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  1. Ronchabale

    Is Tirpitz tankier and better ship than Massachusetts?

    Both ships have 32 mm bow so a Yammy / Mushi shot u
  2. Ronchabale

    Is Tirpitz tankier and better ship than Massachusetts?

    Massachusettes will better hold its own in tier 9-10 games.
  3. How can u have 11,362 battles and not know this..
  4. Ronchabale

    matchmaking still sucks

    Tier 8 is on the road to tier 9-10 I am a BB player, think I have all the tier 8 BB:s, premium and tech line, some do better (Massachusettes) some do worse (Roma), in the end it is up to how you use it. If you are Top dog in a tier 9-10 ship the team will be relying heavily on you to do the right things and they are gonna get mad if you f_ck_p . Taking the second line in a tier 8 is a way to get into these high tier battles without the stress of everyone relying on you. When you feel comfortable you can move up in tier. If you want good MM play tier 7
  5. Ronchabale

    BB AP nerf needs tweaking (or buff expert loader)

    Pre nerf I could push in my Scharn with the Franz von jutland captain (improved torp aquisition) also running the rudder shift upgrade. Possibility of blapping a DD was there, now it is just gone, what other BB can I push in now.. Bismarck or Freidric and hydro ? Even if I spot the torps I could never turn the BB:s to avoid anything.
  6. Ronchabale

    How much none converted ship XP do you have?

    Way less than most who posted in this thread, 1.3 million And 452 K free xp
  7. Ronchabale


    I enjoyed the Gascan, had a few good games in it, like a mini Republique, speed can get u in and out of trouble fast and the guns do hit hard (when they hit)
  8. Ronchabale

    Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    Used free XP, Real fun T9 ship, the guns mmm..
  9. Ronchabale

    Ranked Sprint: 6v6 vs. 8v8

    100 games to rank one.. Frustrating.. yeah.. guess i got lucky first round of sprint did it in 37 games.. I played a couple of sprint battles with the murmansk, got 3 kills, confederate and a witherer first battle I used it, second battle I was less lucky, I and my team got romper stomped. I am a BB player and know how to play them, although I can have a fairly good game in a cruiser every now and again it aint my thing and with dd:s I really suck. OK, I will give it another go tomorrow :)
  10. Ronchabale

    Boring endless grind stages for Cossack

    LoL.. have 21 of the 50 needed, will never get it, wish I could use the "Guineas" for something useful like signals or consumables
  11. Ronchabale

    Ranked Sprint: 6v6 vs. 8v8

    Been playing ranked sprint and it is a joke, all dd:s lemming to same cap no spotting rest of map, 4 dd:s yolo rush same cap and half get sunk in first minute of encounter, some BB players are so far back they dont even have range to fire, light crusers sailing and firing broadside like battleships in open water.. The stupidity never ends. I been up and down in rank like a bloody yoyo, got rank 6 like 5 times and I think I am rank 7 again at the moment.
  12. Ronchabale

    Remove Standard Battle

    Only change I would like to see in random is more Epicenter and less standard battles.
  13. Ronchabale

    Lagspikes & timeouts

    Have the same spikes in all games but only wows kicks me
  14. Ronchabale

    Lagspikes & timeouts

    I have lag spikes on my internet, sometimes i time out and have to reconnect, these lagspikes are short, 10-15 secs, is there any way to increase the timeout delay for like 10 more secs, that would probably keep me ingame and not having to go through the full reload process.
  15. Ronchabale

    hight tier standard battle is so *edited* broken

    Agree, I would like to see epicenter replacing half of the of the standard battles, at least at higher tiers