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  1. Mister_D_2017

    this is just a very bad game

    I understand well enough what detection means probably better than you. but they continue to disappear. even if you are lying next to it, this has nothing to do with detection. second. no reloading time. sometimes you see that they continue to fire. and you have to wait until you are reloaded. sometimes torpedoes are coming at you from all sides. even if you're only playing with two. both on the other side of the map explain that. and no aircraft carrier in the area. that are submarines or what. I quit. this game is not worth it. to get a place on your hard drive. you only play against a computer. and it is not fair in this game. this game is really stupid across the line. I'm gone, good luck with winning against computer bots, and losing money. and euu one that says that this game is relaxed. Well, he should tell you what pills he swallows. because they are very good after all
  2. Mister_D_2017

    this is just a very bad game

    this game has been falsified in random you just play against a computer. the red player disappears continuously. this is just a very bad game. and if you paid for the game. you will be destroyed even faster so that you have to pay again. this is just a very bad game
  3. i am sure of it 

    i have the same problem

    the red team always disepeare just in time

    the ly beside you and blow you out of the water 

    for me i am 100% sure of this 100%


  4. Mister_D_2017

    EU server down

    again server down Every time pffff boring