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  1. Game Crashes the Graphics Card

    Man, frustrating. Not sure what else I can suggest - I haven't had to but my next step would be to contact support (if you haven't already)
  2. Game Crashes the Graphics Card

    I had a similar issue and it was resolved by deleting the preferences.xml file in the game folder. Have you tried that?
  3. Starting to play CV's

    Thanks @pra3y - lots to digest! I've just played 3 co-op battles in the langley... each one was better than the previous but still will need a couple more before going PvP :). I have a few questions about controls and 'default' behaviour etc but I'll try and find out the answers before posting the questions here
  4. Sorry if this is dumb (I'm not on 4k) but... can you not just use the '+=' key to increase the minimap size?
  5. Love For Flags - Happy Valentine's Day!

    I can see the MM having fun with all these divisions...
  6. Starting to play CV's

    @El2aZeR @pra3y @Fubucky Thank you for your feedback - much appreciated! Is there a rule of thumb as to what I should prioritise my fighters for? e.g. I have a DB squadron on it's way to finish off (hopefully) a DD but it is about to be intercepted by another fighter squadron. The enemy CV is about to launch a TB strike at the other side of the map to my DB's. Should I protect my DB's or should I intercept the torp bombers? Every situation would be different I know, but...? Not sure what this 'DE' is - i was meaning Dogfighting Expert! But based on feedback I think my 3pt build will be ASE and TA, my 4th point would be DE and then get TAE at 7pts Thanks - was going to ask about this I have read through this... and it is v. useful. This was me trying to make sure my interpretation was correct Like the langley... so I'll do that. Hadn't thought about that, thanks! Yeah, I need to keep reminding myself of that one TBH, as a noob player, I'd be more than happy to be learning Alt attacks at T4. No such luck *sigh*. Definitely looking forward to it at T6 Thanks again all!
  7. Starting to play CV's

    Hi All So, I'm just about to research my first CV (going USN, so the Langley) and was wanting to sense-check my understanding of carrier play! Be grateful of any and all feedback on the below thoughts. Research: My understanding of gameplay: Anything else I have missed or should consider? Or have I got my priorities mixed up? Also, I notice there is discussion re AP and HE bombs on DB's - is this a higher tier thing (like alt attacks) or will I get a choice at low tiers? If so, which should I prioritise? edit: don't forget to stave off enemy strikes and keep our DD's un-spotted - that is joint priority 1 with spotting their DD's I guess! Many Thanks!
  8. Detonations *sigh*

    @Lyno_Lemon also see this for current discussion
  9. How to play around radar?

    makes sense - will watch for that. plus Atlanta and Indianapolis it would seem
  10. How to play around radar?

    and this is the embarrassing bit... I looked back over the replay of the game that triggered this question. There was no radar ship in the opposite team ! It was my friendly Atlanta (which I knew was running radar - he was alerting met to where the others were), so it was just my dumb play and resulting failure to smoke up soon enough and generally play cautiously enough. Ah well, we live(irl anyway ) and learn! Thanks for all the titbits folks - and I hope for your sanity's sake you don't meet me in-game!
  11. Top nation DD´s to lvl?

    'Scuse the random bump @stewie533 and @Capra76, but thought I'd update you on this... ... I am having fun. Might just be a run of good MM (although have been in some enjoyable -2 MM games) - i still don't know how to judge 'good' v 'bad' MM yet! Nothing outstanding here but some idea of what can be achieved by a very new player: (you can't win them all unfortunately!) and and a victory... just to show it can be done ;) Anyway, that's me having fun in the T-22 so yes, it is possible Kudos
  12. How to play around radar?

    Thanks for the reminder - although tbh, I learnt not to do that pretty quick. KM smoke isn't amazing in duration - I tend to use it as a 'get out of jail free' card when I find myself in an uncomfortable position (normally because I get too aggressive!). In caps (at least, without having the hydro that comes with higher tiers...) I find it more of a hinderance! Good point re the divisions - basically a big red danger flag if you know to look out for it. Will add it to my pre-launch checklist Would it make sense to 'team up' (not division, just to stay near,) with a friendly radar ship (if you have one) to help mitigate the risk, or is that a bit too reliant on team play (which is normally either great (1 in 30 battles) or non-existent)!?
  13. How to play around radar?

    Thanks @ColonelPete Was about to ask how to learn more about it... then remembered http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables#Surveillance_Radar is my friend
  14. another suggestion for cv-play

    um, appreciate the self-sacrifice to share the fun, but... probably don't worry so much about that and just focus on taking them out of the battle ASAP Disclaimer: I am a DD main currently grinding a Wyoming to join the CV club
  15. How to play around radar?

    Hi all Noob question (should it be in this forum?)... I am (mostly) having fun in my T-22 (KM T5 DD) having finally got a 'technique' that seems to work for me. It's my only T5 ship, and I'm wondering if any of you experienced capt's have some good advice on how best to deal with radar? My style tends to be very much skipping along the edge of visual range whilst capping (obviously ) and spotting. I tend to focus on using torps so I can stay undetected as much as possible, and then switch to guns when I am detected, or in smoke/behind cover. I've had a few matches with radar ships, and have not performed very well in them! It may not be the radar (i.e. I'm probably not skilled enough to up-tier very well yet anyway) but should I adapt my style? Would also be interested in hearing how the CA's etc use their radar to 'best effect' if they are willing to share their secrets! I am planning on grinding to one myself in the future :) Sorry if it's a bit of a generalised question! also, is there any way of knowing when you are spotted by radar when you also are spotted visually? i.e. I get spotted by a DD, exchange a few shots/torps etc, then i smoke up to break-off and reposition and then find I'm still spotted by his friendly CA's radar!?