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  1. Salbogus

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    Thanks for the reply. I would distinguish between ship buffs and a limited number of additional captain points, but I see your point clearly. Thanks for the reply. Cheers, Sal
  2. Salbogus

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    @Crysantos@MrConway@Tanatoy@YabbaCoe@Sehales and to whomever else it may concern: I will not add to the players' rant about the tediousness of the grind, though I share it. I think the point has been amply made; yet, the system is here. So I will try to mention something that could make this system more appealing. With such an understanding, I want to risk suggesting this: allow research points to be used to increase the ceiling of Captain Skill Points (for example to 23, enabling the addition of an extra 4-point skill). Of course, the specifics such as how many points for each additional skill point etc., would need to be worked out. I mention that because I am quite hesitant to do all the grind to get a nice BB or CA. But, an incentive like the one I am mentioning to arrive at 23-point captains would impress me, and perhaps some others, to go ahead and farm for research points -- without too much fuss anyway :). Cheers, Sal
  3. Salbogus

    Rudder bug

    Same problem here. Only close to islands and only since 8.6.