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  1. Rusty_9

    Smolensk too OP

    Strange - I have never had an issue citadelling her(or him!?) in my DM... anything from 6km to 14km provided the shells land, it is good.
  2. Rusty_9

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    First game of the day, and last in Iowa... bit annoyed, i could have survived if I hadn't potatoed a brawl with the soyuz - I thought once my rear turret had loaded, all my guns were loaded and had accelerated too fast - turns out front guns weren't loaded so didn't get the nice juicy citadels from them that i was expecting - and then turret rotation couldn't keep up once they were loaded. A rather weird game in the DM - only did damamge to 4 ships but still came first! And nothing to write home about but was intrigued with the amount of >2k BXP in this game...
  3. Rusty_9

    4th Anniversary Super Container Loot Thread

    Another SC after FXP'ing the last bit of the Iowa>Montana grind...
  4. Met @Aotearas in his Mogador earlier. Nuff said . I didn't stick around for the results screen but it probably wasn't pretty. Nice to see you anyway, and you/your team deserved that win
  5. Rusty_9


    Not that I have it or anything, but I would have thought you want a bit of a hybrid build - on ship modules make sure you pick for gun accuracy/reload and tank build. Captain skills probably more like: PM, PT, AR, BoS, AFT, MFCSA. Last four points: IFHE gives you pen on most cruisers bow/stern and upper belt. Otherwise you could pick CE or FP, or go SI, drop one of your 1pt'rs and get EM, HA or JoAT. IMHO, BFT is overrated for sec build!
  6. Wait, what... not chatbanned!?
  7. No worries - TBH, I have forgotten what game, or even what ships we were playing. All I can remember is you were in the red team ;)
  8. Rusty_9

    4th Anniversary Super Container Loot Thread

    2 SC so far... 50k FXP (meaning I'll soon be doing the unthinkable and FXPing through a TIX to get another TX SC ) 15k coal Nice enough.
  9. Said hi to @Tanatoy whilst knocking off 'snowflakes' (why does the name stick!?!?!) in Co-op. Also said hi to @MrFingers in a random game although I don't think he saw it
  10. Rusty_9

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Ugh! Roflstomp after rofltomp yesterday. Some for, more against me... yeuch. Trying to grind FXP in Musashi. Had some horrible games - first two with all boosts and Gamescom Blue cammo were total <10minute roflstomp victories - averaged about 40k damage in both of them. Third game was a roflstomp loss - I didn't do much better. Finally managed to turn a game around - very well played by that enemy kita, but no way was i going to let that be a loss - and thanks to a teammate in Georgia we pulled it off . Also picked this up in a sam crate - never say no to a free premium :)
  11. Met @MrMacavity in his Paolo Emilio this morning. He spent most of the second half of the (CV) game running around on 404 health so he was a bit limited on what he could do... but do he did, and survived to boot. Always nice to meet someone from the forums on your team and end up as the winning team ! Also in another match was on the same team as @Yurra - again, in DM (he was in Yamma) and again (wow, yeah, IKR) we won. I didn't do much in that match - him and the team on the opposite flank did a sterling job of pushing round whilst we edged forward a wee bit then heldem. Classic hammer-anvil stuff
  12. Rusty_9

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Not a good session today - was derping pretty hard. Still, there were a few golden gems in amongst the cr*p And to round it off... managed to finally break my previous damage record (not that it's much) - unfortunately we won the battle before I could start farming the nearly full-health Monarch that was broadsiding infront of me
  13. Rusty_9

    Submarines: Beta Sign-up and Q&A

    I am fairly neutral about their inclusion, although I do have a couple of observations/questions... Limiting number of submarines per team to 1 or 2 is great in theory, but in practice I can see it just meaning just about every match has them in? Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to hunt down a submarine as sole survivor on the red team!!!!!!????? Maybe we can include a limitation on total amount of time allowed underwater in a game! Please can we allow CV's to spot submarines at any depth, even though they can't actively engage them (unless surfaced)? At least 'detected' by showing the 'icon on the minimap' they way it does after sonar ping? And, slightly off-topic: "We understand that videos are not every player’s preferred format, so we've duplicated the most popular questions and answers in text format." ^^ Thank you
  14. Rusty_9

    Who shot at you?

    You mean who killed you? I thought it shows a huge big badge in your face with their name (unless there's an option for turning this off, I know there is a mod that removes it), and it also shows in the post-battle results screen (see below) If you mean who killed WHO (i.e. a teamate)... no, I don't think so.
  15. Rusty_9

    Another rental guys

    ^^This. I also don't spend anything on the game... and in the last 2 months (useful for collecting french snowflakes when it was on) the rentals I can remember having were; Gallant, Molotov, Tirpitz, Ashitaka, Dunkerque and DoY.