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    On the battlefield we may be allies, adversaries, maybe even enemies. But in the end we're all in the same boat!

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  1. NothingButTheRain

    Rejoice - let the CV AP nerf come to pass!

    Chances are that there will be more nerfs somewhere down the line. lets just see what happens next.
  2. NothingButTheRain

    German CV Buffs

    Well at least they are getting a flavor that is actually somewhat useful, but lets just wait and see what will happen and have happened once the ships arrive for real
  3. NothingButTheRain

    WG finally listened; not powecreeping with Petropavlosk

    Well here's the Venezia nerf. I would be lying if I were to say that I am surprised. No Stalingrad nerf obviously because Stalingrad is russian. Source https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/38
  4. NothingButTheRain

    Thanks Crysantos

    I have already explained quite thoroughly (in that other topic a week or 2 ago iirc) why you can't casually go say Venezia is OP and simultaneously say that Stalingrad is not. You may not want to agree with it but the numbers I presented were quite clear while the counterarguments that were presented were weak without invalidating my stance. To reiterate what I said in that other topic, people who play Venezia the most (regardless of whether they are unicums or they are yellow/orange average joes) and who also have stalingrad, still play better in their stalingrads (as in they get better stats/results in stalingrad). Both tier 10 cruisers and both can be nerfed if Wargaming wanted to. Regardless of individual player skill, someone who plays Venezia and who also plays Stalingrad will perform better in the Stalingrad because Stalingrad is the stronger ship, there's no other logical explanation for this. Both ships have been in the pool for a while and resource is taken out of the equation by the method used by me here so Stalingrad being a special ship for steel is irrelevant now. And I already explained how I got these results and what issues I had collecting said data. I'm not sure why it comes as a surprise to you that overall cruisers are better at carrying then battleships are, so their winrates diverge more, making direct comparisons of winrate between battleships and cruisers a non-valid way to compare individual balance of these 2 particular ships. If you compare Venezia with the other tier 10 cruisers and Kremlin with the other tier 10 battleships and look at (for instance) the top 5% performance, you can see that Kremlin is actually performing slightly better compared to its brethren tier 10 BBs. But you can't take 2 stats from what are essentially 2 different calculations and state these 2 are directly comparable. There will be a nuance missing.
  5. NothingButTheRain

    Thanks Crysantos

    iEarlGrey's jokes were poorly executed. It could have worked if he had used more tact or had done something different but he did not.
  6. NothingButTheRain

    Ludendorff for?

    Black isn't as good as it used to be though. But still, DD-666
  7. NothingButTheRain

    Continous chat bans

    Tbh if someone wants to ping my map position a thousand times or whatever, I don't really care. If I get annoyed by it I just block them and continue playing like usual.
  8. NothingButTheRain

    Continous chat bans

    Someone else pinging your map position is in itself not enough to warrant a ban on your account (obviously). I guess you left out some vital bits of information here
  9. NothingButTheRain

    Continous chat bans

    Well if someone is trolling, they can get a VIP ticket to my blocklist quickly enough, so trollers are not much of an issue to me and others in WoWS (thankfully!). At best they can try to block you, teamdamage/teamkill you or report you for a -1 karma point. WoWS players are just gonna have to get used to very casual players being part of this community, whether they like it or not. If they are feeling entitled because in their minds everybody should become more like himself then the entitled person is the one with the problem. In most situations when someone gets mad at me, I don't even know why he is getting so pissed at all. I mean it's not like I am a bad player, yet some people seem to want to find reasons to keep the complaining circle going and if they really want to make a point then they are free to use the ingame chat to get their points across without trying to destroy someone mentally or whatever. And technically it's not always black and white. I am sorry about your nerves taking a beating here, but since it's a minority having these issues in these situations, the source of the problem is with the people who get irritated too quickly and overreactingly. In most situations pinging a couple times is not a huge problem anyway I think.
  10. Apparently I have played 36 random battles during the last 21 days?
  11. NothingButTheRain

    Ludendorff for?

    Still more paper then the one that actually sailed the oceans
  12. Icr. But at least my recruits are still spending so WG is still getting money from 'me' But atm I feel hardpressed to spend as in WoWS PvE has been on the backburner for a long while now and I need both gamemodes to feel happy and coop alone along with the occasional scenario just won't cut it.
  13. Still need to play a lot of battles though. And it's not like my stockpile is endless
  14. NothingButTheRain

    Rework for CB/Clan Brawls to make them interesting

    I realized about halfway reading through this topic that it is a few weeks old But anyway, wanted to mention that WoT has used this system in Clan Wars years ago. I kinda liked the idea, though it ended up with people taking all the tier 6 or tier 8 tanks with all remaining points spend on tier 1 tanks And I'm not sure how one were to balance the points as there's also a lot of crossover regarding the roles (like DDs being minicruisers and some cruisers being almost like BBs).
  15. NothingButTheRain

    Continous chat bans

    And what would you gain from it by calling someone an idiot?