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  1. DariusJacek

    Submarine gameplay and mechanics - what would you like to see?

    I am not fond of another long period of beta tests on the live server, but if I was given the choice between subs and Cvs... I know what I would like to play against.
  2. DariusJacek

    Wymiana koron na floreny

    Dokładnie, mialem plan olać te cvki i nakupić speed flag za wszystko. Potencjalna ilość wymaganych klików mnie złamała i wziąłem CVki, aby nie siedzieć pół godziny, albo i więcej naciskając w kółko jak idiota te same guziki. Tak sie robi sukces reworku i podnosi ilość nowych wspaniałych brytyjskich CV😁
  3. DariusJacek

    Wymiana koron na floreny

    Mogli zrobic jakiś suwak do ilości do wymiany, albo opcje wymien wszystko. Podobnie z kupowaniem flag za te waluty, naklikałem się jak głupi. Niby nic, a w.
  4. DariusJacek

    Radio Location - good decision to implement?

    I use it on some dds on some I don't. What I noticed is that if I play longer RLed dd and switch later to non RL one I feel blind sometimes. Usually only for a one battle, then I rely on situational awareness. It's good to have in randoms but not totally necessary skill, much more must have in CB with team speak, plus triangulation can sometimes pinpoint location of red DD.
  5. DariusJacek

    what ship will break the 500,000 damage mark EU server

    Asashio ,or any other torp focused DD can do it after ru BBs launch if he will land in a game with 11 potato BBs. But what chance do you have to be the one? Pretty low I'd say.
  6. DariusJacek

    buy multiple items at once feature in arsenal

    I am not confusing, I am talking about inventory Should have made myself clearer.
  7. DariusJacek

    Exeter Missions

    If one will detonate yoloing and still get good torp hit it will be two in one short attempt with a dev strike and first blood if you survive I am expecting interesting weekend
  8. DariusJacek

    buy multiple items at once feature in arsenal

    For me also worked although I can't find a way to sell stuff there.
  9. DariusJacek

    Nasze osiągnięcia

    Bardziej żal mi tych biednych japońskich krążków T8, pancki mogły się skątować...
  10. DariusJacek

    Atlanta (VII) - shooting range 15,5 kms???

    I've just had a strange situation when a UFO annihilated an island that I was hiding behind and I died because of my cover disappearing. Sorry I do not do replays and even if I do I don't know where they are and even if I would find them I wouldn't know how to upload it. Or maybe it wasn't UFO but a CV and I just reversed out of cover? I do not know I need sweet smoke and drinks to clear my mind.
  11. DariusJacek


    Lepiej od razu dać opcje 4 biegów wstecz i jednego wolnego (i tak będzie zbędny ) do przodu.
  12. DariusJacek

    CV rework failed every test it was set.

    My opinion is that I prefer old RTs CVs to new ones. I do not play CVs. I play against them. I do not like to play against something without the counter. Before at least there were less CVs and planes were much slower to fly and to reload and AA was a thing able to save me. Now at best I can mitigate the damage. Worse of all is spotting with a new CVs. In the same way, as an attack, it cannot be denied. Not even by full AA build CAs. If you are low HP you can't disengage to heal even with AA cover (if you have heal on a ship at all). I remember the games when I had really good help and coordination with my RTS CV, now it feels like CVs are more detached from the team, playing own damage race mini-WOWP-game with human-operated target-bots.
  13. DariusJacek

    High tier German destroyers

    To make things worse german DDs are clumsy, smoke is worse than the others and they are big and easy to hit targets. I would buff AP pen angles and torp reload to compensate for poor damage and flooding nerf.
  14. DariusJacek

    Your favorite DD: Tier for tier

    2 25 3 vampire 4 shenyang 5 T22 (i have no OP premiums here) 6 T61 followed close by rest 7 no favourite Sims for AA maybe 8 i really like all of them. 9 All are good, TRB Yogumo for torps or Kita for dakka. 10 it was YY, now Shima probably.
  15. DariusJacek

    Explain to me

    If he really wants you dead you are dead. You can make it hard by hiding and hugging AA CAs but if he wants to kill you he will. Welcome to the balanced game comrade.