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  1. Is Yamato still worth the grind?

    t7 nagato is very strong ship t8 Amagi is great ship t9 Izumo....well....i did not like him.....free exp :) t10 Yamato is epic ship so i would say IJN BB line is very nice grind with epic t10 ship only problem is t9 which is not that great....but still it is not bad ship P.S. if you did not like t 7 i t 8 which are very strong ships you could have problem even with yamato
  2. Easy way to rank 1

    after they nerfed cap EX farming dmg from far aka BBs play is more easy way
  3. Increase in Saltiness

    I just wanted to point out that your stats shows you are below average player, and that you should stay at lower tiers unteal you gain more skill....higher the tiers, more lack of skill is visible = more saltines towards you. on lets say t5 and t10 same game play errors will not give you back same "bad words". On t5 you expect some errors and "bad play".....on t 10 when you see BB going backwords (just example) from start of the game you will provoke reaction from others.
  4. CV TX balance by WG again :D

    thats disturbing.....we have more "nerf" CV threads per week than games played in CV....
  5. CV TX balance by WG again :D

    in whole week there were ONLY 180 t10 cv games???!?!?!?
  6. CV TX balance by WG again :D

    i just dont get why WG can not give/leave one nonpremium USA CV airdomination from middle to high tier. USA line is just punish to much with: - long reload - 1 TB squad (Mid and premims are exception) - DB orientation for DMG and high RNG dependency we all know how lack of second TB and long reload combined without airdomination leads to subpair game impact compared to IJN line. FFs they should just leave 2-2-2 with t10 planes and 3-4 TB per squad and you would have balnce. like this we have: - spoting - IJN domination from start - airsupremacy - IJN domination except t9 (but has subpair tstrike compared to IJN t9) - DMG - IJN just have uper heand not in dmg but in ability to reliably punish DDs and directly and drasticly increase winchnace for their team ffs why one nation must dominate all areas? can USA be dominant in one field? pls pls dont no say i can in my xy ship dominate....yes many of you can dominate with rubber ducky.....but if you would play against yourself in IJN cv your USA would lose.
  7. The CV Captains Cabin

    Midway reserves nerf is a little bit smaller.....now reserves is 116
  8. The CV Captains Cabin

    2-3-3 is converted to 3-3-2 rest should be the same....if i got it correctly
  9. CV TX balance by WG again :D

    15 t10 fighters vs 14 t9 fighters.....yeah....seams legit :)
  10. The CV Captains Cabin

    haku got change it is now 3-3-2.....(test) so it will have 15 t 10 fighters vs 14 t9 12 t 10 TB vs 12 t8 10 t10 DB vs 14 DB they need to icrease Mid fighters to t10 now.....no reason to keep them 1 tier lower with 3-3-2 Haku
  11. Lexington advice

    ijn line ALLWAYS was better line (ok problably not when Mid had jet planes, but that was 5 years ago) so to recap things, IJN line was better yesterdays is better today and will be better tommorow
  12. Tell me what's wrong with this screenshot

    FREE EXP + forum clmes that ship xy is so OP = player who does not know how to play but thinks that OP ship (midway in this case) will make him good player
  13. did yo ever think it is not the problem of community but yours if you on different forum get similar response. Problem with your original post is that you draw conclusions playing low tiers and showing some basic misunderstanding of how game works and off course it is like entering science fair and scream EARTH IS FLAT.. just two things that "screams" new player with low experience in particular game: 1. torpedo planes who you do not see (but in reality you have more than 30 sec reaction time to them) + torpedoes that are droped at your face (but in reality t4-5 carrier dont have manual drop) 2. torpedo soup......torpedo is weapon that on average does smallest dmg of them all.....only IJN DDs can fire them from stealth untill t7 and IJN cruisers form t 6/7 i think. and zing zaging thing unstealthed will get you killed in any tier higher than 5 under 30 sec if not oneshoted. and please please understand TORPEDO IS WEAPON THAT DOES SMALLEST DMG IN GAME!!!! becasue it can only hit peoples that do not touch wasd button over 40% seconds. so your whine about torpedo is just not justified. also i dont get one thing...you did not play SINGLE non bot game?....i see you only have COOP games against bots? you never played against human opponent and you think you can draw conclusions about game?
  14. About winrate

    wait....they did not tell you.....winrate is also just about luck.....any Captain with 40% wr will tell you that
  15. Is it bad RNG or something I do not know?

    water level pray to RNG god