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  1. fabes_2017

    submarine sonar pings

    Raşit Öz42 saniye önce (düzenlendi) the sonarpings and markers should be more accurate and not miised so much and periscop should have more intiative as in the real life ,now,looks very passive. I think tech admins will take care of itin progress .
  2. I am a new player and play with a submarın my sonar can not fınd the aım mostly.What should I do?
  3. fabes_2017

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    submarins are too slow under the water. Can not turn around easıly but slowly and hardly. Thısı ıs the basıc mıstake second one to recah to the aım underwater could not be accurately and mosly mıssıng sonar pıngs. I thınk admıuns wıll take of these ıssues.
  4. bu sonar bı turlu denk gelmıyor (denızlatıda ) ne yapmamız lazım  hedefe kıtlenmek ıcın

    yardım lutfen 

    1. Capt_Kelris
    2. fabes_2017


      hedefleyen sensor varya bende yeteri kadar iyi, hıc tutmuyor. hedeflemye çalışıyorum ama sekiyor. 

      The sensor fnding the target ,does not work good enough* I try to aım but mostly missing what sholud I do?