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  1. Taffyqueen

    AOD_Valkyries ClanAOD Recruiting

    ClanAOD.net is now recruiting players, young and old. Do you enjoy a place that loves friendly competition between its ports? Do you enjoy having in house tourneys and events to keep you entertained? We are home for both Casual Players and Competitive alike. If you are over the age of 16 and have a working microphone you can apply. DM Any recruiter for more information, or better yet swing by the website clanaod.net and apply today
  2. Taffyqueen

    AOD_Valkyries ClanAOD Recruiting

    come and join us at www.clanaod.net, we are a multi gaming clan with over 3000 members and have been established since 1999
  3. two weeks left of clan battles and it's down again, did you forget to feed the hamster?
  4. Taffyqueen

    AOD_Valkyries ClanAOD Recruiting

    we are recruiting for clan battles as well as casual gamers
  5. Taffyqueen

    AOD_Valkyries ClanAOD Recruiting

    we have fun night, clan battles and an almost fully upgraded port on Valkyries EU
  6. Join Clanaod today What do you get?The Angels of Death brings you a clan with twenty years of gaming experience. We have over 3000 members playing over 18 fully supported gaming divisions. We support these with servers, ports, TeamSpeak rooms, forums, and what ever else they need. Most importantly we create a place for everyone to come together and have fun. We offer a place free from drama, politics, and the other things the plague you in real life, we are here to have fun and play games. Do you have any requirements?Our requirements for membership can be discussed with your recruiter. As a general rule the following things can be expected of our members. We do not accept intentional team killing, team damaging, or in other words we have a overall policy against cyber bullying. We do require that you have a working mic to apply and have TeamSpeak 3. We do require that you be older than 16.We want to maintain active members but we do not have stats, tiers, or requirements for you to be on every week. We want you to have fun! We have ports on the EU and NA so if you are an EU player playing on the NA server on an NA player playing on the EU servers, you are free to choose! Apply @ www.clanaod.net Sounds great but how do I join?Click the Join Link AboveClick the ApplyFollow the Instructions on the Screen (Create and Account, Activate Account, fill out application) Our recruiters will contact you shortly after you submit your application!
  7. Taffyqueen

    Cant refund cv's

    my husband had over 400000 free xp when he purchased the Japanese T10 carrier, he just sold it, only got 1/3 of the free xp back he is fuming!!!
  8. Taffyqueen

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    @MrConway Ahem and Ladies!
  9. Taffyqueen

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    I could log in an hour ago but foolish me logged out of the game and couldn't get back in
  10. Taffyqueen

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    getting a bit peeved now none of our clan can log in and we are registered for Naval battles, I logged out to go out and came back and BINGO neither me or the hubby can log in
  11. Taffyqueen

    EU Weekend Server Issues - Compensation

    thanx it did ruin 2 nights of clan battles for us but the oil helps
  12. Taffyqueen

    screen hangs on lineup screen but still puts me in game

    its nothing to do with my internet or PC its the game as its happening to almost all of us in the EU clan
  13. Taffyqueen

    screen hangs on lineup screen but still puts me in game

    have done, its a known bug with 0.7.11 apparently https://eu.wargaming.net/support/it/products/wows/article/10746/
  14. its happening to me, I just got reported because it hung on the load screen again and as it still puts you ingame it shows you as afk, its also happening to almost all my clan members on the EU server
  15. since Patch 0.7.11 sometimes when I load into game it hangs on the ship lineup screen and I don't get a start button even though I get put into game, I have to restart the game and it takes about 5 minutes for me to get back into the game which by then I am either dead or have been reported for being afk, I know another 20 people in my clan who have the same issue and are quite fed up of loosing Karma because of a game issue