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  1. scr1337

    Steam Link ?

    [edited]it then if its not possible anymore then so be it. Don't need to be here anyways.
  2. scr1337

    Steam Link ?

    I didnt modify game files, i logged in through steam game client. Even Steam acheivements worked. With modified login to the game they did not work. Still have steam rewards also on my account and i keep recieving those, but yet not able to play with same account anymore through steam. Funny how everyone say that it was never possible, but many players did play with their WG accout without modifying gamefiles. Also 1375 Hour Playtime in steam. 41 of 44 achievements unlocked. And its all done with WG account that WAS linked to Steam. https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/552990/view/4174225702959905779 Here is how it worked. Linked email through game and it was done, WG account was connected.
  3. scr1337

    Ranked battle , when ?

    Nah they will keep it as Luck Based and MM fuckup ranked mode. More players will waste more time that way and its good for the company itself.
  4. scr1337

    Italian battleships worth the grind?

    Port Decorations mostly
  5. scr1337

    Steam Link ?

    Supertester who never knew it was possible to link not just edit that steam api dll. Funny. U Could log in with WG account after u lauched game through steam without changing game files. There was even special ribbon or button for Steam link at WG website. Now its just gone and edited* just like Supertesters seem to be now. They only know what is "Right now" they never gonna remember what it use to be. edit: watch the language please
  6. scr1337

    Steam Link ?

    It was possible before and they removed it so they could make more money from it. This is how i see it. They refuse to fix it or add this feature again.
  7. scr1337

    Steam Link ?

    When can i link my WG account to steam again ? Its simple fix to do, that takes more than 2 years for you to fix. I will stop playing until then. :D Close damn thread, no solution only excuses by staff and damn supertesters and try hard forum members. I hope you find new players to scam and so on. May the old and veterans rest as they leave this shithole
  8. scr1337

    Steam Account linking ?!?

    For the lulz ?!? And this steam thing is getting fixed... Well idk I bet GTA 6 and New Elder Scrolls game comes out even before that
  9. scr1337

    Austin, is it any good? (those that have it)

    Austin is trash, bought it, played it. Got only few good games and that's it. If you have a friend with DD who can spot for you its fine. If you want to play solo, just forget about austin.
  10. scr1337

    Steam Account linking ?!?

    Will make new account, delete old one. Waste another few tons of euros on this crap + years of time. Nice marketing wargaming
  11. scr1337

    Steam Link

    When is the steam link available again ? Takes years i guess
  12. scr1337

    PT 0.10.4 - Auction

    Lol, so if everyone spent like 1000000 credit or more to get just 1 flag, isn't it kind of a scam or money printing way so that people would play more or buy credits for real money ?
  13. scr1337

    Steam Account linking ?!?

    Eh trash thing that steam linking then. Thanks anyway.
  14. scr1337

    Steam Account linking ?!?

    Why i can not link my steam account to my existing WG account ? If i can then how is it possible to do it ? I have had it linked once but it somehow disappeared. If i log in with steam now it shows randomly generated user name and wants me to add email to it and PW. Any solutions here ?
  15. scr1337

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

    This one is not working, i even played battle with each ship on max modules.