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  1. JohnPaulJones1954

    Training Rooms

    It would be nice to be able to get into training rooms. The wait times are over 10 mins!
  2. JohnPaulJones1954

    Bug Reports

    The server is once again Bumping me out in mid game and before I get started. I had this problem on other servers but it has been fixed I don't understand why the Test Server is still so buggy. Also my patch in game is still the default patch even though I have changed it on the main scree and even completed distinctive insignia! Why can everyone else change theirs and mine remains as default?
  3. JohnPaulJones1954

    FIX YOUR GODDAMN *Edited!!!

    Todays Results: 1/1 R Froze at begin Critical Error dead 0 0 0 1/2 R Froze at 15:30 Bumped Dead 0 0 0 2/3 R locked at Order of Battle Screen no play time 0 0 0 I won't be playing anymore today!
  4. JohnPaulJones1954

    FIX YOUR GODDAMN *Edited!!!

    I have tried everything suggested except the drop test. I still get freezes in the beginning of battle that sometimes require using the Task Manager to end task. When I finally get in I am either dead or damaged because my ship is a sitting duck. I don't have any problems in port it's always going from the Order of Battle into the Battle Screen. It happens in NA and PT as well. I complained in the bug reports for PT and so did others but since enough people can play they don't consider it a significant problem! 6.14 is worse than any other version. Today it froze on the first game I have had 2 uneventful games so far. It doesn't seem to like it if you alt-Tab so some reason. Other programs run just fine but WOW is persnickety. I hate losing Camo and Signals as well as the 0 0 0 result really drags down stats.
  5. JohnPaulJones1954

    Game unplayable please help

    I played 4 games fine. The fifth game froze at Order of Battle screen. It never let me in I didn't even get to see the battle progress I had no playtime 6th game stopped on Order of battle screen then went into game at 16:19 mark. I had 20% damage already. The rest of the game played ok. It's frustrating to mount camo, and signals and then have them wasted because the game is unplayable! This happens to me on and off everyday. except yesterday when I played the Asia server It is especially bad around 0:00 hr CT(US) on both NA and EU servers.
  6. JohnPaulJones1954

    Bug Reports

    I have tried but it won't let me update that's what my post was about!
  7. JohnPaulJones1954

    Bug Reports

    I tried under game settings check and repair but I can't connect to the update server?
  8. JohnPaulJones1954

    Bug Reports

    I just tried to log on to Public Test. I have already played in the Rnd 2 but this time I got an error telling me that I'm running an old version. I relogged to see if the new update would come up but no joy. What is going on and how long is this going to be a problem? version
  9. JohnPaulJones1954

    Chung Mu Access

    I have seen some of th Chung Mu ships in the latest round but am not sure of the requirements
  10. JohnPaulJones1954

    Bug Reports

    The freezing up in the Order of battle happens to me in EU and NA servers as well!
  11. JohnPaulJones1954

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Go to Order of Battle screen and it freezes up 2. Reproduction steps 1. Select the carrier Ranger 2. Enter the Scenario (Rouen). 3. Get to Order of Battle and freezes up. 3. Result The game just stops 4. Expected result I would have gone into the Battle 5. Technical details Bug time: about 0:41 (UTC).will try again and report had screenshot but it got lost
  12. JohnPaulJones1954

    Bug Reports

    I like the Scenario but I hope that when it comes to the Main game it is fixed and open to level IV and V and above! Just being level VII is rather restrictive.
  13. JohnPaulJones1954

    Bug Reports

    I got the same animation after battle with my Ranger (Random)
  14. JohnPaulJones1954

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Ingame Graphics freeze (3 games out of 12) 2. Reproduction steps Played 3 different ships in Scenario and Random games 3. Result Game 1: Frozen at 17:38 had to reboot to get back in game (Scenario) Game 2: Frozen at 20:00 finally Bumped out to log-in screen then bumped again finally finished the game. (Random) Game 3: Frozen with 7:38 on Rouen timer. had to reboot game over before I could reboot 4. Expected result Game to run as planned 5. Technical details No screenshots at this time I think that these are the correct replay files I'll post them directly after the game next time 20171116_184532_PJSB010-Nagato-1944_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay 20171116_171609_PJSC008-Myoko-1945_s06_Atoll.wowsreplay
  15. JohnPaulJones1954

    Looking for an adult English-speaking forum

    Thanks for all the interest! Topic Closed