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  1. Ronchabale

    Borodino OP Russian and moans

    Good (only) way to sell to an audience that is losing interest ? (Not only Russian fantasy ships by the way)
  2. Yes but as I said, the 23km max dispersion is now applied at lesser range (21.5km) which means is used to be tighter at 21.5 It does get "tighter the closer the target is right ?
  3. So what ship is the "Thor" Thunder god Thor, is it the Thunderer ? If so then the lesser range with the same dispersion formula should give worse dispersion 213m x 138m at 21.5km used to be the same at 23km meaning that it at 21.5km used to have a tighter/less dispersion So yes it got worse
  4. Ronchabale

    WG lied to me and I got punised

    TBH a rollback seems seems quite fair to me
  5. Ronchabale

    Dockyard - De Zeven Provincien - Will you take part?

    Easy answer - no Complicated answer - well, if I get a feeling of wanting more frustration in my life I might play a few games and I might make some progress, but no dubloons will be used so in reality I wont be getting the ship anyway.
  6. Ronchabale

    New code

    Still working 2 min ago Thanks
  7. Ronchabale

    Does flooding need a rework?

    Given the fact that DD:s (ship launched) torpedoes are much larger they should cause more damage Type 91 Japanese aerial drop torpedo (Pearl harbour) Mass 848 kg (1,870 lb) Length 5.270 m (17.29 ft) Diameter 45 cm (18 in) Maximum firing range 2,000 m (2,200 yd) Warhead weight 323.6 kg (713 lb) high explosive, 235 kg (518 lb) for warhead rev.3 Type 93 Ship launch: Service history In service 1933–1945 Used by Imperial Japanese Navy Wars Second World War Production history Designer Rear Admiral Kaneji Kishimoto and Captain Toshihide Asakuma Designed 1928–1932 Variants Type 97 torpedo, Type 95 torpedo Specifications Mass 2.7 tonnes (6000 lb) Length 9 metres (29 ft 6+5⁄16 in) Diameter 610 mm (2 ft 1⁄64 in) Effective firing range 22,000 m (24,000 yd) at 89–93 km/h (48–50 kn) Maximum firing range 40,400 m (44,200 yd) at 63–67 km/h (34–36 kn) Warhead weight 490 kg (1080 lb) Propellant Oxygen-enriched air Maximum speed 96 km/h (52 kn) Launch platform Surface ships The whole game needs to be rewoked IMO
  8. What would you rate the current state of the game Bloody awful: and why? Puerto Rico catastrophe Cv rework Captain rework Horrible balance issues with new OP ships to get sales Stupid MM where dice roll more or less determines whether u win or lose New lines from fantasy Russian CV:s (can u sell me some of that crap ur smoking ?) Money, money money
  9. Ronchabale

    The border between sea and land

    Money is king in WG:s world..
  10. Give it a 3 Been playing for 4 years now, if I had rated it back then I would have said around 8-9, I played a lot, lately not so much, think I have played like 1 game in the last month Along the way every change WG makes seems to be to the worse and their focus is on making more money rather than better balance, maps, game modes etc. Sadly it is not as fun as it was 3-4 years ago and steadily going downhill
  11. Ronchabale

    Changes to be made to Viribus Unitis

    Give it 1k more range on main guns and 2.5 knots higher speed and it would be a good ship
  12. Ronchabale

    CGA lens flare effect on in game screen

    As several mentioned it could be the graphics card However to me it looks more like a burned out screen
  13. Ronchabale

    Detonations. A poll to help WG hear the player base

    Ok... The detonation flags that some players were "farming" Can agree that being dice rolled out of the game was not a good mechanic But what about all the other flags ? Dreadnought, Fireproof and unsinkable that encourage tanking Also the flags for playing well, confederate, kraken, high caliber etc These flags encouraged competitive and aggressive gameplay So no reward signal flags because some idiots "farmed" detonations (wonder how many times you have to blindly sail at the enemy before you get a detonation ? 1 in 10 ? one in 20 ??) Lies, lies and more lies wrapped in lies from WG