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  1. Jason_Cordes

    British Battleships

    Surely it cannot be hard to make the proper HMS PRINCE OF WALES. Id buy that ship. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Prince_of_Wales_(53)
  2. Jason_Cordes

    Collector's Club Launch

    I have 100 Ships, so what now?
  3. Jason_Cordes

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I disagree, wholeheartedly to the idea that All ships should be 1 tier, there simply is not enough variety of ships with 30+ different perks, So when you go into a whole Tier X game it is too competitive, and if i wanted that, id apply for King Of The Seas, and other events, players who complain that the not so good players should play co-op is rubbish, as Random, Ranked, and CO-OP is where the most credits and XP is. In life there are players who are better than others, or those with better ships. There are way too many ships of the same type. Radar is practically on every Allied Cruiser. There is too many Smolensks in a game. If skill based MM is to be implemented, then players might have longer staying power, as they dont want to get 1-shotted just because they play the game for what it is;a game, and not stat heavy angles and etc. As it currently stands i wish there was lobbies like in CS:GO or Battlefield, where you can see who is in them before you join them, then if there are too many radar ships, then as a DD player hoping to cap then they can avoid such lobbies. I have often said that in order to stop Super fast HE spamming, just like in every other game, if you shoot too often, your gun barrel overheats and needs to cool down, so in that regard, the likes of Smolensk, Worcester, Minotaur etc wouldnt spam you as often as it woud need a 5 second cool down per barrel/turret. AA is none existent, CV fighter planes get away too quickly from your DEF-AA, and you only get 5-6 planes where you should wipe out the planes, especially in so called def AA ships like the Minotaur. But i like Unbalanced tiers say T10 with T8, because as i am not a great player, i have a greater possibility of destroying lower tiered ships with insane T10 power. I wish the worcester was as good as the Smolensk is now, it used to stand toe to toe with any cruiser, but now the smolensk outfires everything. They steal the guns from the Conqueror to put on the Thunderer, yet the Best Arty is still on the Republique, which should also take a reduction to 419mm. I mean 419mm really? even my fav the GK has 431mm. The Conqueror should have kept at least 440mm.
  4. Jason_Cordes

    Submarines are Coming

    So as a BB and Cruiser player, well since CV's are now wrecked, and totally unplayable, i dont want more control with a CV, i liked how it was before. Now you will just get in 12 ( 6 subs, 5dd's, 1 cruiser) whats the point of using a BB as not only DD's but now Subs will join the OP CV dive bombers. Should it be a disease like HE SPAMMing is, i shall stop playing this game, you will lose the bulk of who play and pay using this game, People who love Battleships and heavy cruisers. Thats what we log on for. The surface fleet need more than what your offering, for example every ship is able to create smoke, but in this game you use it as a perk, so how did BB's like the Bismarck and the Hood cover themselves in Smoke and evade fire? Magic? No, but to the point at 1st you must make them more useless than OP, like everything new in the game its always OP, I see you have no British Subs, yet Russians didnt even have a navy proper till after WW2, What happened to Pan-EU Surface ships? What happened to more balancing? Instead of fixing things like Servers so you dont have downtime and refund us rubbish like 4 flags. I am venting here because im tired of rubbish. I always have premium spend a good deal of money on premium ships. Yet somehow us core people go unnoticed, for the rapid child players who want it faster, like a call of duty game. Face Facts, in the battle of the atlantic, with long distance airplanes with sonar drops, and radar on ALL BRITISH & US ships, since ITs a british Invention. Its not enough that a sub cant be detected if they go deep, they need to be detected no matter what. Whats the point of Radar if you cant spot? By the year 1943 Germany lost the battle of the Atlantic, which allowed Americans to come across for the 2nd front for D-Day, Admiral Doenitz said that was the factor of winning the 2nd world war, but what does a Fleet Admiral know who loved Subs. So with most newer ships coming out after 1943 especially the paper Russian line, its unfair for Subs to be undetected. Should they go into the game good and proper after you said they wouldnt be in the game whatsover, and in clan wars, i will stop playing, and close my T10 clan of 50 members. Then take matters through under advice of a solicitor, For loss of money, time, and energy.
  5. Jason_Cordes

    Thanks WG...Server busy...try again later.

    Same here, thought it was me, so annoying! Plus wanted to level some ships up. This is my main game, i put money into this game, and keep getting customer support page, grrrr.