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  1. ZZRMako

    Radeon 5700xt....

    Thanks for the replies chaps. It's not a power issue.... EVGA 850w.... the PC has no problem with any other games at all, just WoWs. Not OC'd, never goes above 40c..... 'tis a head scratcher.....
  2. ZZRMako

    Radeon 5700xt....

    Is it just me or has anyone else had issues with these GPU`s. I just built a whole new PC with the intention of playing WoWs at max resolution (along with other games) and the game crashed so often on the PT server that I received 30! Unsporting Conduct/Leaving Game Early violations. Needles to say, I`m a bit miffed about this, just glad it wasn`t on my main account. I ended up having to play at High/Very High graphic settings to stop the crashes. My old GPU could do that!!. Anyhoo, have sent a ticket to WG....lets see how this works out ;)