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  1. Sunday bump... We have one space left
  2. Page one is up to date
  3. 2 Spaces left. Secure you place now !!!
  4. A Monday bump. Page one is up to date.
  5. Page one is up to date. First post bump of the year !!! We have 3 spaces available which will go very quickly. Apply now to avoid disappointment and grab your seat in a friendly and mature clan. Please note ~ During clan battle season. We only accept members who are willing to join us for clan battles.
  6. Hi ya, BeefCrtinBandit. Thank you for your interest in joining us. It is with great regret to say unfortunately we are totally full at the moment. Please feel free to keep in contact here or discord and we can let you know when a slot becomes available. Regards MD
  7. Hi ya ScardyFox, Forgive me, I have just seen this message and I hope I am not to late with the reply. You would be most welcome back !!!! This applies to all former members who leave us/go on a game break. Everyone is welcome back, just send us an ingame request to join the clan again.
  8. We have just 3 limited spaces available to join us.
  9. Welcome back to the clan Parkerzilla See you tonight for clan battles.
  10. Clan battles start 31st of July. Have you found your team yet? Never been in a clan before and want to reap the rewards you gain from participating in clan battles. Send a ingame request to join us* Minimum requirements needed to join us: Tier 8 - Min win rate of 45% and at least 1,000+ random battles played.