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  1. OldPappy

    Alcohol and WoWs

    Good for you my friend! Good for you! Keep fighting. One day at a time and stick to your descision no matter what! All the best!
  2. I thought these were rare occations when someone was clueless enough to use DWT against another dd……😳 You say this is common??? Dear lord!!!😱😂😂
  3. OldPappy

    Napoli Yolo Tank - short clip

    Yeah, the Napoli is fun!😀
  4. I was gonna write exactly this!😂
  5. OldPappy

    Napoli: secondary build viable?

    Its a very fun ship and I too havebit built for secondaries, simply beacuse they are fun an quute viscious in the right moments. its just fun to play this way!!😀
  6. OldPappy

    How to use smoke to my advantage?

    If anyone has problems understanding smoke firing mechanics after about 6k matches its a bit worrisome. 🙁
  7. Yes. This is the simple answer to the poll I was looking for. But there was no such alternative. No! Just…NO! Put subs in a mode of their own and see how many surface ships will play there…..
  8. OldPappy

    Tips for French DD

    Concealment is pretty well wasted in mogador and kleber I find. I build them for ling range he spammin. They are outspotted anyway by most dds. They have excellent ballistics. Much like the Elbing line of KM dds. You stay far as your turret traverse is crap. But at longer range most other gunboat dds have floaty shells, making it very hard for them to hit you. But your ballistics makes easy for you. The mbrb takes huge chunks out of the opposing dds. Fire, kite, create distance and pick them off.
  9. OldPappy

    On the road to Halland...Skane, Oland & cie

    Skåne has among the best guns in the tier, fast reloading torps with 12km range in t7! It outspots most other dds as well, and has heals. It's a very very good dd, but with a higher than average skill floor. Öland has good guns, good torps - but on the aneamic side! - and outspots most other at the tiear. AA is very good for the tier and it has 360 degree guns in the rear. Their speed is not the best, but playd rightly they are both very good and can hold their owns with no issue. Takes a while to get used to them though, but I like them very much. And the Östergötland and Halland are just fantastic.
  10. OldPappy

    T10 coal cruiser

    Totally agree! Moskva is high reward if you get right mm and a good position. If you dont you are dead! Napoli is fun. Great guns. Great secondaries and torps. Very tanky!
  11. OldPappy

    Druid, Forest Sherman or Ragnar?

    I dont have druid, but both the other two are fun! Ragnar is long distance he spamming or dd killing with radar. Its big and slow without the boost going so its easy for any backup ships to hit. Sherman has the smoke and the hydro to avoid being torped in smoke. Well placed you can farm a lot with those guns.
  12. OldPappy

    The state of Zao in 2022

    I like Zao. Yes she has been powercrept quite hard over the years, but she is still a very good ship. Guns are hardhitting and accurate. Good stealth.
  13. I have played it since 2017. And l still enjoy the game on a daily basis. This, the fact that I havent another game that catches my interest in a similar way, and the base of skill and experience I gave achieved are the main reasons I keep on. cv rework almost made me pack it in and the subs have reduced the number of games I play per day. WG’s general ”we dont give a crap what you think” attityde is hard to bear but sofar I am having enough fun to keep playing.
  14. OldPappy

    Ranked Gold is trash

    To be fair ALL three stages in rank sucks..:) I am permanently stuck in bronze as I get too bored trying to rank out in the beginning. And towards the end there seem to be only people who hardly knows which end of the ship is what and it does not matter how hard i try to win.... And from what I hear, silver and gold seems even worse in terms of frustration....
  15. OldPappy

    New player experience

    Sorry to haer about your experience. Sadly it is far too common for new players. This game IS fun (although WG keep trying like an addicted maniac to ruin it for us). BUT, it takes a lot of time to learn the various fine points that you need to know before it becomes fun. I know and remember the feeling of being blown up by people you never see. I get this every single time I try WOT... First advice really: Do NOT rush up the tier ladder! Take your time playing up to and including t4. At t5 you loose protected matchmaking and you will face t7 ships. This is a hard experience! And there are toxic morons yes. Sadly I am one of them from time to time, but ONLY in t9 and t10 vs cvs and subs and utter fools who buys a t10 ship after 100 battles in random. Pick a line. Stick to it and get familiar with that playstyle. It can be a hard and sour start in this game, but it's still a very fun game I think. Feel free to holler at me should i be online and I will do my best to show you a few pointers and help you out. This game needs new players! Have a nice day!