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  1. NooB_T

    Update 0.9.12: New Year

    Armory, clan page etc are not working. Great bug bravo.
  2. NooB_T

    what premium ships to buy?

    you can try in test server after you can buy, my advice is do not pay money, buy with coal
  3. NooB_T

    The Marblehead (..for REAL SAILORS only!)

    My favorit, i can play alll day with she :)
  4. NooB_T

    Veterans Clan Manifesto/Veterans Klan Manifestosu

    Klana katılmak istiyorum, oyun nicki wotbiber
  5. NooB_T

    The Marblehead (..for REAL SAILORS only!)

    Marblehead is best and i guess fire power OP
  6. NooB_T

    Kruvazör oynayan herkes

    Tadını çıkar
  7. NooB_T

    Pre Gemi Almayı düşünüyorum

    Şu linki incelemeni tavsiye ederim.