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  1. Ronchabale

    Brawl... or, more accurate, Torpedo bomber party

    Played 4 battles enemy Ise in two of them, lost one won the other
  2. Ronchabale

    Is there a maximum no ship limit on Super Containers?

    Good question I don´t think you can check
  3. Add the option to sell Dockyard ships too while you are at it... The Hizen is pathetic and now I have the "copy paste" Iwami I am pretty sure I´ll never use it again
  4. True but it´s always good to have one left going out in a "blaze of glory" I try not to waste them on "perhaps" o "maybe" targets If a target of opportunity shows up
  5. Ronchabale

    Ohhh WG.... more spaghetti code?....

    @Seraphice Any info about this from WG ?
  6. Ronchabale

    Ohhh WG.... more spaghetti code?....

    What a ing mess, well done WG
  7. Ronchabale

    Ohhh WG.... more spaghetti code?....

    25k/sek is like asteroid speed
  8. That is a nice historical [edited] (stern)
  9. Ronchabale

    Dockyard starter packs

    Receiving a large amount of steel for re-grinding the Pay to rico would be nice I might have been tempted to part with cash however instead of fixing CV:s WG introduced subs
  10. Muat be some event camo cos I don´t have it on any of my ships The "real" Småland is in a museum 8-9 km from my house, have visited it several times, I am pretty sure it is grey
  11. Ronchabale

    Kearsarge .... thoughts?

    It´s ugly as
  12. I had/have the F Der Grosse and the Kurfurstt when the Kurfurst went Premium I never got any Preußen.. Of course if I grind the xp and buy it with creds I can sell it for less creds
  13. Ronchabale

    A true admission that submarines are not working.

    Seems the biggest issue is the playerbase, whining about stupid game design doesn´t help, WG proved this time and time again, if we had more sense we would move on
  14. Ronchabale

    Random Operations... really?

    Wil be interesting to see how it plays out
  15. Ronchabale

    Random Operations... really?

    Well that might make it more fun, or less..