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  1. OldPappy

    player saying he reporting me for no reason

    You loose a karma point. End of story. Too many idiots reporting people when they don’t do what they are ”told” to do. I get reported every now and then for not ”pushing agressively into the cap” in my DD. So my advice is to ignore him when you know you have done nothing wrong.
  2. OldPappy

    4:th skill RN BB-line

    Thank you! And I have EL on all my bb captains!😬 (Dare I confess that I even have a 12pt captain on my Farragut without CE!?) But I appreciate your breakdown answer! Learning is a painful process...😌
  3. OldPappy

    4:th skill RN BB-line

    If so, I am in trouble!!😳
  4. OldPappy

    4:th skill RN BB-line

    CE it is then! Thank you for such prompt advice! cheers!!
  5. OldPappy

    4:th skill RN BB-line

    Working my way up the RN bb line. Got 4 skillpoints to spend. My captain has EL, EM and SI. Intend this captain to move up along the tiers. Right now I have QE but I suspect the requirements change from KGV and up?! Grateful for advice.
  6. OldPappy

    The Ranked One thread (post here when you reach Rank I)

    About 50 matches in each sprint to reach rank 1. Maybe 10 of those lost as I tried out various ships. Kirov. Omaha. Octcrev. Kongo and Podvoisky. But 90% of them in Nicholas with DAA. The last 10 fights with a 10 point captain and CE. Made a huge difference! i had loads of fun and tons of frustration!
  7. OldPappy

    Ranked Sprint

    I liked this very much. Yes it’s frustrating gaining and loosing stars depending on your team. But playing against only same tiers ships is great. You really get to test the strenght and weakness of each ship and with so few players in each team you have a chance of good teamplay through communication as well. (A chance, mind you!) I think this really highlights the classic paper, rock sissors game style it is suppose to be. And yes you have op premiums, but I have the October myself and I as I am crap in it it doesn’t matter. A good player managed better in any ship than a bad player in a premium. I go usually in my Nicholas and I for once have a deacent win margin. So I for one applaud WG for this sprint!! very enjoyable even for a below average player as myself.
  8. OldPappy

    Quick question about Yorc

    Thank you, Aragathor! Much appreciated!
  9. OldPappy

    Quick question about Yorc

    As in the title: have Yorck received a buff to it’s AP in terms of shell performance above 10k? Not that it makes a huge difference to my performance in the ship anyway, but I got curious when suddenly the wiki text says nothing about the bad AP long distance results. Oh, any other buffs on it? Might make it easier for my struggle to reach the Hipper. (Yeah I know! It’s not the ship, it’s the captain.....)
  10. OldPappy

    Final Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    Got the Acasts mission from the first crate! Then got the Icarus mission after maybe 15 crates and finally the Jervis from one of the last. Only free crates.
  11. OldPappy

    What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    I played my Omaha and my Nicholas, taking turns in every other game for an hour or two. In one game I could not for the life of me figure out why I got such lousy damage when I chased a Phoenix and some other cruiser around islands on Neighbour map. They turned and shot the crap out of me in 2 seconds! Only then did I realise I was in the Nicholas. Playing 5-6 minutes of the game like a cruiser!!?
  12. OldPappy

    Service Costs/Credit Rewards

    I am - to be fair and honest - a below average player. My 46% winrate testifies to this fact. (To eager and agressive by far!) But I have no problem getting black figures up to t8. Here I do struggle making plus in every battle, but I seldom loose money even so. I play mostly without flags and camo and still make plus. So there must be something not right, unless you play only co-op?
  13. OldPappy

    New Unsporting conduct system needs to be fixed

    I have similar experience. I get kicked out on a regular basis just like that and only on wows! Haven’t turned pink yet though - for this reason - but probably will soon.