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  1. @Tempest_V_ I can kind of see where you are coming from... but as a non-vet player and also bad stats, I have to say... the vet's DO know. No, of course not... but they are the only person who is in all the games they play. Same as you (YOU) and me (ME). Therefore, over a (big) number of games, my average win-rate is going to mirror (largely) my average impact on the game. It is a team game, and there are 'strategies' to consider, but in randoms... these rarely work (12 random people with 12 different ideas of the 'right' thing to do and only a few seconds at the start of a game to share these? Doesn't happen!) which is why even a 3-man division WORKING TOGETHER often gives a higher chance of winning - because teamplay is OP but hard to find outside of divisions (and clans) As you rightly pointed out - there can be a mis-match between an INDIVIDUAL outcome and a TEAM outcome. These are some thoughts I have on the matter as I try to improve (and I don't get on with BB's by the way - I suck with positoning in them... playing CV's first to try and 'speed-learn' map awareness to improve that!) So 1) First, understand how AS AN INDIVIDUAL you can have the MOST impact in any given game (i.e. in the ideal conditions, what position and strategy is optimal for your ship) 2) Second, learn to spot conditions that begin to develop in the match that allows you to exploit your SHIP's strengths... and then move/play accordingly 3) Thirdly, learn to spot developments that are going to limit your SHIP's impact on the match, or your position dangerous. Move/play accordingly - normally towards your own team but not always (and DON'T just spam F5!) 4) 2 and 3 kind of come together i think 5) repeat 2 and 3 but insert 'TEAM' instead of 'SHIP' 6) Discover you have just become a vet with lots of battles and a high win rate 7) Celebrate and keep getting better As you can see from my position... this is just theory. Glad of correction ;) edit: I noticed you are primarily RN ships. As a Brit, that's the route I went to start with too, but for learning the game I think they are advised as not good starter lines (RN BB's teach bad habits, RN Cruisers have a high skill floor to play successfully!). I have stopped on those lines for now
  2. Suggestions thread

    Go to wows-numbers.com, look up [your] stats then click the 'progress' button. https://wows-numbers.com Job done :) (My stats are just a 'this is NOT how it's done' example btw!)
  3. This is what i do - open client once a week (normally on a Thursday) to check for updates... then close it again before opening the game from the shortcut. You can also modify the shortcut path (add a " +fullproc" to the end of the exe path) and give the game process priority too... although I doubt it's resources allocation that's giving you an issue here. Works a dream .
  4. Tachibana Lima mission

    Freebie premium, port slot and 6pt commander for the line (IJN DD) I am wanting to grind next? Nice! Thanks for bringing it to attention @Jethro_Grey
  5. More Russian ships pls

    Yolo-rush-xp-gain yipeee. As long as it had to be a BB - then they might stop camping :)
  6. Cleveland - pre-line-split build

    Someone recommended this build with SE instead of DE - That's another 2.8k of HP (not sure what base HP will be). Combined with AR (works of base HP?) that could be a lot of fun, although losing out on DE might be frustrating with the fire-chance drop on IFHE. How reliant are you on fires to do damage when you have IFHE? Is SE instead of DE a fair trade?
  7. Disciplinary penalty lifted???

    Yeah, that bit is a bit odd... have you raised a support ticket? They may be able to shed some light on it
  8. @Six_Cycle_Mind Dispersion is ship and gun dependent - checkout the wiki for each ship/gun stats http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships. You can probably check this in port under 'Armament' too. I might be getting my modules and upgrades mixed up, but I would normally think twice about mounting a range upgrade on a torp DD - you just increase your detection range for little extra benefit (you want to get out of detection range ASAP). Otherwise, for any other ship class, I don't think it affects dispersion (your dispersion at your OLD maximum range is the same, and it just means your NEW max range has slightly worse dispersion than that) but obviously you will get fewer hits if you use the extended range as an excuse to 'camp'. @wilkatis_LV is the guru tho...
  9. Disciplinary penalty lifted???

    (and @JG4_sKylon) Don't know if OP had been kicked out, but one of the annoyances 'gripes' with the new disciplinary system was that you would also 'go pink' if you quit a battle too soon (before you died)... which is good for those who do it deliberately, but it meant if your client crashed or you lost connection, it would see that as a violation. This behaviour ('lifting' your penalty when you try to re-join after a disconnect) sounds like they are trying to fix this?

    Just added the last reaction icon to the first post - nothing personal OP, just felt you were missing something
  11. edit: deleted content - stupid question I answered myself good day all
  12. Thanks @ColonelPete and @domen3 Both helpful answers so have upvoted... will chose a 'best answer' later (you're tied at the moment!).
  13. Hey As I understand it, the detection-range bloom after firing in smoke is dependent on your gun calibre and base concealment... but what is the actual formula? Or is there a 'detection range in smoke after firing' stat for each ship and gun module somewhere? I had a look on the wiki and i couldn't see anything that indicated the actual figure/ratio (e.g. 100mm = 3km*[some random concealment co-efficient] bloom, 152mm = 7km*[co-efficient] or whatever)!? Also, if firing from behind the smoke screen (not IN it) and the only enemies are the other side of it (or behind islands), is your bloom the 'smoke-firing' bloom or your max gun range? Many Thanks
  14. Cleveland - pre-line-split build

    Thanks for this - is pretty much what I was leaning towards Interesting - I was looking at this and wondering if I should go CE or IFHE first. I was thinking CE because at T8 with c. 15k range you'll need to be able to disengage a lot, but wasn't sure how 'needed' that IFHE was to do damage (i.e. survival vs. better DPM)?
  15. Cleveland - pre-line-split build

    Hi captains TL:DR - what captain+consumable+module build would you recommend for the soon-to-be T8 Cleveland?