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  1. aeinautis

    Full price for 25% HP LOSS?

    it's a real thing. British killed Italians at Cavo Matapan battle, near my home, in the night with few salvos and Italian hasn't any idea that the British BB's are there... They had radar, the Italian CA no.
  2. aeinautis

    Full price for 25% HP LOSS?

    olso has an other aspect I play mostly Destroyers and in the 1st half of the game I am cap or spoting enemy so my team use their guns at maximum efic. If the enemy has experience (and from 5th tier and up they have) send a DD to spot me and they despach me in 1-2 min. In the time before my team has take an advandage. We may win the battle but in the end I learn that I havn't battle codribution and take negative income. So why playing as a team? let 'em killed, no smoke screen for a ship in danger. No spoting DD's for a BB that has left behind. Why caping? Hunting alone for lonly BB's or CV's to end the game with a good 100000-150000 credits (and sometimes more...) and 2000+ exper. And a battle lost...
  3. aeinautis

    paying to change my nickname???

    give me an account number. But be careful what you ask; in Greece we still have capital control....
  4. aeinautis

    paying to change my nickname???

    you make a change once a year or once a decade, don't ask money for this. If I pay it's ok?? Silly answer.
  5. aeinautis

    paying to change my nickname???

    I am sorry. I don't know were I must make the topic so I put it in gameplay.
  6. aeinautis

    paying to change my nickname???

    I play for years Travian, Ikariam, KingsAge and a little Tribal wars, Tribal wars 2. They are something else, maybe not comparable for you, but they open the way for something like this. The basic logic is that; I offer a game to everyone and I charge for things making the progress faster. The nickname and the captains points are not in this category. I am 53 now. Maybe things change faster than I thought. Today I read for the 1st time words like freemium and free to play. I have never thought that there are definitions for such a matter. I know the cost and I don't mined paying for a game. I am a professional for over 30 years. I respect the work of the others and every game I have in my PC (now only Total War games) are legal. I am not crying for the money that I have spent for this game or the others. I have fun in return. Remember this; if a customer complained he don't want to pay at all or he want to come again.
  7. aeinautis

    paying to change my nickname???

    yesterday I get mud when i found that I have to pay money to change my nickname. If I know how to delete my account I 'll do it in that moment. I play strategic on line games since they exist and this is the first time that they ask money for something like this. Of course I must say that all these years I have play only 5 other (very popular) games. Any way I could not accept this. an other totally crazy is to pay money to redistribute exp points of a captain. It must be totally free. when I have 5 points I use them differently than when i have 8 points. Why I must wait not used a point that I earned with so many battles until the others came after many weeks??? And how can I know the right distribution when I first use a ship in the game or lately when I take a new one?? make captains stick to the same ship or pay to change ship; yes, I think it is fair. I know that just to keep a game like this running is expensive (not mention updating) and I don't mind paying a fair price per month. But not for silly things or things that affect everyday gameplay. If one want a little bit extra let one pay.
  8. once every 3-4 you lose 2min to get back thank's
  9. i have freezing problems in pre battle screen all the others began the battle and I am awaiting pleyers... thank's any way
  10. pls can anybody make Akeno Misaki don't shout??? or speaking in controled English (!!!) I accept even subtitles... thank you
  11. aeinautis

    Ocean Map

    I agree about realism and I propose same things in a survey. I was in a battle in ocean in test server and fletcher was all right. I see in an other battle typhoon and i try to get my DD in cover of an island and when typhoon comes it was jast a heavy rain!!!! have you ever be beside a typhoon??? 100kn away and you strangle to keep your ship in coarse.... Please change the name tell it bad weather or gail without waves... the aiming in heavy sea is extremely difficult but this phenomenon affects only visibility!!! I know that are programming problems and a good simulator wants very strong clients and servers but I proposed it again and I hope for the future.
  12. aeinautis

    Skills should be upgrades

    if you pay you can upgrade a captain to #19 in one week ;)
  13. aeinautis

    Skills should be upgrades

    I agree that captain's skills must be only training-upgrade skills faster torpedo, HE with more penetration, radar, increasing range of fire etc must remove from there. it's not realistic. detecting, rate of fire, damage control, aiming, maneuvering etc are skills and you get better by training. it's the captain's job in peace. training cannot surpass the manufacturer's design. you can improved 10% (20% at most with a professional crew). concealment is a skill and in combination with camo must not exceed 16%. maybe there is a tree for every kind of ship (Distr, Cruis, Battl, Carriers) with max 12 skills and free redistribution to explore easier the benefits in battle. I have 1 captain #10 and I learn yesterday that there are 2nd level consumables!!! speaking about newbies...
  14. aeinautis

    Public Test 0.6.11 - Clan Base

    the clan base is an interesting change. it will make every one more cooperative. if it works....
  15. aeinautis

    Public Test 0.6.11 - Smoke Changes

    every change that make the game more real is very good. not only the smoke but I see that behind an island they lost me. I like it. for the old players: you must learn some new tricks. I am an old dog (very new in this game) so I try my best. for the WG: someone has spent money acording the old gameplay. You have to give one the oportunity to rebalance.