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  1. Taffyqueen

    screen hangs on lineup screen but still puts me in game

    its nothing to do with my internet or PC its the game as its happening to almost all of us in the EU clan
  2. Taffyqueen

    screen hangs on lineup screen but still puts me in game

    have done, its a known bug with 0.7.11 apparently https://eu.wargaming.net/support/it/products/wows/article/10746/
  3. its happening to me, I just got reported because it hung on the load screen again and as it still puts you ingame it shows you as afk, its also happening to almost all my clan members on the EU server
  4. since Patch 0.7.11 sometimes when I load into game it hangs on the ship lineup screen and I don't get a start button even though I get put into game, I have to restart the game and it takes about 5 minutes for me to get back into the game which by then I am either dead or have been reported for being afk, I know another 20 people in my clan who have the same issue and are quite fed up of loosing Karma because of a game issue
  5. Taffyqueen

    doubloons missing after todays update

    several of my clan members have lost 200 doubloons as well
  6. Taffyqueen

    doubloons missing after todays update

    ok after this mornings patch I am missing 200 doubloons, I have all the resupply options switched off and always double check, anyone else missing currency?
  7. Come and join us here at AOD's warships division, the clan has been going almost 20 years and we all serve as a multigaming community, if you think this is what you are looking for come and join us at www.clanaod.net
  8. Taffyqueen

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I would love to be able to pre download it, my husband has the TSt installed from the previous test which he has been accepted to again, I wasn't accepted 1st time, glad i'm not the only one who cant see the TST option
  9. you can also apply on clanaod.net and selecting the World of warships division
  10. Taffyqueen

    System for Prevention of Unsporting Conduct

    nothing wrong with my PC, its running all latest drivers and meets the top end specs, its just an unstable client players are getting penalised for crashing
  11. Taffyqueen

    System for Prevention of Unsporting Conduct

    please can you sort you client stability out, may of us are getting unsporting behaviour penalties for inactivity during the game when its the game client that crashes, by the time we get back in after sometimes restarting our PC's the game has finished and we have penalties against us, this part of the penalty system isn't working and it also is open to abuse where clans are using it to grief former members or other players when they haven't done anything wrong
  12. OIOI captains come and sink your favorite ship among friends at AOD, we have two NA clans and an EU clan, hope to catch you in game :D
  13. Taffyqueen

    Update 0.7.4 General Feedback

    I do like the new penalty system but there are a few things I am not happy with about it, one is that you are penalised for someone ramming you, yesterday I got deliberately rammed out of a cap zone so someone would get the credit for taking it, I was in an Atago and they were in a currywurzt, I couldn't get out of the way as he caught me side on, I now have 49 penalty points due to being rammed for over 3km out of a cap zone when it wasn't my fault, there needs to be an algorithm to distinguish between a deliberate ram of a stationary ship and accidental collisions as this is going to affect the most careful of players, also being penalised for client crashes like my husband was yesterday, not a good way to go about treating players for the games client instability!
  14. hope o see you all ingame captains 07