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  1. RealPixadasso

    Beginners luck on the Santa Crates Draw

    One thing I noticed was the Friesland, i was under the impression one could only get the Friesland for game-playing into 1 million FreeXP. It is quite odd. Unless got 1 million FreeXP dropped from crates... who knows... I think you are right. May account for coal ships too. Serious money spent.
  2. RealPixadasso

    Beginners luck on the Santa Crates Draw

    Dude decided to stealthily hit my karma in a co-op - he got no luck there - so i decided to look upon profile. Here's what, registered 14/12/2020: I've been playing for years, turned hundreds (thousands ?) crates, never got to such a collection rare ships (those are ALL the ships has): ... Talk about lucky santa crates hey!
  3. RealPixadasso

    Connection error

    **Newsflash** Horrible accident in WG servers - Reports state there is a hamster stuck into a DVD drive - authorities been called - fire brigade called on site, anonymous fireman says "in my twenty years as a professional never seen anything like this" - apparently hamster did not respect social distancing and was not wearing mask - situation is developing, and a security perimeter been established, military been called
  4. RealPixadasso

    ST, changes to the commander skills system (DB 70)

    Rewarding is one thing, demoting captains is the totally opposite thing.
  5. RealPixadasso

    ST, changes to the commander skills system (DB 70)

    Well, some of us have invested in bringing a number of commanders to 19pt - I got about a dozen - in order to being able to generate Elite Xp, does not seem very fair to have to grind another monstruous 600-800k per captain to get back to that capability. Att WG:: that is not how you reward long standing veteran WoW gamers.
  6. RealPixadasso

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    Just checked: got a in-game drop of a number of signals sets + 1 WG container (thanks). Was a bit garbled because was receiving directive items at same time. Still pending, the season specifics (patch/flag) and T6 container. Guess will drop later.
  7. RealPixadasso

    Armory doesn't load.

    Hmm trying the hwAccel fix, no joy, been waiting for 20 minutes looking at a black window with a revolving circle... I noticed the growing delay on previous updates, but now armory seems definitely gone. PostScriptum: actually i eventually got it to open, randomly clicking about the black screen.
  8. I've been told the delay is because the firemen had to go back to base to bring dis-incarceration tools to try and free the hamster
  9. NEWSFLASH: It is being reported that the current server outage is due a a hamster being stuck into the servers CD drive :: Authorities have been called to deal with this incident :: Policeman declared: "In all my years of service, never came across anything like this... It looks very bad." :: The fire brigade has been called upon, with emphasis on professional kitty tree rescue :: Government issues hamster alert ::: :) Just kidding guys, lift up the spirits, be well :)
  10. RealPixadasso

    No drop from regular containers, only oil got credited.Bug ?

    (Correction) Upon examining again, i noticed the coal clan bonus was credited, so some coal should (was ?) dropped, yet the screen with the dropped items was never shown. So it is unclear.
  11. The stangest thing just happened, i just opened the daily containers (3) for resources, after grind, no item drops, only oil got accounted. Will i ever get them back ?
  12. Man, this has nothing to do with previous Xmas campaigns, were fun and attainable, and everybody happy. The dockyard and shipuilding looks and feels awesome, yet somehow once i look the directives - massive clusterf*ck. Guess this to be the 1st campaign (and xmas) that i dont get to the finish line. Fumbled up, bigtime. C'mon Santa, time to pay that long overdue family visit... :)
  13. RealPixadasso

    What's up with French Token event?

    ...Been credited, thanks guys.
  14. RealPixadasso

    What's up with French Token event?

    A few days have passed since 0.8,8 as we were told to wait, still waiting for my french tokens, confirmed hard grind top 5%
  15. RealPixadasso


    Ah well i was hoping for my skilled french captain today, but tokens were a no-show. Late night, i was well into the 5% - just hope the captain is still there when they sort out the tokens...