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    Looking for chill clan

    Good day, lads. I am a 23 years old norwegian guy and a rather casual player that has been playing the game a bit on and off ever since Total War Arena was shut down (RIP ).When it comes to games my interests primarily lay in strategy, PvP and MMORPG games. The Total War franchise, World of Warcraft and Rust being some notable ones. At the moment I'm sat at 400 games played with an average win rate of 54% in random battles, playing solo as a BB and DD. https://wowstats.org/stats/eu/gorthuba/ Though I am enjoying the game I feel that it would all be much better spent together with friends. Sitting there in silence with only music to keep one company gets old eventually, after all. I would also like to try to improve and learn more about the game, hopefully becoming more dedicated to it than I am currently. Accordingly I am looking for either an english or scandinavian speaking clan that's decent at the game, but still relaxed enough that people don't yell at eachother. Having better players than myself to learn from would be a bonus. Yours sincerely, Gorthuba.