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    US navy Battle Damage Reports

    The famous gun duel between USS South Dakota and IJN Kirishima - http://www.navweaps.com/index_tech/tech-092.php
  2. redfox032

    Hypothetical size limits of warships

    I whole heartily agree with your comments, Historynerd. Thanks for pointing that out. Further with regards to maximum size, you have the brilliant (sarcastic) idea from The British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill during WW2 to build an aircraft carrier on ice - Project Habakkuk: http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20180323-a-giant-aircraft-carrier-built-of-ice But I guess if not the biggest, than one of the biggest limitations are the infrastructure in order to build larger than life warships (wharfs, docks, dry docks etc.) This eventually means a lot of investment for a given country.
  3. redfox032

    Hypothetical size limits of warships

    The US Navy had ( I have no clue whether it is still valid today) a maximum size of their warships: they could not be wider the the width of the Panama canal locks, 110 ft (33.53 m), according to wikipedia. So thus limiting the width to less than 110 feet, at least during WW2.
  4. redfox032

    HMS Sheffield Sinking

    Sorry for going totally off-topic, but Shiney Shef's sister ship, HMS Coventry (DDG) also got sunk during the war. There is one heck of a good (almost 1 hour) documentary of her action right here: She was not sunk by the infamous AM-39 Exocet, but by 2 Argy A-4 Skyhawks delivering iron bombs (MK.82's I believe), while she was doing the 64 combo with HMS Broadsword (Type 22 FFG) on 25th of May (Cinco de Mayo celebration in Argentine) Multiple interviews of her Skipper, Chief Radio and her OPSOFF. Cheers and happy holidays, folks :)