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  1. Dont do that. How would peoples explain their bad performance if you take away from them magical supernatural enemie. Your average 47% WR, 600 PR player would be uniqum if only there is not (now insert one of those things): CV He Torpedos Ap Damn op ru ships Radar Hydro Fire Flood
  2. Originally it was made to train CV play from lower tiers as it is worst stat class on my main account
  3. There is no teams in ranked. What are you talking about? Also he asked for dd not cruiser. Smolensk has bad AAA Who will spot for you in smoke? CV? No CV will hunt that solo BBs on other side and far him leaving you without spot P.s. Dd wins games in ranked when there is no CV in game and more games you will be without CV than you will have it.
  4. If only dmg could win games :) most cv players have terefying bad statistic and have 0 impact of game I have over 4 k games in dd. Most played class. 60% WR in it total in them. Rising all the time. Have almost 0 problems with CV. yes. Ltp issue if our average potato CV stops you from doing anything in game.
  5. Well using smoke in that dd to set fire and do 10 k healable dmg is just non optimal play. You lose defensive tool and you clearly show your position. Not to mention how much IJN dd rely on smoke for protection from CV. Not to mention you deny spot for your team sitting in smoke fiering guns
  6. veslingr

    Would a global damage nerf help the game?

    100% agree. I can not believe somebody is actually advocating for more dumbing down (easing) game for peoples who can not stay alive more than 3 minutes. Instead wg should punish bad play much harder.
  7. veslingr

    Returning after about 2 years

    The worst thing WG could do is to listen to "players".....we would not have single ship in game because everything is op and need nerf/removal
  8. veslingr

    Returning after about 2 years

    We are so happy you returned from 2 year pause. We missed potatoes in this game 🤩
  9. Ltp issue But let me just ask. You said one smoke wasted in protection from planes. For what would you use smoke? For firing guns from smoke? 🤪
  10. And when on this equation (which is true) you add our playerbase you get balance :)
  11. veslingr

    ATM1 Carrier upgrade - a must?

    yes...but for crosdrop they are not bad becasue they cover more field (4 torps) and they are narrowing longer they go.....and one of most ussual crosdrop is that first one goes from back of ship so when second drops he can not evade it. For me that is much more practical and secure crosdrop than trying to go broadside with first one.
  12. veslingr

    Would a global damage nerf help the game?

    games are short not becasue of high DPS but most players play too high tiers for their skill level.