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  1. Salbogus

    OCTO is seeking new members.

  2. Greetings Captains! We are OCTO, an EU based clan. Currently, we are welcoming players with a reasonably competitive mindset. We are an international clan, with members from all over Europe, and some from even further afield! We are a very relaxed group of people in this group, but when Clan battles come round we try to step it up! The Clan base is complete with all the perks unlocked. We are Ideally looking for players that: - Have played over 2500 battles - Have a winrate around our clan average: https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500171299,OCTO-Octo-International/ but in any case have a winrate at or above 54% (Exceptions can be made). PR above 1250. - Are active on discord (at least 3 days a week, although we do realise real life matters as well ) - Have a somewhat competitive mindset/drive - Speak English and have a mic/headset - Have at least 3 tier X ships - Are 19+ years old For questions and stuff, you can contact any of the following officers/recruiters: Bad_Moon, Zen71_sniper, Beyke, kon1990, MortiferusRosa, Captain_Rainman, or me Salbogus. Just contact one of us ingame or via our discord channel. You can obviously also send me a message here on the forum. Feel free to ask any questions, we are a friendly bunch! :-) Our discord link is: https://discord.gg/nKgdwkS We hope to see you soon!
  3. A brief response like "we are working on it." or "expect the glitch to be over in …. minutes." would be in order. Is such a response already made? Did I miss it?
  4. Salbogus

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    Thanks for the reply. I would distinguish between ship buffs and a limited number of additional captain points, but I see your point clearly. Thanks for the reply. Cheers, Sal
  5. Salbogus

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    @Crysantos@MrConway@Tanatoy@YabbaCoe@Sehales and to whomever else it may concern: I will not add to the players' rant about the tediousness of the grind, though I share it. I think the point has been amply made; yet, the system is here. So I will try to mention something that could make this system more appealing. With such an understanding, I want to risk suggesting this: allow research points to be used to increase the ceiling of Captain Skill Points (for example to 23, enabling the addition of an extra 4-point skill). Of course, the specifics such as how many points for each additional skill point etc., would need to be worked out. I mention that because I am quite hesitant to do all the grind to get a nice BB or CA. But, an incentive like the one I am mentioning to arrive at 23-point captains would impress me, and perhaps some others, to go ahead and farm for research points -- without too much fuss anyway :). Cheers, Sal
  6. Salbogus

    Rudder bug

    Same problem here. Only close to islands and only since 8.6.
  7. Salbogus

    WoWS Replays

    I was suffering from the same problem. Thanks for the info. Now my problem is solved as well. Just to add a precision: it still didn't work when I moved the replays to another folder I created in the WoWs root folder. But when I moved them to a folder elsewhere in the C Drive, it worked like a charm! Thanks again and happy hunting. Sal P.S. : Now I tried again, after putting the replay files back in the original Replays folder. Still works…..hmmmm….lol.
  8. Thank you... Nomogram is both a blessing and a curse: love to play with it, yet painful to play without it when unavailable!
  9. Waiting, fingers crossed. . Keep up with the good work!
  10. Salbogus

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    How about giving the option to choose between CV and non-CV games? The new CV work has fundamentally changed World of Warships, effectively transforming it into another game altogether. To give a only few examples at the risk of being repetitive: CV planes torp ships, re-adjust angle according to the ship's evasive manoeuvre within seconds and then torp again…and again...and again. It is impossible for surface ships to resist so many successive torp runs and to control subsequent flooding. In the past, surface ships would try to avoid the torps and when hit, they still had some time and chance to keep the damage under control. In the new game, this is virtually impossible vs a good CV player. The CVs' F-exploit possibility and their unlimited supply of planes further aggravate the problem. This is not the game we were playing until a few weeks ago. The spotting mechanics are now completely altered. Using Concealment Expert and using an upgrade slot for diminishing your detectability have been rendered virtually useless. The optimal ship and captain builds are now radically different for encounters involving CVs and those not involving CVs. So, again, it is as if we are talking about two different games. These and other similar results of the latest update (“update”!) have also led to players to tactics of camping and to flocking together: once again, as if they were playing a game other than World of Warships. It is moreover no coincidence that the number of DDs in random matches has diminished drastically. I appreciate the developers' attempt to re-adjust things for undoing the imbalances which have appeared with this update in a multitude of areas. While doing this, they may also consider giving players the option to select between CV games and non-CV games, in view of the fact that matches involving CVs and those that don't are so different from each other in so many aspects.
  11. Salbogus

    Poll for the 5k battle Closed

    Orlan Orlan Orlan!