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  1. DariusJacek

    A distinct lack of DD's

    All true @Beastofwarbut it is so far away from balance and fun that it becomes dangerously close to hard work not an entertainment. I still play a lot of dd games and I am doing well but more and more I am thinking what's the point? Than I have a go in a CV and I can't stop laughing. The balance is so twisted. Poor little f***ers. I play usually dd with my mates in a div as the only way to have fun with being reduced to spotting bot for first half of the game is to have someone who will at least try to use my spotting. This and someone has to as you can't count on some random people to do even this properly. Still I like some strange choices like TRB yugumo as some games without CV are just ridiculous and will make up for suffering.
  2. DariusJacek

    PT - 0.9.7 Balance changes

    When players will notice that it's harder to hit dds with tits, they will go for hvars and wreck them anyway. Tits will be nice now to use on bigger boats broadsiding. I preferred attack from the bow aft though.
  3. DariusJacek

    Operacja "Operacja"

    Tak tylko napiszę, abyście nie zdychali nadaremno, że już naprawili to.
  4. DariusJacek

    German CV tokens such a joke

    And it's not greedy to demand 7500 and a grind for this camo? (Only way to get free you'll need massive amount of luck to get all 3 CVs from containers and DO NOT FORGET ABOUT PREMIUM GRAF needed to finish the last mission. Good luck if you do not have her.)
  5. DariusJacek

    Jaką premkę/zestaw wybrać w cenie 75Euro?

    Massa jest bardzo silną T8, Dunkierka miękka jest.. Trudno doradzić komuś z ukrytymi statami (nie wiem czym głównie grasz i jak bardzo jesteś zaawansowany w potępie na różnych liniach) więc weż co chcesz. Potrzebujesz je jako trenerów kapitanów, czy tak by pograć sobie? Te dwa są dobrymi okrętami, Masa chyba najlepszą 8ką z BB, a choć Dunkierka nie wybija się, jest OK.
  6. DariusJacek

    How do you get Iron cross camo ?

    Like I said the other 8ks are extra ship models, now they charge extra just for different paint. This is lazy and greedy in my book. If you like it then surely, go ahead. After all it's yours cash and judgement if it's worth it.
  7. DariusJacek

    How do you get Iron cross camo ?

    Does it have some extra bonuses over standard 5k permaflage? Nope, it has not. Saying by WeeGee emplayee that something is priceless will not make it so... They can wrap a into golden paper and ask for it whatever they want, but it will not make it worth 50% more then the same turd in an ordinary paper. Bionic and similar strange camos required at least a new ship models so I can understand that they want more for those. Not that those are worth it for me
  8. DariusJacek

    How do you get Iron cross camo ?

    Of how could I miss it. Tricky . Mission impossible without $$$ hidden in last missions. I knew it looks too good to be true from this thievery corporation. Thanks mate, you've just saved me a lot of pointless games in OP (not) German ships.
  9. DariusJacek

    0.9.6 - General Feedback

    Why is my PC starting to sound like vacuum cleaner every time when it tries to render this static image??? Is there bitcoin mining going on behind the scenes or what, as clearly this should not be a problem to render even for integrated card in 10 year old laptop, and my PC is much better, never struggling during game, but struggling with this???
  10. DariusJacek

    How do you get Iron cross camo ?

    You can get 1 by doing mission chains in German ships t4-10 for 600 total. All 4 can be done at the same time, one mission by one. Looks easy and not too bad grind unless I've missed something. EDIT: Scratch this. Last missions in all 4 chains require those German CVs. it.
  11. DariusJacek

    0.9.6 - German Carriers

    I spent hundreds myself, so I can't blame you for supporting the game we all like so much. But recent events from last 1.5 years and direction that game is taking has made me quit on spending. Having too many ships does not help. And so many of them (premums and permacamoed) are now so obsolete and power-crept since rework and all those new OP and broken toys it is sad. There is no excuses for devs if after 1.5 year of failed balancing one ship of one class can still totally break competitive to the point of 2 ships only being viable all just to boost artificially numbers of CV players. It is actually nice that they manage to avoid making a new CV line OP. Probably saving all the power for a soviet line
  12. DariusJacek

    How do you get Iron cross camo ?

    Because supposedly free?
  13. DariusJacek

    0.9.6 - German Carriers

    That's the problem with our player base, people thinking that price of a whole AAA game is OK for 2 very weak silver ships of a low tiers that will be available soon for free. No surprise that developer is so spoiled. On the other side I faced them a couple of times and I think that they are well balanced vs surface ships, just that the other lines are OP.
  14. DariusJacek

    WoWs v0.9.6 Replay feature news

    They need more vodka to get even dumber ideas and Bitcoins will not mine themselves on on those already overloaded servers.
  15. DariusJacek

    The Kitakami returns!

    BBs? Will it torp backwards? For DDs it will be pain. Not being able to turn when spotted, or just being forced out of the smoke by own torps.