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  1. Rusty_9

    Yet another Matchmaking thread

    Might want to make it clearer in the question that this relates to T8 ships!
  2. Rusty_9

    Changes to the karma system

    Continuing the brainstorm... It would probably kind of defeat the purpose... but having, for example, the container automatically 'gifted' to the first player you meet in game who get's a heroic achievement (on either team? or just on yours? what if this earned them more than 1 container from different players?)? Bit of a shame to still miss the opportunity to manually choose to reward those rare considerate DD's that drop smoke for you or whatever. hmmm...
  3. I was surprised too, to see I was 'meant' to get 2 free containers. The way I resolved it was to go to your container collection screen. Click on the 'Santa Container' button on the left hand side of the screen. You should be greeted by a 'secret santa' message and button to claim your gift. Hope that helps
  4. Rusty_9

    hello i have an arsenal Question

    @salkran_Darkstorm Musashi is soon not going to be available for sale, so I'd suggest that would be the wiser immediate pick if you are likely to play it at all/are a collector. Jean Bart has not long been released so 'should' be around long enough for you to 'earn' enough coal after having purchased the Musashi. Oh, and, welcome to the forums ;)
  5. There is no need - they do it automatically. As a bonus, you get to keep the years 'normal' premium time so IF you decide you want to try WOT or WOWp you will still be running premium bonuses on those titles too... a win win basically :).
  6. @HMS_BlackPud on Trap (He in Conq, me in Mushi) - a fairly easy win after a slow start - I was expecting their Asashio to be in the A cap when it was just a Salem hugging the island so I hesitated to push! We pushed into A and then out to B and basically just steamrolled them with map control. GG m8
  7. I must have missed it... sorry
  8. @___V_E_N_O_M___ on the red team on sleeping giant earlier - we were both in Musashi and traded a few shots just before the battle ended cos his team got to 0 points. Said Hi but i think he's chat banned C U round m8!
  9. Rusty_9, all replays past 30 deleted again

    Not sure it helps directly exactly, but I have been using MX stat app for a while, and it's got a (new) option in it to change the minimum replay count - to save editing the file manually. https://wows.mv-smirnov.org/en/mxstat/
  10. Rusty_9

    Storms in WoWs

    According to patch notes...
  11. Rusty_9

    The match making game. Who want to play

    I'm actually tempted by B - partly because it's all silver ships and I feel they need the support! On-point, the sheer number of radars in that match-up - I'd suggest the more gunboat-like DD's on B team are in a slightly better position which could prove to be the deciding factor... that's just the observation of a pleb who doesn't have a TX ship to his name Don't know if the brawling BB's would get a good opportunity to brawl though... so they could miss out on maximising on their BB playstyles!? Nah, forget it, no matter how you paint it... I'm just biased against all those gold ships
  12. Rusty_9

    Credits and T8+ ships

    OK, thanks for the preview of the playstyle. I'm guessing ideally you want to be a 2nd-nearly-3rd-line (depending on who/what you are facing) mid-range support on a pushing flank, or otherwise roaming around punishing bow-on BB's and DD's with your HE, and popping of the occasional AP salvo when the opportunity arises (broadside cruisers etc) then?
  13. Great Idea Met a bunch of you BOBS (probably not WOWS players) doing a 'beard-tour' in Edinburgh the other month (around the festival time) - cheery bunch of folk!
  14. Rusty_9

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My game performance recently has plummeted . I hope this isn't a bad omen... ...I just got enough coal to get the Musashi
  15. Rusty_9

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join the lottery And many thanks for the generosity @lup3s, @philjd, @WolfGewehr and @159Hunter - truly in the seasonal spirit