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  1. Well if I smoke this way it's misplay (so ofen seen at the beginning in the cap) but when I am not the only one with a vision on enemy ship surely 10k is healable but if it's the last 10k... Usually staff like that happens later in a game with a smokes to spare and game often decided anyway. Finally thanks God not all games are with CV (not that I can't play around CV but CV makes everything harder and can be frustrating). You are good player and you know there are no clear black or white situations and sometimes wee need flexible approach. Besides it's fun to to gun down fletcher or kitakaze with asashio. And it works for me and it's fun. As long as it does not spoil my WR which is among my best WRs in DDs why not to farm a bit at leat for credits? Overall my damage and PR is very low in all DDs relativly to WR as I focus on teamwork enemy DDs and objectives most of the time so I deserve a little bit of dakka from time to time.
  2. What's wrong with setting permafire after repaired flooding? Or using smoke to disengage if bumped into enemy DD? I use my Asashio guns a lot. They are ok even if DMP is weak, they do hit hard and set fires well.
  3. DariusJacek

    I need high tier BB advice.

    @ForlornSailor from a moment ago. My aim was poor even for my own standards and that Z could get me. I'd get myself if I was him probably. 20200218_190909_PJSB018-Yamato-1944_15_NE_north.wowsreplay
  4. DariusJacek

    I need high tier BB advice.

    Thanks mate, I'll upload something when I'll get something suitable, right now out of a few recent stored games either I did reasonably well or I know very well what and where I've up At least I am able to avoid torps quite well after all those games in DDs I can mostly predict when and from where they will come. I can angle pretty well too, biggest pain is Smolensk and Co. Worse of all is my positioning and long range aim/rng I think. And if I can not hit I tend to come closer and then I am focused by 5-6 HE spammers (including BBs spamming HE at me) It's like that everything that works at mid tiers does not at high tiers. Nearly like with DDs
  5. DariusJacek

    The legendary UK captain is unobtainable for free?

    Exactly, get it now or never, 175k its a t9 ship with a coupon.
  6. DariusJacek

    Sudden Surge Of toxicity in CCs

    Because of monstrous AA survivability nerf Kremlin is balanced now.
  7. DariusJacek

    Sudden Surge Of toxicity in CCs

    Because of past experience? With a Smolenk, or Ru BBs? We know that if WG is set on realising OP/broken Russian (or even not Russian) ship they will do it. Just because they can.
  8. DariusJacek

    Sudden Surge Of toxicity in CCs

    They do not complain about not enough of content, they do about of too much of a content, they do complain about OP/broken content that nobody has asked for. About the force feeding us with gimmicky staff instead of fixing things that are in a need of fix. About micro-transactions, broken balance, powercreep, blatant lies and broken promises. You know = all the usual staff for WG. And they do it because they know this game better then some of creators, play it more then they do and most of them love this game and can not stand to look at what's going on with it.
  9. DariusJacek

    ATM1 Carrier upgrade - a must?

    I use it on t6 and 8 IJN as those are faster - so bigger gain in speed and hopefully easier to torp DDs, removed from Midway as very little difference so I went with AAM1.
  10. DariusJacek

    I need high tier BB advice.

    No, I am not going to play ranked with Yama, if I'll use Bb (and it's big if) it will be Kremlin, but most likely I'll play DDs or a radar cruiser, maybe even will try CV. Ranked are no good to learn a new staff. I'll leave it to randoms.
  11. DariusJacek

    I need high tier BB advice.

    No need for rental as I've got my Yama just before update to start UU mission.
  12. DariusJacek

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Yes, it was blind fire at the very beginning, not enough of a broadside i guess so I've got punished for playing this stupid ship (to be fair I wanted to select radar Mino which was next to Smol in the port) I was shocked also to discover a few guys that lived until the end still behind me on the scoreboard, what the were they doing whole game??? By the way nice carry @Blixies, I love to torp DDs with CVs as well - it's so satisfying
  13. DariusJacek

    I need high tier BB advice.

    Most of TIX DDs are not worse then TX, some are even better. It's true, but first one has to be very good with them to carry as enemy has equal number BBs. For me is much easier to outplay enemy DDs or even CV then BBs. Plus killing DDs in first few minutes often means that game is won. It's like poking someone in the eyes. Probably average player being potato in DD has much bigger negative impact on team then by being potato in a BB and I am exploiting this now by farming enemy DDs in mine DDs. Radar cruisers used to be the same influential (and still are) but it's harder to play them good with more and more big gunned BBs overmatching. Now CVs are taking on role of hard counter to DDs. I'll watch some more videos of good BB players in a hope of inspiration.
  14. DariusJacek

    I need high tier BB advice.

    This are my last 3 weeks mostly solo stats (I am using only recent 3 weeks as it is about my current skill in a current meta). As you see I am real potato in BBs. (in CAs too but that's the other story) Most of this poor games are stock Lyon, Izumo grind and first games in Yamato but what I've found most annoying is perceived luck of impact on a game's outcome. In Izumo I have even very good PR but it does not lead to decent WR. I know it's small sample size etc. If I try to play safe it's over before I can do anything, if I push I will be dead fast. Even if I manage to position myself correctly somwhere in the middle ground I am by RNG/my poor aim. Now I know it's most likely L2p issue and as a DD main in big boats I have problem with overextending and deep aversion to being accused of "camping" but I feel like playing solo Bb gives player a very little in a way of carrying. In DD or CV I feel like I can win and carry just by doing my part (even if not in a very good manner, usually much better then opponent) in BBs I feel like a passenger not a driver in a team. What do you think is it my poor skill, or this class is not good for solo wining as mistakes are not punished so hard and RNG equals skills between BB players most of all classes? If you believe that I am wrong and games can be carried in solo BB can you please share some sekrit recipes for success? As I am close to giving up on them. Max range fire spam and RNG plus camping meta with quick games kills all joy in high tier BBs for me. I can do ok and have fun even on lost games in a medium tiers (5-7) it's t8-10 the worst. Please help me. Or tell me to stay with DDs, HE spammers and fun police.
  15. DariusJacek

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Only way without punishing better players for being good by equalising theirs WR with 40%ters (that would be ultimate outcome of WR based skill matched MM) is to address the core issue: Huge disproportion in and luck of skill in high tiers. From the financial point of view WG cannot and will not ban poor players from buying with freexp into high tiers nor will stop wallet warriors from doing the same in premiums. Instead they should try to minimise the skill gap by fixing economy (good game more credits then now, poor game much less) and most of all WG has to educate players to minimise numbers of very bad players. Some obligatory tutorials in coop/operations based special games covering the basics for medium triers and more advanced gameplay for high tiers granting you some kind of licence to play in PvP. It could be in a form of military ranks or whatever. It should be fun and engaging (not like reework is) and rewarding with in game goods and sense of accomplishment. and would help those individuals enjoy the game much more. Then if someone would still decided to play like a total reworked (with negative values as well) karma like system would kick in action where own team would be able to temporarily ban the offender from PvP and send him for retraining after a fixed number of reports for poor games. Lets say only players with good understanding of game mechanics would be able to reward or report all remaining AFKers, yoloers and total border hugging campers just to avoid salty and jelous ignorants abusing the system.