

    Strange. I have 1060 as well and no frame drops all maxed. Maybe its CPU dependent, a dual core can be not enough nowadays? I have ryzen5 6 cores. We had similar problems a while ago even on top PCs due to a memory leak. Streaming and playing game is probably too much for your CPU. On the other side I played on my sons PC with first gen i5 and gtx750 and it was ok, not great but no drastic frame drops.
  5. DariusJacek

    CV rework new gameplay: what about low AA ships?

    CVs easily killed BBs next to AA Woosters. Reworked CVs will only be able to farm damage, do you really think that WG will deny them even this?
  6. DariusJacek

    Warships Premium Account - Discussion Thread

    Now I feel like I was penalised all this time by not playing WoT and WoP, but paying for useless for premium in these games as clearly they could offer better value for money premium account for one game only. You can just carry on as before. I will have to live knowing I was conned
  7. DariusJacek

    Mikołajkowe (i inne) kontenery, a typ okrętu.

    Jestem za wyborem klas. Właśnie ostalem dwa BBki z kontenerów. Niby fajnie, Kii i Ashitaka, ale czemu klasa, która nudzi mnie po jednej bitwie? Wolałbym krążka albo lepiej dd nawet niższego tieru o mniejszej wartości monetarnej. Giełda statków premium była by fajna. Np sprzedajesz niechciane okręty, a część ceny zabiera WG sobie jako tax.
  8. DariusJacek

    WG thx for giving players T10 especially special T10s

    What is a difference with this to using gold converted free XP to get Des or Mino? Or 20km stock torps Shima hagging borders vs well-played radar YY? Random teams, random skills, random ships, random games. Or players shooting for fun, refusing to learn even after 10k battles? It is one big mess anyway.
  9. DariusJacek

    Taszkient, IX tier

    Z tego co pamietam, to konsensus jest, że nie warto na wszystkich standardowych DDkach (wyjątki to japońskie gunboaty i brytyjskie 9 i 10 ze względu na mały kaliber). Korzyści będą niewielkie, przebijesz ekstra tylko nieliczne sekcje niektórych okrętów. Można znacznie lepiej spożytkować te 4 punkty.
  10. DariusJacek

    Kontenery „Prezenty” od Mikołaja 2018-2019

    2x10 mega, flagi, Kii i Ashitaka, WG chce zrobić za mnie BBaBy
  11. DariusJacek

    The Asashio + B

    Ok. I see. Just noted that for the price of the second Asashio one can get lots and lots of doubloons and buy lots of xp signals. I did not do exact math thought. I would like to get that HSF Forgot the Name Aki Guns Kagero, but she is gone for good. Probably I will gamble Xmas boxes. Maybe something nice will come out of one. (Kamikaze, or Belfast)
  12. DariusJacek

    The Asashio + B

    Why did you get 2 of them? Both sucks exactly the same, save for camo For 2500 gold in missions? Do you know that it is only 8.52 in the shop? I would take B only if I would at all. Just curious.
  13. DariusJacek

    The Asashio + B

  14. DariusJacek

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    It has already happened and this thread is about this wallhack that lets some players see-through islands not about aim assist with a circle on the map.