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  1. veslingr

    CV Rework Discussion

    radar would be simmilar if he would do something to weapons...reduce dmg, or increase spread of torpedos...as it does nothing simmilar it is not that simmilar to DEFF AAA which main problem was "panic" which in most reduced dmg by 90%+. lets agree we do not agree here....i am against I WIN BUTTONS which deff aaa was...no matter how good CV player was he was defeted with 1 button
  2. veslingr

    CV Rework Discussion

    Radar does not denay anything as AAA cruisers were in RTS which created no strike zone. Torpedo deactivator would be simmilar
  3. veslingr

    CV Rework Discussion

    thx god this ridiculous thing is removed
  4. veslingr

    German battleships state

    After a long time i pulled out my Tirpitz. Build is secondarie/stealth. 11.3km range of secondaries and 12.9 detection. And it works and is fun. And secondaries + fires from them netted me around 35-40k dmg per game which is ok for 2 captain skills and module.
  5. veslingr

    CV Rework Discussion

    yes. Team stops CV.....you can argue it is wrong, but i think it is good idea. If solo ship could stop CV...what if yu have 4-5 that kinds of ship all over the map....what cv could do? Wide map immunity and no striking zone? I am not for that.....in the end, this is team game...so wanting teamplay is not outrageous idea.
  6. veslingr

    CV Rework Discussion

    Hmm mate...not sigle CV does over 100k dmg..infact top average DMG CV is Haku with 80 k..and on your chart all 3 are over 100 k....something is wrong here
  7. veslingr

    CV Rework Discussion

    i just do not agree here, never ever had problem with solo CV against us (in division where he spots for his team mates on good position, yes it is hell, but even if he is very good, solo he can not hurt me/us). I mean hurt enough to knock out one out of game. And if we see strong CV against us we play with less "freedom" and more as close team. Usually CV goes for softer targets, killing solo players, never trying to force true heavy defended area, by that time game is won or lost.....AAA on 3 ship is still strong....
  8. veslingr

    Destroyers The Big Debate

    DDs with CV (which is not in every game) is most importan class/ship in game. in CW when we lose our DD and enemie dont it is 99% lost game.....very simmilar is with randoms if dds knows how to play. also in my opinion it is the hardest class to play...but very valuable
  9. veslingr

    CV Rework Discussion

    teamplay wins over anything in this game, wins over CV, wins over tomato zombies aka your teammates....it is team game after all.....side that plays more as a team wins....easy as that.....but so hard for peoples to understand...peoples wanna go solo and do everyithing solo.....it is not working like that....go solo=cv is giggling....play as a team CV is sweating. Even with teams full of dumbos highest average DMG CV is sitting on some 80 k dmg.
  10. veslingr

    WoW double standards

    anybody who has karma higher than 0 is doing someting very very wrong :)
  11. veslingr

    CV Rework Discussion

    jeah i know. Luckily every new line you can open from higher tier so i do not need to drag on lower tiers, which i do not like from first time i played this game....it has nothing to do with higher tiers (where play is also bad) on lower tiers it is WOT style opf play....press W 2 times and fire away....everiting ends as you pointed under 10 minutes.....irritating....no satisfaction in win or lose game.
  12. veslingr

    CV Rework Discussion

    Yes i know, better said i heard.....reseting line did not help in this also...new players meeting guys with experience and 19 points captains.... but, for me, i am not claiming it is right, i care only for balance fot t7 and up......
  13. veslingr

    Is it really possible....

    Yes, it will be slower, but nothing else will change for you
  14. veslingr

    CV Rework Discussion

    flash is not working for me :( My date is last 2 months, thats why i have larger sample...but nothing big changed.
  15. veslingr

    CV Rework Discussion

    pls read topic, this is stoopid, i need to explain to you what i did tell the other guy, while you do not wanna read the whole flaw of discussion. Lets go again CV - are in middle of table in all relevant statistical date on TX, they do not dominate single column CV - are very low played and as suck do not disturb many games on TX becasue of games with CV is not that high BBS - basicly dominate every single stat column. 1. 2. 3. 4. 6. in DMG department, most played class....and so on...conclusion that BBs is prefered choice of most players and is class that is easiest to play that yields best resaults. STEEL/COAL/FREE EXP and so on ships have mmore players than CV player so we can not say Stalingrad/Smolensk is not essential part of the game becasue it is not exp ship, while numbers shows that those kind of premiums are now essential parts of the game that have more inflence on game tha nlets say CVs.