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  1. veslingr

    ST: CE change - interesting?

    Worch and chapy can not stealth radar. Not from this patch
  2. veslingr

    Royal Navy event craps on casual players

    i give them high five for putting at least some standards...it seam everybody wont to log in 1 time per month and get ALL rewards.....no you wont..go love your self and get back to wot...oki?
  3. veslingr


    Yes. Cl
  4. veslingr

    Lets talk Republique... The French Tier X BB

    top 50%, 25, 10 and 5% playerss in t10 BBs have the best results in her and its their best WR/PR ship...so i know you dont want to hear it...but it is you not the ship
  5. veslingr


    why Jack Dunkirk on Cnoq ffs? it is RN DD, CA captain?
  6. veslingr


    it all stands...but you can gain WR eaven if AFK in battle......for PR you need to work....you will get 0 kills from 25 km, and dmg will be low (for that ship): both WR and PR can be grinned, but problem is that WR others (3 man division) can grind for you, while for your PR you must work alone and nobody can give you dmg or kills. nobody says high PR low WR guy is super player with bad luck, it can be smart grinder of PR that contributes to victory 0 points. but still DMG farming as grinding requires some kind of skill cause you compete with performance of other players in that "yours" ship, if everybody grinds fire dmg in Conqueror (as they do) trashold for average dmg for that ship is high and you need to work harder then them or your increment dmg compared to rest.
  7. veslingr


    well yeah, it is combination. our captain i was referring is yellow thru all line in both PR and WR (t9 and t 10) so my conclusion was that it was him and not the ship
  8. veslingr


    yeah, but trashold for Conqueror dmg is much higher than other BBs. expected values of BBs from wows stats Conq: - 103788.23623011 Yama - 83026.931972789 so higher expected dmg in incorporated in PR of Conqueeror than other ships to have same result in PR in yamato you need 83 k dmg while in Conq you need 103 k. so it can be farmed, but much harder than lets say WR in Saipan, flint , flint setup so you have high WR player with 5 k games where 2,5 are in this setup :). i see where you going with WR, but WR is in my opinion, easier to farm....in 3 man division 2 can carry idiot to 55% wr :)
  9. veslingr


    PR is calculated as "your performance" vs "average server performance".....so if you are yellow you do worst than average of other players and if you are green or over you are equal or better than average. so when PR is calculated it is calculated how you compare against other captains, who have same "problems as you" aka MM, teams over long run. WR is other story, but PR is as good as it gets to your personal peerformance
  10. veslingr


    i strongly believe that nobody should go to t10 while his PR is "yellow" in that line/class. WR depends about team and can be farmed by 3 man division, but PR can be good even you lose games because it is more than just WR, it counts dmg, and kills also.
  11. veslingr


    Multiple opponents = Fire, stealth fire stealth,fire stealth....heal..... target dead..repeat.....drednought....healed 100k dmg....all 3 enemies dead or 1vs1 nobody can win over conqueror. it is that easy
  12. veslingr


    it is not ships problem, your PR in all BBs is bad, in highest played BB you are barely 50 % WR, 1100 PR....you are just not ready to play t10 ships.if you miss-miss-miss sitting duck as DM from 12 km it is definitivly nots 12guns ships problem. you should devastate him with AP of set him 12 times on fire, than press heal and got 50k heal back sorry that is only truth here
  13. veslingr


    This is a ship that has tools to fight any class of ships. epic HE for fighting angled BBS - there are no better BB (except cv) killer than Conqueror - you keep range and burn them very very veeery solid AP (yes you must use AP on this ship) + low detection to ambush cruisers with 12 AP salvos from under 15 KM DEFENCE - stealth + zombie heal = grinding drednought and fireproof flags OFFENCE - HE AP = grinding all dmg related flags :) strongest ship in game. just pls pls dont sit 20 km behind your priority targets are still: DDS - CRUISERS - BBs
  14. veslingr

    Should I stop grinding germans and go for Rn BBs?

    it got some buffs lately....yes Izumo is bad, but at least it can hit something with 9 guns.....
  15. veslingr

    CVs in T5 ranked

    yes..you are EDIT....run back to WOT