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  1. Noob concentration in high tiers?

    Yep. High tiers are filled with potatoes. Free xp killed high tiers.
  2. OP AP Bombs

    If you don't wanna spec anty CV spec and or equip deff aaa then don't cry if you die from cv once in 10 battles. Yes it is that easy. I believed he did not kill planes I did not believe he had aft or module and that was truth in the end. AP bombs should be anty anything with strong armor. And ca are still nemesis to CVs but you need at least one consumable to become one.
  3. OP AP Bombs

    I believe he did not kill planes. But it was not faulty designe of CV or AP bombs but bad captain spec and module selection for all 3 CRUSERS. DM was also in 7 km range. If only one of them turned on def aaa......
  4. OP AP Bombs

    Yes you would. And with deff aaa tou would decimate it on approach and make him 2 minutes reload of planes. Now just one question. Why hydro on Iceland camping ship? Also why not aaa spec. Tank spec or ifhe or radio location spec are waisted talents for randoms
  5. OP AP Bombs

    What 10% dps are you talking about? Only anty AAA thing you had is 20% range module. That module when not paired with aft is bad. Out of 5 aaa things that increase range or dps you had 1 and you cry? - def aaa - aft - bft - module - right click Most usa ca with passive skills and one consumable are immune to cvs P.s. Shokaku would also delete you with torpesobombers because he would put 6 in you for sure
  6. OP AP Bombs

    It is ltp issue in whole situation. Not only by his side.
  7. OP AP Bombs

    Deff aaa is I win button. Spacing for AAA (aft + bft+ module) is 40% range and 20% more dps = solid defence. If paired with other ship near = low dmg from cv. I hope you do not expect to have good defense against strongest offensive ship in game by just scaling one module on your ship
  8. OP AP Bombs

    1 thing is clear here 3 usa cruisers with in your range = zero deff aaa :) And how it is not ltp issue?
  9. OP AP Bombs

    I read and I still don't believe this. So 2 usa ca with 3 km from each other killed 0 planes. Pls mate try some other game. Also doo I see DM in 7.2 km range from you? Also bbs in range. So t7 slow bombers enter 4 ships AAA bubbles and dropped you :) That's happens when you see cv every 10 games and most players have 0 aaa skills/modules. But the crying on forum. Priceless
  10. OP AP Bombs

    Jesus so he outplayed 2 ca noobs who in USA ca killed 0 t7 planes. This gets funnier post by post Hmmmmmm 6km range with aft and 20% module?!
  11. OP AP Bombs

    He also claimed he killed 0 planes.....he lies
  12. OP AP Bombs

    Nice. Now you admit you played badly. Not taking aaa or right click and I bet you have zero aaa skills on captain and closest friendly ship was 10 km from you. You got outplayed so stop the flood of tiers and ltp
  13. Anyone feel the Zao is in need of a buff

    Don't hurt tomato feelings. He did not free exp his t10 so you can mock him.
  14. Anyone feel the Zao is in need of a buff

    What powe creep? There is no such thing here. Only horde of noobs
  15. OP AP Bombs

    Don't say that. You hurt tomato feelings and it is not politically correct.