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  1. WT_Flan

    State of the game - 2023

    I have thought the ever worst nightmare of WOWS were the CVs after rework. No. Any CV can equal to .....SUBS. I have plyayed for so many years, I have spent money...bla bla bla ...all that garbage "I was loyal customer crap" ...To make it short without any polite boooo booo constructive blithering : SUBS are total [edited]trash crap that ruined the game. OVER. WG GO TO EVER BURNING HELL ! Bye !
  2. WT_Flan

    changed graphics settings? everything blurry

    Also as mentioned in other topic discussing the same thing, if having nVidia, try to fiddle with the sharpness function in drivers settings.
  3. WT_Flan

    Motion blur after last update.

    Well, i thought my eyes somehow became worse when I came back from 2 weeks holiday and installed the new update....I hate jaggies on my screen in whatever game I play, so I always try to make the picture as smooth as possible, and if needed I rather sort of use even fxaa which is more blurring in result method than other full AA methods than to see whatever ugly jaggies on lines in my view. Sometime ago I started to experimemt and combine the game AA with picture sharpness tunning provided by nVidia driveres settings. Too sharp picture comes to me also sort of ugly and unnatural, but combining AA with picture sharpenning brings very nice result. Sharp and smooth picture....But still I feel the same when watching the trees on islands...washed out as said above. Some LOD rework...????
  4. WT_Flan

    What do you think of the smolensk?

    Well, stone, paper, scissors ad absurdum, we could say do not go anywhere there might be your stone, paper or scissors waiting for you...But I understand your point...I mentioned this situation on purpose, because there was only Smolensk with no support and the situation was just favourable to be solved nicely. Just to show how we do not think in heat of battle, forget of the battle purpose, ship roles, teams, and care only of our dmg farm....these days via favouring the He spam hell....And Smolensk not only did not care of me as waiting BB to smash him, he had chosen me as cruiser to burn me to death...😁
  5. WT_Flan

    Love Zao

    Bad day ? I had mine too yesterday in quite new Zao..but other ships too...Perhaps just one of these mysterious days appeared when whatever you do everything just goes south, or you decide to do stupid actions...Do not give up...This ship itself IS good. And nice, of course... Hey, there is Salem sneaking out of the strait, almost bow in...Am angled even better...Six APs on him, now ! Hmmmm, no pens ? Once more ! Hell, it does not work...once more....Why I am burning so badly ? Because he did not leave his brain somewhere, but I did. So, let torp him, who cares about juicy broadside offered to him...Why is it over for me so quickly ? Because I was the brainless contest winner this time, not him...And I know that because day before it some other Salem who came to me and asked for 2 cits and half of gis HP to be off when showing the side to my 12 APs... Just one example... I almost forgot: One or two supported Smolensks can make your chair really hot and day to be agreed "over"....😁 But if Smol is alone, then I love my Zao more than whatever...😎😁
  6. WT_Flan

    What do you think of the smolensk?

    Imagine this....sitting i my Yamato, burnt to death by this Smolhell by cca 75% share , watching the rest of the map traced by almost only HE tracers, everybody trying to burn the map itself, even the island close to me, behind which 2 CAs do not care of the laughing Smolensk, which they could smash or drive off quickly, if only sticking their noses out of the island....No, festival of HE fireworks from behind the islands curtains looks more like new way of art, who cares of ship battles ....😁
  7. WT_Flan

    tier 8 vs tier 10 &the new OP ships

    Yeah, the Mogami way with Ibuki is obvious, ...but something like "less focused and concentrated" must have happened on her captain's side.😁 But I keep her, no doubt, and will keep comming back to her to change my score...now entertaining myself with Zao...I have the long range gun upgrade on Ibuki too, but at the same time playing the Azuma, ...well, I perhaps got sort of sick of this HE spam... Actually, when I played Yamato yesterday I was just about to throw up watching the match...HE storms from both sides, even thr BBs, Smolensk burning my Yamato to death like 75%, mates around me shooting the island between the teams trying to burn it (???), or shooting wherever else, but the laughing Smolensk turning the BB into ash...Almost made a hole into the minimap pointing the Smolensk to get rid of him as a priority if they want me to have my big guns to help them win...No, HE festival on whatever other target just went on. Those 2 cruisers behind an island did not stick their noses out to smash the exposed Smolensk, or drive him off, so I burnt to death...Back to Zao, just love to give like 2 cits at one AP salvo to sort of careless positioned cruiser, knowing, he will not hurt me so badly....until you expose yourself to local overkill with one, or two Smolensks involved...😁 And probably will get the Yoshino one day too, anyway...
  8. WT_Flan

    tier 8 vs tier 10 &the new OP ships

    Well, I like the Mogami with default gun caliber with IFHE...She becomes then totally the stealthy emperor's flamethrower. Plus the torps with stealth build and captain skills..I was happy getting the Ibuki...But only to fin out I just suck with her pretty well...I don't now why and I do not blame the ship...😁 Somehow it did not work Ibuki and me...I have the Azuma too, but it is boring, dem.farming ship to stay back with and burn ships all over the map, Other way you are dead if you go ahead and some guns only look at you...half of the ship is gone whatever angle the "bad look" comes from...."Make big money from the back" ship... So then I got the Zao finally and recently. And I like her ! This floating crate of steroids is quite a joy to play. If you know how and do not do stupidities she can be rewarding. Yes, like her a lot. I like to look at DDs, BBs and cruisers from her deck...Fast enough, manouverable, stealthy and with care of your broadside and positiong generally she is nicely tough to kill, while always having at least 6 good and quite quick guns to achieve really something, plus the big batch of torps...Somehow, it feels suddenly like all the Henrys, Wchesters, Smolensks, Minos pay much more respect....🙂 I did not feel that so much before Zao 😁
  9. WT_Flan

    Love Zao

    Good to hear this Zao poem...Just have researched her, collecting some more cash to buy her and upgrade at once...I have thought from my games when opposing her there must be something more "tough" in her compare to Mogami and Ibuki....In one of recent games we were pushing with overkill group hardly, Zao and some BB running, trying to delay us and that skilled guy with Zao just made our push torp and flame hell....It took us eternal effort to get him down, mainly when he parked himself to map border not showing broadside till the last moment of him...He was really a pain...
  10. Diky moc za vlajku a nasivku ! Prosim jeste zaslat na "coolKrrystof07" a "smire666". Dekuji
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