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  1. Thanks for all the replys... basically, there are no shortcuts to git gud, just practice :). I suppose the other problem is that yes it increases range, but that means IF you use it for long-range sniping, hit-rate is going to be poor at best anyway. What do you mean by this? I haven't really bothered with prem because it only reduces the cooldown, and I suck with it but...? And a shoutout to @Odo_Toothless who sent me a PM because he's currently in forum-ban Gualag I might try this out odo - I used to use mods but got fed up re-installing them with patch releases so I haven't bothered recently. No harm in giving one a try again ;).
  2. TLDR: The title says it all basically... Are there any tips for using the spotter plane? I really suck in aiming - I think it's mainly because the viewing angle throws off my distance perspective and I don't give enough lead... and when I do get the right lead, I either aim too short and miss most of the shells anyway, or just get overpens :(. Note, in case it makes a difference, this is USN BB spotters I'm talking about! Many Thanks!
  3. Um, actually earlier in this thread.... being lazy I didn't X-check It would actually make more sense if it was the 22nd or 29th - day before the next update (assuming it's going to be in August)! edit: source...
  4. 100% more resources until I have the Musashi... but I'm only getting 3-5 per WEEK so it's a long haul. And whilst talking about containers and coal... will we still be able to trade the Tokens for go navy containers in the Arsenal after the event has ended (20th)?
  5. Will get a free musashi within a week

    This is helpful - I am also saving up coal with the Mushai in view - I don't currently have any TIX or TX ships, and the IJN BB line is one I want to grind in the medium future... so is the Mushai a good choice (from an Credit earner and captain retraining perspective)? I know, I know... don't jump tiers, especially given my poor track record in the Cleveland. Basically, I have no IJN premiums, so I could get the Yubari, but it feels a bit low-tier to quickly grind credits/captain xp. Then again, there is no point being high-tier if I can't play well enough!
  6. Rendering Ships - delayed & failing

    That @BeauNidl3 is true. I had in my memory a time when I was being smoke rushed... so my only worry (having a general understanding of the battle zone by then) was the unspotted rushing DD. I came out of that as the victor, and it was only really due to me reacting to the minimap icon faster than he did (beginning turn for escape, and launching torp salvo +/- where the icon was). In more common circumstances, I would not have been able to maintain that attention on the MM.
  7. Match results delay

    I have also had this - you get kicked straight back to port after battle. More commonly, I get the main page and the team score, but the detailed results tab doesn't display anything.
  8. Rendering Ships - delayed & failing

    TBH, the render time for me has actually just been another of the many reasons to force me to learn minimap awareness. So that's kinda a good thing? After the failed efforts of the Mk1 eyeball due to render time, this has been a fun strategy... Not so much a DD example, but when playing a Pensacola, I often charge in at the start of a battle deliberately sailing in a straight, predictable and hopefully semi-broadside line. As first spotted (nearly always) I get locked pretty fast. PT count gets to 4/5... watch the minimap bloom with red lights as the BB's open fire. turn and slow as soon as the second BB shows, and look at that. You have helped get an early gauge as to where the enemy lemming train is headed, you collect about 150k of PD for nearly no dmg received (the occasional cruiser in range gets in a few hits) and suddenly you are behind a convenient island, free to plan your next move. Knowing where (mostly) the enemy is going to. Reading that, it kind of doesn't link with the topic, but it was a strategy that originally came to me thanks to the render delay (others no doubt have used it much before me). Why it came to me that way, I have no idea! DD's are kind of the same - as soon as I am detected (dd vs dd) and/or see the spotted icon show up, i study the mm even more intently. Although tbh, you should have an inkling of where the DD is going to appear anyway so you should be turning as soon as you know you are spotted surely? Not that I am a model among DD drivers :) lol
  9. I have had a Hate-love relationship with USN BB's up until now. I cannot get them to work for the first (many) battles, and then suddenly they click. I think I have just turned that corner from hate to love with New Mex - and it's not even fully upgraded yet (it will be now)... 1 T8 battle with confederate and top scorer and about 82k 1 T7 battle with first blood (yeah, whatever) and 3rd place with about 72k OK, I know it's only 2 random battles but hey, I need any confidence boost I can get at the moment ;)
  10. How to maximize the value of my tokens??

    Note that this is assuming you do get an offer to switch teams - there is a certain amount of RNG as to when and if you do get one (although they are more common than not ofc).
  11. Freemium Ships

    I am getting that feeling :) And better make that 'several' SC's because my last one had a Leningrad... I must have used up all my stores of luck (and more) on getting that
  12. What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Had a good run of games yesterday in the New Orleans running with just the standard -3% detection camo and no flags (averaged about 60k damage and 5 wins across 6 games). Still yesterday. thinks 'hey, now I've got consistent in this ship, lets speed up the grind and get some Capt XP and FXP too'. Used my last American camo, and loaded up with lots of xp modifier flags. Loads into a game, totally potatoes and get's deleted by a Fiji/New Orleans div and a random Scharnhorst less than 3 minutes into the game with just 4k damage... and it was a loss Oh, bad luck. Next time it will be OK Same flag mix, this time using my last pie day cammo. Totally derped my positioning and got my a** handed to me several times over within about 5 minutes. Oh well, I did at least get 15k damage that time . We lost again.
  13. Well, a mixed bag today really... started good and slowly deteriorated - should have stopped sooner I guess. But this probably takes crowning place (Top place in a T7 cruiser in a T9 match):
  14. Just saw @Sargento_YO in his Zhuio on fault line (we lost... partly my fault!) It was not a good game for me... I went in in a silver New Mexico when I thought I had selected my New Orleans... then my first salvo I realised I had still got HE loaded from the last game... and then basically yolo'd into B cap while the team played hide-and-seek on A and a Fuso who I'd pinged for support on B just turned and ran... while I face the tail of the enemy lemming train from C cap. Sargento_Yo did a sterling job (incl. capping B with me - hopefully I helped 'tank' some of the damage for him even if i did nothing else) and nearly out-XP'd the highest earner on the wining reds. I would have complimented but I'd run out for the day. +1, Kudos and better luck next time
  15. Freemium Ships

    Thanks again @Kongouuu - Discord is same as in-game - Rusty_9 (Note: I'm not a regular user of it, but do keep an eye on it from time to time :))