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  1. umpaumpaX

    Russian destroyers concealment/HP

    Guys, i just wont to say that I find this situation as a cheat and nothing changed it. If the ships with DR 7.8 - 7.9 km have about 20K HP and and the one with DR 9km almost 25% less !? I decided to play Misk to have XP for both lines. Than sell the ship and wait for changes. If nothing happened just give up the line. PS I thing I konw how to play RU DD - on Minsk WR 66% in 73 games.
  2. umpaumpaX

    Russian destroyers concealment/HP

    #ColonelPete as Akizuki and Z23 aren't. So why they have so big HP. It is for me just big inconsistency. If ship is so big that her DR is 9 km why has so small HP poll? As I wrote above or her DR should be adjust to HP or HP buffed. Especial in current heavy smoke meta (new RN DD made it only worst). Speed and range give you nothing when you don't see nothing. When you are out spotted by more than 3 km by all this machine guns (you fight tier 9/10) siting in smoke you don't have any chance. As I said - it is big inconsistency or the ship is purposely made weak.
  3. umpaumpaX

    Russian destroyers concealment/HP

    Hi guys, I'm now grinding through RU DD line. Actually at Misk. I have been looking Kiev and I found something very not right. It is relation concealment to HP. Akizuki detectability range - 7.76 km, HP 20400 Z23 detectability range - 7.92 km, HP 19500 and now Kiev detectability range - 9 km, HP 16200. Or her DR should be adjust to HP or HP buffed to about 22k according to data above. Otherwise it is a poor cheat. Out of tiopic. Concealment becamt total [edited] especially with RN ship
  4. umpaumpaX

    Slots for legendary upgrades

    Hi Guys, I have noticed that the ships will have legendary upgrades in slot 5 or 6. Ok. upgrades will buff different stats but I want to talk about Hindy and Zao. For both ships CE mod. is mandatory and here are difference: Hindy put LU in slot 5 so you have to choose between something what you must have or samething that could be done a littele wors with appropriate use o DCP (basic skill on this level). Additionaly she is the most "tanky" cruiser and there are other vital features that could be buffed for trade for such important mod. Interesting choice. But Zao dont have such "grate" choice. You choose from 2 good buffs +16% to range or +8% range, -7% dispersion and 20% better rudder shift time. Additionaly Zao got 50% buff to torps range and Hindy got 10% reload nerff. Was Hindy so OP? I dont know how to get stats for dedicated time period but in general she has the worst WR from of al T10 cruisers. I have heard she was overpopulated and doing wery well in CW (personaly never did and never will). So CW are now main factor to decided if ship is doing good or bad and the random battles are only less important add-on?.
  5. umpaumpaX


    Hi Guys, after some play I can say I regret to bougth T61. This ship is exelent ninja torps boat but it is totally oposit what I like. If someone likes the IJN DD play stye and is good in it this ship is a monster (especial with CE captain). Im max potato in such play. My ship needs to have good guns. Podvoisky is now my fovorite :). #Riselotte I konw that 1/4 has only KMGL/CA. I thing that KM DDs guns should be buffed - get the IJN 127mm shell arcs or USN turret travers. PS I bougth her after 2 week palaing DDs (Im cruiser mann). As I wrote above I only read GUNS....... 20 euro waisted but one hangover less :)
  6. umpaumpaX


    #Riselotte Of course it only my opinion. But when I fire KM guns I feel so f.... hopeless like knight throwing pebble at dragon so everything thats deal damage is better to me. IJN has (as you said) worst reload and turret traverse but better shell arcs and they hit. HE is bread and butter for DDs and KM HE are as they are..... (Z46 nad Z52 are exceptions) I never believed but USN are now better for me than this KM %$#@%. They do damage and I don't know why but it is easier for me to score hit on target <8km than using this KM...... It is strange because I never past Cleveland due to her trebuchet KM is my favorite line but the idea of useless HP and AP without penetration make me.... We all konow that due to this they was doing so well that got 1/4 open to anyone want to play them
  7. umpaumpaX


    Hy Guys, I bought this ship a few days ago and Im disappointed (but it is my fault not ship). Buying it I read in description CANNONS and read no more. I thing to my self at last german DD with good guns.... NO. they are thesame KM slings - imo the worst in whole game - anty satellite shell arcs, no HE damage, no fire chance with crazy AP. But this AP are useless - to srong for DD you meet to weak for CL, just standard for KM - higest alfa and lowest penetration. But as i wrote it is my fault. This is OP torpedo boat - with CE your dedection is 6.1 km with torpedo range 8.0 km. Standard reload is 68 with perk 61 seconds. You are torps spamer. Good maneuverability for KM DD. Of course as a KM DD eats AP damage like crazy. Problem is sligthly worst number you have on silver IJN for free with better guns.
  8. umpaumpaX

    Izyaslav captain build request

    Izyaslav is my new today discoverd love rate of fire, 5 guns, fire chance, agility, speed (as for cruiser) torps and all of this in size of DD :)
  9. umpaumpaX

    Why nerf Hindenburg ?

    Hi Guys, could someone explaint to me why WG has nerfed Hindenburg and Roon?. I thougt that they nerf ship that perform to well. Let see stats Roon is in the middele of it tier (WR). Is it overperforming? But Hindenburg has the worst WR of ALL T10 CRUISERS (EU server)!!! What is going on with WG?!?!?!
  10. umpaumpaX

    Concealment nonsense

    #Gnirf I was talking about heavy cruisers. DDs and few light cruisers is totally other story. #wilkatis_LV 1. GK - 4x3 406 mm - is bigger than yami C. 4x3 419 mm (bigger and heavier) is smaller than Hindy. It is all OK. according to you?. 2. Battlecruisers yes but not CA. 3. Tell me the name of real build CA/CL with this "space" 4. I don't know what Perth's 2 rooms cit has common with this "space". It was "hidden" beneath superstructure and Perth didn't have this space. 5. If you don't see difference between most of/all armaments on bow or stern so .... Roon has most of its cannos on stern (never real build CA with such configuration) and all ships you mentiond have them on bow (many real build CL/CA/BB). But bow and stern are to different ends of ship. IJN Tone class has even 4 turret but on BOW! Yes i noticed K/N and even played them and there is also Tre Kronor mentioned by Gnirf. But they are CL not CA. Sorry that I wrote this way but I don't know how to make this "frames".
  11. All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others or what the f... ? So I want additional slot for def. AA on my Hipper!!!
  12. umpaumpaX

    Concealment nonsense

    #wilkatis_LV You don't understand what I wanted to say. I will not explain every paragraph. General I would say that higher tier "paper" shpis ignore first the laws of physics and as results we got such "gem" like conqueror. Ship which (by her main armaments and armor) have to have displacement similar or little bigger than yami so she have to have similar dimension (it is physics and there is wonder or cheats) but in this game she has size little bigger than CA. Second, they ignore "war experience" - this space between turret B and conning tower (see how it is on "real build ships"). It is as small as possible. It is to have something above vulnerable citadel. Something in which a bomb or shell hit first. It alway lower kinstic energie, change direction or may ingiter the fuse. At the end it increase possibilty that projectal explodes outside not inside citadel Third they ingore "combat effectiveness". Example for it could be Roon A-XY turrets setup. How many "real build ships" has such configration? Other configuration are more effective so no one do it this way. Much better is with "paper ship" but based on existing blueprints. Ssomeone has calculated ship's size for wanted armament and armor or what armament and armor could be carried by ship with set/wanted dimension. Of course there are differences between calculation and reality but at least we dont get "gem" like conqueror. This is a difference between ships designed by engineer and IT guys. As you wrote I have max 8 tier ship (I had Roon but i sold it) and I mostly fight at tier 5-7. It is because the struggle with such "gems" like conqueror and others take away from me all pleasure from this game.
  13. umpaumpaX

    Concealment nonsense

    Hi Guys, is someone able to explain to me the issue: conqueror - 15.66 km, hindenburg - 16.02 km. Both have turtleback, C. 4x3 419 mm, main belt 406 mm, H. 4x3 203 mm, main belt 110 mm. What from depends the concealment?. Should i belive that ship needed gigantic displacement to cary afloting this thousends tons of steel (C.) will have the same size as Hindy!!!?? Turet 3x419 is lightest than 3x203!!!! 406 mm belt than 110mm. It is idiocy!!! Who had decided abot it?. Die he ever heard about sometthing like physics? What was the background for brits. BB will have best concealment? One of the most important factor how quick the ship will be spotted is its height (due to earth's curvature) and the brits. BB are floating WTC towers!. Only explanation I can finde for this is that C. has cutting edge stm. turbin and H. need hude space for 5 millions hamster with theris wheels! There should be hard cap - the lowest BB concealment is 20% bigger than bigest CA concealment of the same tier. (Battlecruisers ofcource shouldnt be included in this calculation). German T9/10 BBs and CAs designe in general - these ship are big only to be big!! By such sizes they should have much better armor or be much smaller. GK (is bigger tha yami) should have 100 mm deck armor on bow and stern and 150 mm above citadel. Otherwhise should be smaller. Or needs space for 10 millions hamsters?? Hindenburg - what for is this space (similar on Neptune) between turet B and conning tower? Probably only the dive bomber pilots have exelent spot to aim on to put a bomb direct to amunition chamber / boilers rooms!!! If you need bigger hull for more displacement you make bigger bow and stern where is no vital equipment. Ooo I forgot the 5 millions hamsters and running wheels of course. Being deeper and deeper in this game I start agree with someone who said that it is arcade contest of luck and the only one connection to reality are names of some ships. Pity. PS. Sorry for my English, Im not native.
  14. umpaumpaX

    Roon paradox

    Hi guys, about two weeks ago I got Roon. I was extremely happy about it until first few games. My impression is– wat this ship is for?. First of all she hasn’t 360 degree rotated aft turrets (I’m a great fun on Numberg) so why A-XY turret placement?. Imo only to look odd and different then other ships and nothing more. Brawling: Yes - turtleback and biggest HP. No – big - designed only to be big, amount of guns, size and thickness of armor doesn’t justify her size, clumsy - maneuverability slight better than BB, slow – tier IX and X BBs have speed about 30 kn and some of them are even faster than you, guns placement A-XY - you are outgunned by every other cruiser and only 2x4 torps (drawback to Hipper 4x3 – why?). Hunting DD in smoke: Yes – excellent hydro (especially with vigilance perk on captain). No - guns placement A-XY. You don’t delete tier VIII-X DDs with 2 or 3 salvo of only 3 guns. If go on them with “all guns on target”they run away in direction opposite to your gun direction and most important you chance to outmaneuver their torps decrees dramatically. So we have long range HE/AP spamming. Decent guns, range and shell trajectory BUT you have turtleback (double edge sword). Excellent at close range but al long range even kiting like cray you don’t avoid all shells (BBs you meet at combat have at least 9 aimful guns) and every single hit mean citadel or at least loss of huge chunk of your HP. It doesn’t make sense to me. This blindly scaling up Nunberg (due to laziness?) made her imo a “blacksmith forced to stich” or another Yorck – ship designed only to have „something” on particular tier. Such is result when IT guys designs ship. Pros would say „play its strength” – I will no argue with this because I’m only average player and as such player I don’t consier her as a bad ship only as a ship of “wasted potential”. She could be imo first real jack of all trades as German tree is meant to be but in current state she is far from it. How is German tree knows all players. Only one sure thing about them is their live motto „to burn faster and better than matches„ Is there any possibility that she gets C hull with 360 degree rotated aft turrets and configuration as follow: 3 x 3 203 mm, 1 x 3 150 mm, 6 or 8 x 2 105 mm and 4 x 3 533 mm ?. Sorry for my English I’m not native. P.S. I know that many players consider her as the best tier IX cruiser (or one of them beside Neptune) so I can imagine how “decent” are others tire IX cruiser. P.P.S When one day Hipper gets buff to reload time (what is much more likely than hull C I think) I will buy her again. She would be much closer to be jack of all trades than Roon is current state.
  15. umpaumpaX

    SZYBKIE PYTANIA I ODPOWIEDZI - prowadzone przez graczy

    Co się dzieje z losowaniami??? 2 razy z rzędu przeciwnicy mają 1 BB więcej + 1 CA więcej i to o 2 tiry wyżej!! O co tu chodzi.