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  1. Olr_Relic

    Updated Operation Dynamo

    47 different Royal Navy, French Navy Destroyers and Polish Navy (single ship) are listed as having been involved in operation Dynamo. HMS Gallant as a prem ship has been available and HMS Icarus at lvl VI of the tech tree is due, both of these were there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ships_at_Dunkirk The real issue is why would you use anything other than USA Destroyers like the Mahan or Sims, a few of these with an AA build and defensive fire manage to clear the planes without many issues as their range and DPS is well above anything you can do with the other ships. As for HMS Jervis the new lvl VII Royal Navy Destroyer, she may have been sent, but at the time was stuck in dock, having repairs done as she was involved in a collision.
  2. Olr_Relic

    Update 0.7.9 PTS - General Feedback

    You need to remove the mini-map aim point indicator that you added. It makes it far to easy to target ships via the mini map. BBs are easy in a storm as they are so big.
  3. Olr_Relic

    GO NAVY! Event

    Well I have completed all that I need from this event, which was to reduce the cost of 2 tier X camos from £30 of doubloons to around £11.50 of event crates and to collect a fair amount of extra coal. As a well planned out event, it failed badly with the highlight being the very random in battle 'quests'. I just loved trying to damage modules with an AP only Mino or trying to spot 9 Torps when there were no DDs or CVs on the other team. At times it was more fun to try and guess what 'quests' players were trying to complete than worry about the ongoing battle. It's fun watching a BB try and get spammed with torps. I dread to think what newer players made of the whole thing as they would not have had high tier ships and so would have earned very few points during each battle. For the last few days, all I have been doing is joining Sharks and then switching across to Eagles as this earned an extra crate each day, it's not as if I earned anything extra for being loyal as I was not able to play every day to get perfect loyal.
  4. Olr_Relic

    Special Task not triggered

    The logic behind the task is a bit wrong. It does not seem to count areas that are recaptured and then defended. In fact, if all 3 areas are first lost this task fails during the game so you can not even try to retake and defend.
  5. Olr_Relic

    Go Navy Contest Pointless

    No, it may be badly designed and the latest 'panic' change may make it worse, but it is not pointless as you can collect a lot of free stuff from it. The only issue is that if you selected the correct team on the first day you will end up with a lot more free stuff than if you had selected the other team.
  6. Olr_Relic

    Darstadly Deads by Dasha

    LOL, it gets worse So even more rewards for those players that started out in Sharks, as they were all due to move across to Eagles once they had maxed out their Loyalty with Sharks anyway. The 20 extra Eagle Tokens will mean that they have to purchase fewer containers if they are trying to collect 2 or more of the camos as before this 'feature' the reported best they could have managed was 125 Shark Tokens and 95 Eagle Tokens. Now they can expect 125 and 115, so 2 fewer chargeable containers) Anyone who started and stayed in Eagles, on the other hand, is looking to move across to Sharks in the next few days as they are getting to the point of maxing out their Loyalty with Eagles. Switching back to Eagles for the tokens does not help as they need additional Sharks tokens to collect 2 or more camos. So an Eagles player could have expected 125 and 95 tokens, now if they switch back and forth they are looking at I think 150 and 90, so one additional chargeable container if they want 2 or more camos.
  7. Olr_Relic

    GO NAVY! Event

    Anyone know what the end date if for Go Navy!
  8. Olr_Relic

    TAB press to open statistics

    Sometimes the updates change some of the 'been done/viewed/accessed' game flags back to the default. I often find that after an update I am forced to rewatch the info video when for the first time I go and close the game.
  9. Olr_Relic

    Anniversary Event

    Don't forget that containers are only handed out like candy on the test server. Currently, it's not clear how many we will see per day when this release moves to the live server.
  10. Olr_Relic

    French Cruiser Changes

    A pointless feature and change. It adds complications but nothing for the game play. Apart from the few seconds during the game that you can fire the module, your ship is just a non-fighting target. If I want long firing times I would go out in a BB.
  11. The boost for being in the weaker team only boosts the team score, not the individual score. So it is the same amount of work to collect the containers regardless of the team. As for the container(s) from the leaderboard for most players, it's only going to worry them once Eagles has around 1000 players so there is a good chance of collecting the container.
  12. Olr_Relic

    GO NAVY! Event

    Once a player has got their Loyalty to 75 they can not earn any more tokens for the team they started with, so it makes sense that they will then switch to the other team. This will allow them to earn additional tokens, the final result will be 195 tokens for they team they started in and 95 tokens for the team they switch to. You can do a lot with those extra tokens, such as an additional 19 containers or needing to purchase just 3 premium containers to get the second camo and lots of other bits.
  13. And once everyone has collected their max loyalty points they will end up switching teams, so everyone in Sharks will move to Eagles and everyone in Eagles will move to Sharks. At this rate, if you started in Eagles you can expect to collect zero containers for the whole event.
  14. Olr_Relic

    Bug in the day count

  15. Olr_Relic

    Bug in the day count

    The day count is not being shown as a whole number.