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  1. I came back in Oct, after a year of being away to see how things had changed. After seeing the on-going changes I'm still playing most days, but only enough to collect some of the daily rewards that allow me to gain some coal. between the RNG based drops and boxes, the level creep of each new ship and the future release of subs I'm not going to bother spending money on the game.
  2. Olr_Relic

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    it seems to just be a way for major long term players to burn up their ship XP. Once upon a time, you could use ship XP to purchase many of the premium ships. Now you need to use cash, doubloons, coal or steel to get most of the premium ships so anyone who has completed the tech trees will just collect XP. The RB system is just a way to convert vast amounts of XP into small amounts of RB tokens.
  3. Jingles sums up just how bad the PR behind this is Like many here, all I can do is thank WOWS for freeing up my time over Christmas and saving me the money on a new 1 year sub, as I will not be worrying about the Puerto Rico and I can only guess how they will try and do over the player base in the future.
  4. Olr_Relic

    Gorizia. Why?

    The ship only exists as a way to not just gate many of the missions in the first 3 Directives ( you know the ones that have a reward of the Gorizia), but also a set of 4 combat missions.
  5. Olr_Relic

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    Well at this time of year I decide if it is worth my while renewing my Premium account - so thanks wargaming you are saving me £67.50. There is no way that I could get this ship with Premium, plus all the camos and flags that I have in my collection. The really sad thing is that anyone who shows up in this game with this ship will just be known for having more money than sense as that is the only way to get this ship.