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  1. Jirenhar

    ST, New ships

    Doesn't matter, you can still HE dev-strike Smolensk. So for anything thicker than 85 use AP, else HE. Edit: forgot to add, 510mm can pen 85mm with HE. Needed for clarification.
  2. Jirenhar

    Unique upgrades

    First, Research Bureau (NTC), then Puerto Rico event and now this. You really want your old players to quit playing dont you? Let me tell you this. I decided not to buy anything in the premium shop after seeing PR event. Now you made it even worse and made me want to quit game for good.
  3. Jirenhar

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I would like to participate. Pretty nice event.
  4. Jirenhar

    ST - Changes to test ships

    Italian cruisers should have their reload time reduced by 25% and also their SAP shell damage reduced by 25% imo. This way DPM will stay same while making ship a bit better.
  5. Jirenhar


    I'm also having crashes every 2-3 days. Tried to check files integrity, clean install and even reinstalling windows as if i had something broken with it. None of these helped. Always keeping drivers updated. But still getting crashes. Sometimes it pops up a window like someone mentioned before and you got 2 choices, terminate or restart. And its without any crash report. Either way, it may require to restart the pc. And then other times when it crashes, pc restarts itself like pressing the reset button. I tought maybe I'm having some hardware issues and got another pc from a friend and it happened again. Also, i play some resource demanding games like Battlefield 1, PUBG and Arma 3 but having no problems on my pc at all.
  6. I'm also having similar problems today. I've checked if anything is wrong on my part. Network is fine as some other device is constantly is on and having no problems. Network value's on router seems perfect. So I thought it was the pc i use but other games also not effected. I'm not losing connection when playing other online games. Also used some other connection i use for uploading stuff to internet but its still the same. This confirmes the problem is on WG's end.
  7. Jirenhar

    Unique Commanders

    As you all can see, every nation with at least a line of ships has couple of unique commanders with special skills. But some nations have much more than the others. I will not add the Ovechkin captain's tsar and hockey versions. Now lets see; U.S. America has 4, (5 seperate lines of ships) Russia has 3, (4 seperate lines of ships) U.K has 2, (3 seperate lines of ships) France has 2 (they also have an upcoming new commander so it will be 3 soon), (will have 3 seperate lines of ships) Pan Asia has 2, (only 1 line of ships) Germany has 2, (3 seperate lines of ships) Japan has only 1. (5 seperate lines of ships) Considering IJN has equal number of ship lines as USN, i think they need to have at least 2 more captains if not 3 to make it fair. I mean, Pan Asia has only a DD line yet they got 2. Cmon wargaming, you are so unfair. Give players some of them.
  8. Nope, until these large cruisers (except khronstadt) free xp ships priced at T9 were 750k free xp. So should this one.
  9. Jirenhar

    ST - New map - Bering Sea

    I think spawn points should be like this. But on the red side, that island needs either be removed or replaced to somewhere else.
  10. Jirenhar

    ST, new ships

    Hayate looks nice but it loses to Daring in any case. She also loses to other DD's in many points. That massive concealment will cost her a lot. And thanks to her bad handling, she becomes a mediocre ship at best. She should have 5.7 km detection range and its good to go. Or make her turn better like having turning circle radius of 650 m and rudder shift time 3.6 s. She needs either or these to be able to a viable choice. Or make her have 5.9 km detection range and 700m turning circle with 4 s rudder. Either of these changes will make her perform better but not the best in any scenario. Would be nice to see her as a jack of all trades with this kind of changes.