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  1. Ronchabale

    WG, fix Tier 6 MM!

    I play a lot of tier 6, mostly in BB:s (Fuso and Arizona are my go to ships) Havnt had any issues with the MM As someone said it will only get worse the higher tier ships you play, hmm.. so if u are struggling at tier 6..
  2. Play for fun ! Looking at total win rate with all the noob / beginner mistakes and randomness of low tier games included doesnt say all that much If you want to look at stats look at your recent stats which you might be able to influence by playing ships you are familiar with
  3. Ronchabale

    On / Off toggle for premium time

    I paid for a year ahead. I am perhaps able to play maybe 250 days/evenings that year I would like if I could put my 365 days on "hold" with an on off toggle
  4. Ronchabale

    On / Off toggle for premium time

    Why isnt there an on/off toggle for premium time so I dont waste premium account time when I am unable to play for a longer period (travel, work, vacation etc.) ?
  5. Ronchabale

    Did everyone forget about Mikasa?

    They could have added a few more pre dreadnought era BB:s (tier 2) so she had something to shoot at
  6. Ronchabale

    Suggestions thread

    Haha.. Epi"shite" mode is my favourite map. I mostly play BB:s I try to get to the center and hold it with supporting DD:s, often makes for a good battle. Why dont you like it ? Its way better than two teams sniping each other from Red/Green base. No I am not with WG
  7. Ronchabale

    Questions about Twitch-container-drops

    Usually get 1 twich container per day
  8. Ronchabale

    Special skill captains

    Thankyou, that was my point
  9. Ronchabale

    Special skill captains

    So you dont understand the question
  10. Ronchabale

    Special skill captains

    öhhh.. Question was.. Why sell it specced to a ship you (the buyer) never will use (tier 1) Why not sell it unspecced so that you (the client) dont have to spend currency (Dubloons/FXP/Credits/Elite captain XP) to retrain the captain to a usable ship (Paying for ketchup on your hot dog) If you dont understand nevermind
  11. Ronchabale

    Special skill captains

    Actually you highlighted the word "have" and "dubloons"" It was a hypothetical question from the start and I never I never mentioned "I" have to do.. What YOU do with your dubloons / free XP / captain XP / creditsis up to YOU As I said "I" have 13 captains with 19 skill points
  12. Ronchabale

    Special skill captains

    I was aware of that when I made the post. I stated that it is strange that u can buy a captain that is pre-specced to a ship u will never use. I wanted to know why ?
  13. Ronchabale

    Special skill captains

    Not in Sweden