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  1. Rusty_9

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Had to have a shower after this match... grinding the 'do 100k damage by fire' mission for Exeter and took Nelson out for a spin. I had to hold myself back from switching to AP too often, but it gave me a good boost for the mission (completed it in two games... one normal one before this match, and then this one!) For once, a game that went pretty well in my Mushi - even on the merry-go-round map!
  2. @NoobySkooby in co-op last night. At that point i think i was in Lightning grinding the 'get X floods and fires' for the Exeter marathon although it all kind of merges into one mess of games :)
  3. No, that's OK, and maybe it is going the wrong way... but I honestly can't say from my limited experience. FWIW, I would have rather have seen the existing play-style tweaked, but that's not really the point here. IMHO, I sometimes wonder if we get too hung up on how WG 'didn't do what we wanted them to do' and so see the resulting 'fixTM' through biased eyes... and create so much fluff of complaints that we lose sight of the fact that the fix has actually improved things (if it has). I suppose what it really comes down to is that 'time' and further 'balance tweaksTM' and the future playerbase size/retention will be what defines the success of this rework... not us now complaining or praising different elements of the gameplay style. I mean, of course, feedback helps - that's what they need to 'fix' it. But (and this isn't to you btw, just an observation) moaning incessantly (or waging a solo 'CV rework hate campaign' with downvotes and negative comments) only discredits your opinions, however justified or on point some of them may be Antean... I'm looking at you here. Thanks for the considered reply though - fair seas
  4. Well, not to p*ss on everyone's pity party but... I wasn't expecting to like the new playstyle. I never really invested time to learn the old system because of the pending rework, but loved the RTS element 'game-within-a-game' aspect of it. I miss not having that option, and I feel that the new system is a rather 'dumbed down arcade' style. HOWEVER, playing as a support class, especially for your DD's, I haven't found the Hermes to be too bad so far. No, it's not propelling me to the top of the scoreboard, and no, if I fail to plan ahead and/or my team crumbles, I am limited in what I can do defensively. But... its DB's are downright nasty against DD's. The RP's are OK as fire starters on BB's and can chunk some damage on less manoeuvrable cruisers. The TB's provide anaemic alpha but can DoT reasonably well if you aim for bow/stern. The only game I had issues with plane survivability was mostly my own fault - TWICE I failed to notice a fighter spawn over a cruiser, and so lost a lot of planes (3 both times - 6 in all) to them which when added to normal AA rng 'bleed' was crippling. And once you figure it out, AA damage can be significantly mitigated! Basically, you have lost the Alpha strike, but as long as you are wise in where you scout and strike (sometimes delaying or not making the last strike with a squad so you can continue to spot that DD for your team to finish off. Yes, damage in game is not great, but meaningful damage is IMHO a high percentage of that, and likewise with spotting. And things like capping in your CV are still more than achievable !!!!! I think the biggest issue is that you are perhaps more so than with any other class reliant on your team to not eff-up. And again, you needing to be alert as to where to support/spot/call target etc. So, respectfully, I'd suggest getting of the whine train, buck up and either learn the CV's and play them, or don't learn them and stop moaning
  5. @xXx_Blogis_xXx last night on Sleeping Giant in the same team. Neither of us did particularly well (me in Mushi, he in Stalin), and the team kinda crumbled too... my Jinx working as normal
  6. Rusty_9

    Give us a minute

    Windows store... isn't that WoWs Blitz?
  7. Rusty_9

    Atlanta in the New Era (0.8.x) Captain Skills

    Yeah, that too... the ultimate seal clubbing machine for the dads-brigade... I haven't come across many in game but it looks a blast
  8. Rusty_9

    My 1st tier 10......

    Don't think you can in game (apart from the ones you have played most - from the Profile page). Otherwise you can search on https://wows-numbers.com/
  9. Rusty_9

    Atlanta in the New Era (0.8.x) Captain Skills

    I was going to make a joke about secondary spec'd North Carolina captains... ...then remembered Massa exists
  10. Rusty_9

    How do you aim attacks with planes?

    Training rooms are available at account level 15 http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Account_Level
  11. Rusty_9

    Atlanta in the New Era (0.8.x) Captain Skills

    Duh, yeah of course 127 mm guns :). I was thinking about spec's on my silver USN cruiser captains (I don't have Atlanta) so that is not an issue for them. Thanks
  12. Rusty_9

    Free containers?

    Yes, and any of the community contributors. But then... it's obvious they are twitch boxes (purple) so they probably weren't.
  13. Rusty_9

    Atlanta in the New Era (0.8.x) Captain Skills

    Given the focus seems to be more on DPS rather than raw flak bust damage, might MFCAA be more viable/reliable than AFT? And [offtopic] where can I find info on 'number of flack bursts' and burst damage other than in client?
  14. Rusty_9

    Free containers?

    Were they twitch containers? They sometime have funny drop patterns.
  15. Thankfully this mission wasn't too hard for me - got a few double CV matches at the right times and was done in 2 or 3 games. Although getting 35 plane kills in one match in my Baltimore before I had unlocked the second stage was