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  1. KaytushaChan

    High school fleet?

    arigato im more interested in the spee version tho and would rather have the anime version then normal if chu hear of a conformed date (assuming some point next year) please say unless they announce it them self nya ^^
  2. KaytushaChan

    High school fleet?

    im aware of the blue steal ships an watched the anime sadly i never had WoW at the time of mission yet the ships never took my fancy tho i do run the mod that turns the shells an impact into the ones iin anime arigato for help tho nya ^^
  3. KaytushaChan

    High school fleet?

    Hi guys an girls, little strange question but hopeing someone might know an answer or hint or rumor but thanks if not. Im some what new to the game and recently faced off against a ship names hsf graff spee, at the time i didnt realize it was an anime ship let alone the anime i was watching, so went to store to get it and it wasnt there yet its still on NA server so my question is does anyone know if they will ever sell or bring back HSF ships on EU as really want it >< arigato an happy hunting