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  1. And AP really really need nerf......7 hit on "prefered" BBs and epic 11k dmg :=)
  2. can somebody explan how LEX bombers with max 8000 k dmg can do 8001 dmg to cruiser.....btw looks like it was citadel on SL with AP from lex :)
  3. I like detonation.
  4. Hmmmm it seams AP are still crap....only on KM BBs there is some kind of dmg.....
  5. Every USA ship will be able to choose from AP or HE bombs. But if you have week TB because of tier you need 2 DB to be strong with direct dmg and only AP fits here. Big E AP are very situational. I heard Zeppelin were much better regarding penetration but they had problem with "lag". If they mix Zeppelin penetration and drop of Big E it will be good. But it can be week if they do something else......time will tell
  6. Well you can choose betwean HE and AP but HE are ussles (on Big e) because they are t7 and don't get max HE bombs of USA line.
  7. I have big E. And most of time you have 10 hits for 15k dmg. Except on bismarch and FG which you devastate. But soon we will have French BBs as fifth bbs line. And Big AP does crap to other nation. Also dmg on cruisers is low but once in a while you citadel them. USA to be competitive must change AP which are on Big E now.
  8. Whole USA rework will depend on AP bomb and how they will make them. AP bombs will be main source of dmg and it seams USA cv will be more orientated to hunt big bad BBs……but……there is a catch…if they make AP ussles aka some ridiculous 3-6 second lag on drop that even Farazeleth can strike, or some weird penetration that will only pen 3 ships (german BBs t8,t9t,10) in game than we have big problem and line will become even more ussles.. If they made AP that hey can reliably strike strike BBs (not onesote but pen dmg) + TB that are weak (t8) to hunt dds and targets after 10 minutes of fight when RN BBs stips them out of AAA than we will have competitive carriers.
  9. Problem with USN are lack of 2 tb for crosdrop and rng of bombs. Midway with t 8 will partialy solve this problem. And for first time you will have airsuperiority in main deck:)
  10. never did that kind of test but i bet Midway wins with minimal margin......but than you have 1 squad in air with 7 planes and he has 3 squads with 12 :=) it boils down that Haku in 20 minutes game gets 3-4 strikes more....and torpedo strikes which are less rng dependent and can crosdrop which means garant hit on cruiser and dd with a little practice.....nobody can protect 3 side torpedos
  11. i got 14 days premium cupon if opens new account so i opened it :).....and it become my cv training account
  12. Reload is determined regards number of planes per squad and not squad number. So 12 planes in 3 squads loads faster than 7 planes in 1 squad.
  13. Hi. Yes i have bouth t10 cvs. As many noobs i just rushed thrue tiers and did not learn a thing and my stats till t8 on other account are horrible. Some cvs are below 50% so I created account just to train CVS from start. Still on higher tiers I got allitle better and can say that difference between USA and ijn line pass t7 is hughe in IJN advantage. Ijn just have perfect tool for everything. In my opinion IJN should lose 1 fighter throu all tiers. It is just stoopid that ijn dominates in air, strike and scouting against USA in strike deck from t8. It is just stoopid that balanced is best deck for USA except t9 and y 8 where t8 is worst ship ever.
  14. Midway in 2-3 months will get 2-2-2 and AP bombs....he probably will be better than i would wait for change if you do not have great desire to play it.....if you do....and have it.....still any competent Haku will demolish you....
  15. mate, now back to your dont understand the game.....your stats shows that.....learn...than come back.....than argue about function of classes. your most played ship and ship with abmisaly bad stats is DD so pls dont lecture about dds...oki?