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  1. A_useless_noob

    Can't connet to server

    Anyone know the server uptime in GMT?
  2. I'd like the compare mechanic from tanks Got to be easier than jumping back and forth in the tech tree.
  3. A_useless_noob

    I don't want captain slots when I ask for signals and Camo!!

    Are you bragging or complaining
  4. A_useless_noob

    I don't want captain slots when I ask for signals and Camo!!

    Don't fix it yet, I need some captain slots
  5. A_useless_noob

    Missions thanks for nothing

    The mission requirements, should be displayed ingame in the mission description. @BeauNidl3 Admittedly I have a good range of ships at multiple tiers so I don't have the problem that @A_useless_noob had, but I finished the whole mission chain in about 3 hours, played mostly in COOP so quick games. You don't have to play in German ships, you can do it in any nation. Really ? it says in mission description german ships only
  6. A_useless_noob

    Missions thanks for nothing

    You should be able too, but you can't
  7. A_useless_noob

    Missions thanks for nothing

    I stopped grinding USN to do this mission, waste of my time. should have been made clear at the start.
  8. A_useless_noob

    Missions thanks for nothing

    As a newish player I would like to thank WG's missions design team. 10 point captian as mission reward great, tier 5 needed OK. 4 part mission OK, part 1 done. Part 2 tier six needed errrr OK, Part 3 tier 7 WTF. If I had a tier 7 ship I would already have a 10 point captain. What next tier 8 ? if the required ships are higher, the reward needs to be higher. The tier of shp needed to complete the mission marathon, should be made clear at the start. Waste of customers time and effort.
  9. A_useless_noob

    Hamsters need corn refill

    In battle server crash, wonderful.
  10. Last battle. stayed well away from team mates. due to them blowing the crap out of each other. Killed a cruiser and battle ship, before capping. This automated system sucks
  11. there was nothing between me and the target. He was over to my right, and in no danger. Until he decided to turn left. And as for stealing the kill. what would you call it. crossing in front of me pinning me to the island, knowing I couldn't take a shot for fear of hitting him.
  12. First battle. one destroyer rams the second destroyer, then both ram into me. I get penalised why? Second battle. island to the left, Gneisenau to the right. The enemy ship heading straight for me, I line up the perfect shot, all's clear so i fire my torps. The gneisenau turns left in front of my torps, and takes a hit before colliding with me and forcing me into the island. So I am penalised for the damage from the torps, and I'm penalised for the collision, and I'm stuck taking damage from the enemy while trying to get off the island. So i'm pink because people can't be bothered to look where they're going, or too busy trying to steal the kill.
  13. A_useless_noob

    Client crash

    ping spikes again 2434 today, and trouble entering battle again
  14. A_useless_noob

    Client crash

    not so much crashes as lag spikes. 2343 ms
  15. A_useless_noob

    Game kicks you to login screen +more

    18:58 just kicked me too desktop