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  1. OldPappy

    Noob actions

    I was rushing around the island in my Omaha, chasing 2 enemy cruisers, shooting them. Kind of surprised about the bad results in every volley. Then the t4 cruisers turned and blasted me. Only then did i discover i was in my (stock!) Nicholas!!! The thing is that at the start of the game some teammates commented on the strange way the Nicholas was played and I even thought on one hand that that Nicholas player seemed like an awful noob, and at the other hand they should leave the poor bastard alone!😂
  2. OldPappy

    Inexcusable Team Torping... Options?

    I agree that an apology is what matters! who here has never torped or shot someone in the heat of battle or by sheer stupid mistake? I dont mind being torped really as long as i get the apology. But when ignored or even yelled at for ruining his torps!?!? the i go bonkers! I am sure you have all had THAT experience, having the torper yell at you, adding insult to injury! In coop you kind of expect getting torped every now and then.
  3. OldPappy

    Why WoWS creates toxic players and fix

    A person who does not understand before getting punched in the face will not understand after the punch either. And a drill sergeant in front of you in the army is quite a different thing from an idiot flaming you in a game chat! Getting chat abused only makes dig in your heals and blame everyone else more. So Hanse77SWE is correct in that taking the higher road at least makes you feel better about yourself. Flaming someone in the heat of the moment leaves a sour taste. But I totally agree regarding t4 cvs. It’s wrecking the experience especially for newer players as been pointed out many times! It is hard and annoying enough for experienced players in t4. Taking St.Luis out for a spin is no fun anymore as its virtually defenceless against cv.
  4. OldPappy

    Destroyer versus rocket planes

    With a cv in the game I dont go near the caps first half of the match. With 2 cvs in the match it doesnt matter what you do anymore. With few exceptions the match is so dd unfriendly that you might as well yolo and die in order to get into the next battle and make the suffering as short as possible. And every time there is a new directive there is a surge in cvs.
  5. OldPappy


    Playing CO op is not about tactics in t7 and below. I agree with above player despair. It is mostly about trying to get the kills before you run out of enemies! Sometimes it’s soooo annoying when you simply have no enemies left because they die in 2 minutes. 😬 The other thing about co-op is the extreme care you have to take not to get torped by your team mates. In coop noone cares! In random there are at least some consideration taken but not here. Anything goes. Part of the charm!😊 I find coop useful for doing directives and try out ships. But its too easy in the mid to low tiers and too expensive in t10. You have to run all ecoflags not to make a loss. I enjoy taking my Bismarck and Gneis out to watch their secondaries go to work. Yes i am kind of crap in coop. 93% winrate. But I simply dont care at all. Even less about winning than i do in Random. 😊
  6. OldPappy

    Wishlist WoWs 2020

    I agree with you! Being an old gamer I dont need shiny new toys all the time. Rather I can feel sometimes that I just want to play the game for the enjoyment of it. It can feel almost stressful with the new events coming like pearls on a string. I can feel I dont want to grind for the end reward, but I cannot ignore it either. 😊 And there is a part of me looking forward to the next event too. Especially the sprints!
  7. OldPappy

    Double CV games

    WG has stated that without 2 cv matches in low- mid tiers the waiting will be too long for players wishing to play cvs. And if you enjoy cv play I can understand this point and would have cheered it if it was for dds for example. I would have been pissed off if I had to wait a long time in my dd for every game if the nuumber had been capped at 1 dd per team!! This does NOT mean I like 2 cv matches!!! Oh no it does not!!! Every time i get into 2 cv matches in my dd I feel like quitting or suiciding directly!! But when playing ( while gritting my teeth!!!) it’s usually not as bad as I feared! I merely understand the reason for it. 😟
  8. OldPappy

    Open Letter To War Gaming/WoWs - Double CV Games

    Mon ami. 😊 As a mainly dd player I understand your anger and frustration! Getting to spend what little sparetime you have, looking forward to some play in T61 ( I love that ship!!) and then face 2 cvs time and again is really annoying. But right now we have an increase in cv play due to directives. People are farming bomb damage and spotting I think. Before that we had a low number of 2 cv games in my experience. So I hope this flush of cv play will decrease!! I guess it’s a matter of weighing fun versus frustration and so far I have more fun and keep playing. But it had been close ever since the rework on many occations!! so my advice is to hang in there! Happy (cv!) huntings fellow T61 captain!
  9. OldPappy

    Honest questions not looking for a fight.

    I had and still have in a lot of cases the being too agrgessive problem. But with the Yorck ot is a different story. Take the back row from the beginning. The Yorck have ok range, excellent dispersion och wicked he shells. But it has garbage turret traverse och its a bit clumsy so never try and brawl och close engage in it. Engage bbs at max range and wear them down. Set them on fire time ang again. At 15-17 k range they have a hard time hitting you when kiting. And they get pissed off and make mistakes often. The ap on yorck are very good to surprise citadel cls! And it has good aa too. I still suck with the Cleveland though. But I found Colorado to be a good ship that one shots or citadells enemies with ease.
  10. OldPappy

    Umm, WG

    Had this too the other day. Would be nice sometimes with quick wins! you load in. Enemy is already down 16 ships and you win (alone!) in the first second!
  11. OldPappy

    Is it really possible....

    I think you actually get Warspite directly or after your first battle.
  12. OldPappy

    Latest Mino build

    Thank my friend! Wish you happy huntings out there!
  13. OldPappy

    Latest Mino build

    I have tried radar Neptune in Ranked and aldo radar Mino. Very nasty surprise for a dd!😬😂 But to get the dd you more or less have to expose yourself and we all know what happens when a Neptune or Mino is seen in the open!! Everyone AND their grandmothers shoots at them from all corners! ( the only ships I think that takes away the focus from cvs !) I tend to agree that SE is the more useful skill in level 3... I enjoyed my Neptune. ( still do). It an underestimated ship which can lead to some nice situations!
  14. OldPappy

    Latest Mino build

    Ty, friend!
  15. OldPappy

    Most fun ships per tier, sept 2019?

    As previous speakers have stated, take it slow. In low tiers you have excellent opportunities to test various tech trees. They all play different. Ijn is fun up to Aoba and then becomes hard to play. You can get fantastic games in Aoba and Myoko, but they are demanding. KM is fun from Königsberg and up. Great kiters! But at low tiers, yes the Kuma, but also RN. Caledon and Danae are very underrated, but play like larger dds. Zip in, torp and citadel. If you get caught you are dead. 😊 St. Luis is always a blast! The french t3 to t6 are excellent. All dds are fun to play in variuous ways. Dont rob yourself of the pleasure of torp an he spamming slow cubersome bbs. But the point is: dont rush. Take a moment. Test. Play. Enjoy. Learn and build your playstyle! I have 7 k battles now and I an beginning to get a hang of things. But there is the fun! When you have mastered the game it becomes boring. Wows is NEVER boring. Lots of other tvings yes, but not boring! And I wonder if anyone out there feels they have mastered all aspects of the game without room for further improvements?😊