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  1. Ronchabale


    Better than standard battles
  2. Ronchabale

    Smolensk Have to force me to Delete the Game

    Simple answer, no
  3. Ronchabale

    About Submarines and Destroyers

    IRL if there is a sub there you dont know and have to adjust to them possibly being there In this game if there is a sub there you can see it on the team lineup by pressing tab
  4. Ronchabale

    Guide Unique Upgrades

    Des Moines Enhanced Propulsion slot 6 Unique (Legendary) Upgrade-50% accelerate to full power-20% rudder shift-10% RADAR duration Not useless when u are corner camping an island
  5. Ronchabale

    Smolensk Have to force me to Delete the Game

    Have played a few games against Smolensk. Is there any weakness ? (apart from the player being a potato) I´d say that this is OP
  6. Ronchabale

    Excessive Criticism

    Report the player complaining about others, that might just make him shut it I do like the complementing more tho, plays well / worthy adversary
  7. Ronchabale

    What is it with the Fuso ?

    Best Tier 6 used to be a match between Fuso and New Mexico which most would say the Fuso won, now we have the Normandie and the Ismael, I still think the Fuso is best. Begin sniping at 21.8 km and get a few free salvos off before the enemy even are in range. If you cant sink them with AP - Burn them - 12 guns with a base fire chance of 25% is no joke
  8. Ronchabale

    Stats - a journey to the past

    Yeah, 5k battles with my current winrate of around 60% will land me at a grand total of 56% winrate haha Still keep track of stats to see if I improve
  9. Ronchabale

    Stats - a journey to the past

    Sounds a bit like my journey, for sure more than 4k games before I got over 50% winrate Total stats from the first 6 months will haunt me forever
  10. Ronchabale

    Colorado, you're a steaming pile of you know what...

    Colorado can land some dev strikes but still, yeah, its horrible, so do a few games in her and free xp the rest to the North Carolina
  11. Ronchabale

    Worcester and Minotaur Fake XP's

  12. Ronchabale

    Warning for unsporting conduct for crashed client

    Think this happens to everyone some time or other
  13. Ronchabale

    Can we get the new French captain for free?

    Impossible grind for me, I just dont have the time
  14. Ronchabale

    Another OH HELL NO! idea... please polite replies...

    Well if we are gonna have mines then we need a counterplay to this, so minesweepers Why not add rust to the game so ships that camp a lot start to leak
  15. Ronchabale

    Co-op Battles

    As it is now coop is a pathetic shooting gallery with 100 % predictable bots, no risk to your ship if u dont totally potato. Some more skill and randomness to the bots would for sure make it more "fun"