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  1. scr1337

    Changing ingame name..

    I have asked this once in support and privately. I would like to change my name, but its already taken. WG staff said that they won't do that. But why ? The account who has that name have only registered account with that but never played since 2015 ? How long should i wait or pay until i can make wargaming an offer that they would accept and open option for me to take over that name. 10 ? 20 years ? I mean its still deserted and it was 2 years ago too. This player probably don't even remember his account name even if he comes back.
  2. scr1337


    Fix this chat filtering crap ffs i can't take it anymore. 1 month ban with 5 days extra. Just because some crap reports you for misbehaviour in chat. does wg even check those or AI has free hands on banning everyone ?!?
  3. scr1337

    Free XP ships

    it is if it takes 3 years to collect and u have only flag from events and stuff. So if u look the amount that costs and hours u spend by getting the ship, well u can earn more money by working those 3 years than grinding 1m fxp. So its cheaper to buy it. (if u are not from 3rd world country ofc)
  4. scr1337

    unique upgrades

    They are not worth to grind 2x from tier 1 to tier 10. They just aren't anymore. Most of those modules cause huge nerf on ship. should call them "Unique nerfgrade"
  5. scr1337

    Free XP ships

    U can get nelson for fxp. But alsaka was for sale for only 60 eur or something like that. so its not worth of wasting free exp in amount of 1m on it + most of other fexp ships are crap as hell. They are only good for few patch/updates after they get released, then they are just rubbish like every other ship that gets released. Its like endless wargaming money making machinery that most of us doesn't see.
  6. scr1337

    Fighter plane

    So looks like even more crap about wargaming. i probably gonna replace all fighters with other consumables then.
  7. Planes u destroy in one match will not reward u much. Its useless, mostly useful for your own defence. Just kill and cap and stuff, get damage. If u play in random battle i suggest u to not rely or do any team play because its not worth it and u will not be rewarded
  8. scr1337

    only T10 allowed after Silver Lg Rank 1

    Personally i don't want to see idiots who own only their damn tier 7 with their rental tier 10 in ranked battles. Steel league is already worse than bronze and gold league will be like cherry on top of the cake. Like a real SH!TSHOW to enjoy and i will probably stream it. I mean what would one "below average" player has to offer in silver league ? Nothing exactly nothing. + that's the reason why i am banned from wargaming for 4 days + chat blocked for 2 days from now. Cuz ppl won't and don't want to learn how to play and if you try to teach them like a one bit. This is what u get. A response by wargaming team that your account has been locked for 4 days because of unsporting behaviour + 2 days ban for insults and provocations. I really hope this game dies and goes down into hellhole really soon, because if u are a veteran and old player. They probably gonna make everything they can to make u leave the game and if u don't go they force u to do it. They just want to fill up game with player who are not aware (well for example "About satan containers") about any scams they have been set up here. From now on 0 amount of cash by me into this game or company. i don't care if i get banned or this message gets removed. I just hope enough people will see it before it gets removed...
  9. scr1337

    Pass level on Ranked Battles

    Ranked is for idiots, that update didn't change anything, it actually made it worse. If you want steel or something, i tell u that its not worth of grind. Even if u play good and mvp u still end up some games losing. Playing on that qualification over 50 battles like i have done. Just give up and uninstall. but if u still like other game modes or something there then just play those. Ranked and competitive play in other games are much better, wargaming just cant make it work like on PR or something....
  10. scr1337

    Nerf the beloved(edited*) Roosevelt!

    Spreadsheet also verified there is nothing wrong with makarov containers. i should probably get this roosevelt. Seems cancer enough :D
  11. scr1337

    German Rocket Reticle

    Oh no, that's bad then. So, only german cv that hasn't this broken reticle is zeppelin cuz it has he rockets. but ship itself is nerfed to ground so much that it doesn't even fit to its tier
  12. scr1337

    Rare Game 4 me

    No it isnt, its just massachussetts. u can fight with it against 3 enemy bbs alone, cuz, secondary shell angles are better than odin, tirpitz, and bismarck. + if you shoot any ship broadsided to you. guaranteed damage made is 20000 + i mean in tier 8 ranked. Massa is probably the best bb to pic cuz no one can damage u but u can kill the whole enemy team. And then they say this game is balanced... massa can destroy german bb in 2 - 3 salvo it doesn't even need secondary range that long
  13. scr1337

    German Rocket Reticle

    When is wargaming going to fix that mf German rocket planes reticle. I mean like wtf. this is rubbish. u see reticle positioned, u start aiming at ship and its like 20 km away from where it was before u started attacking. Its same [edited] u feed for us with your satana containers over the years ? Fix that f(_)cking sh1t.
  14. scr1337

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    would love to take a part of this lotto. happy holidays
  15. scr1337

    PSA: Santa Containers

    We all know that they wont change anything. Keep it on your mind, the shame crap will happen again next year. Maybe with different thing(s) or stuff that we don't realize at first place. I always had my thoughts about containers (i mean all containers). At least ppl like us keep working on spotting scams. Cuz none of the crap that wargaming makes, never stays hidden. Ppl talk, ppl see, ppl will test the crap out of the wargaming sys