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  1. Yogibjoern

    HMS Hood crap

    I'm a stubborn AP user.. I hardly never use He on my BB's exception if there is a fire mission in progress. Even a KGV can hit hard with AP
  2. Yogibjoern

    HMS Hood crap

    I still blame WG for creating a line of BB's which is dependant of using HE. Normally I don't argue for ammunition limits... But HE on all BB's should be limited to max 5 rounds per gun
  3. Yogibjoern

    HMS Hood crap

    Its unfixable since they opened Pandora's box... He spamming BB's is spreading to all nations... Boy it hurts to see US battleships T-VII + shooting HE at broadside targets less than 12 km away
  4. No I don't think its likely... Unfortunately.. But it is the BB overpopulation causing the trouble at the MM in the first place.
  5. Okay if BB is limited to 2 or 3 per team too. Then DD population automatically decrease meaning less need for radar
  6. Yogibjoern

    HMS Hood crap

    Server stats put her in the middle of the pack
  7. Yogibjoern

    HMS Hood crap

    Don't think accuracy is a huge problem.... And AA no problem either... nearly 5% of the kills with secondary... I don't think she needs a buff... But I wouldn't say no if she was.... Thinking selfish here of course
  8. Yogibjoern

    HMS Hood crap

    Just a tip aim a little higher than you normally would do. Instead of aiming at the water line aim in upper half of the hull. Makes a huge difference in my experience. Also against close cruisers.
  9. Yogibjoern

    HMS Hood crap

    You know optimal range is 10-12 km....
  10. Yogibjoern

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    Hopefully Gastogne will be on sale too.
  11. Yogibjoern

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    Both is worth it
  12. Yogibjoern

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    I have both. both are great gunboats, Kidd have the advantage of the heal consumable which makes it strong contesting caps. Sims is more manoeuvrable than Kidd.
  13. Yogibjoern

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    I would pick Kidd
  14. Yogibjoern

    Suggestion: signal micromanagement

    Totally agrees every 2 months or so I demount each and every flag and non premium camo mounted on all my ships, currently counting 247 ships.. It roughly takes a couple of hours. Would be really nice with a single click option for all ships
  15. Yogibjoern

    Commander retraining bug?

    ups that makes it 43 ships