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  1. Rusty_9

    British missions in new update a**e about face?

    Or, to (pseudo-)quote; "I don't mind foreigners. In fact, some of my best friends are foreigners. It's just these particular foreigners are not from our country!"
  2. Rusty_9

    Remove Friendly Fire Damage!!!!!!! Plz Now!

    Oh! So maybe it was 'intentional'? I should have reported the guy after all then? Damn! I did wonder how I managed to lose so much health when I couldn't see anyone that had 'reliable' firing angles on me!
  3. Sorry for the click-bait title! Can we please remove any warnings and penalties for friendly fire BY SECONDARIES!? I had a really annoying situation where I was in a pretty good position in a Balti, providing radar and hydro screening against 3 DD's, 2 BB's and a cruiser (I had backup!!!). There was me, nicely tucked behind an island, blapping any DD daring to poke their nose round, and spotting a crazy amount of torps for my friendlies to avoid... but a Richelieu 6 km behind me kept hitting me! After 4 separate automated chat warnings to him for TK damage, I nearly reported the guy (he was pink)... until I realised it was probably his secondaries. So, could this be a valid suggestion? I fail to see the benefit in punishing players for 'TKing' through secondaries... and it's bl**dy annoying thinking your being hit by a team mate intentionally! Please note: I fully agree with all 'player controlled' (torpedoes, ramming, main gun fire etc) team-damage penalties... just not AI ones.
  4. Rusty_9

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Yeah, I had the same thought earlier on in-game when I saw a team mate get it. Looks like it's a new thing :) Another potato session today - but I thought I'd include this random one... the game lasted less than 5 minutes (see detailed report screen)! Note the wild Dreadnought! Also met the same division(members) with @Earl_of_Northesk running the W. Virginia in an earlier match (actually, I think it was in that battle that @Laski_ got the pseudo-kraken 4-kill achievement @aboomination)
  5. Rusty_9

    Gun Sizes

    Is that a 'recent' buff @Riselotte (around line-split time maybe)? I have an oldish amour model spreadsheet which shows balti as 25mm bow (can't check in game atm!)
  6. Rusty_9

    Gun Sizes

    Thanks @DFens_666, that is essentially the sort of thing I was expecting to have to do. Obviously depending on the armour of the ship I am in depends on whether it's easier to remember those that do or those that don't :)
  7. Rusty_9

    Gun Sizes

    Yes, although when on the receiving end, I'd like to know the possible outcomes - can I bounce these BB's AP in my Baltimore, or will I need to keep to the island?
  8. Rusty_9

    Gun Sizes

    Hello All Does anyone have/know of a spreadsheet with a list of all the ships in the game and their gun/shell diameters? I was hoping for a faster way to identify/memorise all the ships (mostly BB's) that could overmatch any given armour thickness to save trawling through the wiki and looking at each ship individually. Many Thanks!
  9. Rusty_9

    What premium BB to buy with doubloons

    Noob question: I had thought the best remedy to those island-hugging smoke-camping HE-spammers are these supposedly 'anti-meta' brawling BB's - charge the island/smoke and force them out. From your comments it sounds like I may be wrong... so what would you say is the best method for flushing them out?
  10. Rusty_9

    Kitty Purrfurst code

    Um, I just read the OP, but no worries
  11. Rusty_9

    Kitty Purrfurst code

    Paste this code (in OP): AREUKITTENMEFURIEND In here: https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/bonus/ and click redeem Next time you go in game, you'll have a personal mission added :)
  12. Rusty_9

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    5 games, 4 losses TBH, most of the 'high score' came from the fact I was bottom tier and got some kill secures, rather than actually playing particularly well. And of course, my only victory was pretty meh on my part! Same map (Sleeping Giant) in my Jervis... Lost 50% of my HP early on to a few salvos from the Kitikaze (I kept him spotted for a few seconds before popping smoke to allow team time to react - probably not the wisest decision!) Lost another 25% being chased out of said smoke with radar Spent the rest of the game dancing on edge of radar range and otherwise just spotting. Paltry damage, but did get over 120k spotting damage (I wasn't even aware of the mission until I saw the result screen!) and was a big enough threat to prevent a numerically advantaged flank from pushing in - at least, that is what I tell myself anyway.
  13. Rusty_9

    Being shot by team for not 'obeying'

    Damn, 3k battles and you've only been shot at twice? Tell me how you do it dude...
  14. Rusty_9

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Not much to shout about today tbh. These two are about the 'peak' - meh! I did do a better game in the Jervis but this was more enjoyable (Winning a duel with a Z-23 in C cap, with most of both teams camped behind the islands each side) although I only survived with 1K HP so had to play very safe because of a Cleveland... who never radared me!?!?! I did try and bait it, but never actually got spotted (by radar)!?!?!? Ah well... gotta take the highs with the lows ;)
  15. Rusty_9

    Kitty Purrfurst code

    Nice, Thanks