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  1. OldPappy

    093, Moskwa researched but not yet re-aquired

    Mr Conway said in yesterdays stream thet Moskva is being moved in the Russian cruiser split. And that patch was not yet decided when. Its not 9.3!
  2. OldPappy

    The best looking ship ?

    The T61. Beautiful ship. Sharp lines. Slim, graceful and deadly looking.
  3. OldPappy

    Why I keep getting the bad teams

    If you keep loosing you have to look at the constant factors involved. My experience is that, sadly, it’s yourself 80% of the time at least! This is NOT a put-down, merely a statement of fact. You are the ONLY constant variation in your teams. I have accepted this fact long ago but still rant and rave at my teams. But i know I am the problem when it comes down to it.
  4. I was going to ask that very question!😀
  5. OldPappy

    Bonuscode - Twitch missions European arc EP II

    Worked!😊👍🏻 Ty friend!
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  8. Well, I am a poor cv player myself as opposed to you. So I cannot really argue. But I have more average plane kills in my Akizuki than most other ships. And I thought the 2-3 second reduction in priority sector cooldown made some difference for dds with better than average aa. (For dds that is. ) But, as I said, it all depends on the cv player. If he is half decent it does not matter what I do. It will only delay the sinking if he wants me down.
  9. Aki is good at kiting. Pick bbs that are otherwise engaged and turn and kite before starting to shoot. A dd kiting away is a hard target for a bb at over 10km. Aki also have good aa with dual purpose main guns. I would suggest takibg the aa mod in slot 3. With the 9.2 patch coming it will be a good investment. Cvs will be more balanced and you have a hope against t8 cvs. Of course against t10 and any good cv player you are toast no matter what you do if they decide so.
  10. OldPappy

    Last date for getting LU modules?

    It will be in update 9.1. Exact date is not fixed yet, I think, but in line with their normal schedule I would venture a guess at 13:th of feb or maybe 20:th. Chased the Zao myself.
  11. OldPappy

    So, planning ahead...

    I quick researched Zao in order to secure the LM before 9.1 update. I played Mogami to get xp and premiums to get credits and free xp. Then i could in about 2-3 weeks time freexp Zao and buy her. I have Ibuki researched of course but will buy her when i can afford. So you can do the same. This playing will get you resource containers to add to your coal and you should be able to get JB and Smolensk within 2 months. Play all ranked that comes along to get steel and coal. Maybe you also have a coupon giving you 25% discount? The daily missions gives you 400 to 1000 coal per day as well. I am by no means a great player, only average at best. Good luck and happy huntings!
  12. OldPappy

    Where are you going wows?

    I agree. I play only this game right niw as its more fun than any other game I tried. Yes it has flaws. But every time it has been claimed and flamed as unplayable and broken most people adopt adapt and moves on (I am hesitant to use: improve!!) The radars. The RN he bbs The cv rework and many others. Yes I too find it annoying being powerless in a dd vs cv. But 1 cv per side adds to the veriety of play and how you adopt to the match. 2 cvs is hard though!! Radars you have learned to live with. Keep track of them and avoid their range etc. But I also hope that WG takes into account that the player base in Wows have en higher average age who enjoyes a slower, strategic/tactical naval warfare game where you have to learn and study your opponents and take your time. Too many gimmicks and faster playstyle will ruin the - despite everything - still enjoyable mood and style of the game.
  13. OldPappy

    Blyskawica Verdict? Worth Some Coal?

    This guy is very good at breaking down the pros and cons of the ship he plays. What he is doing and why. Very hands down useful tips and tactics. He recently made this with the blyska. I like the ship even though its hard to play in the current line ups.
  14. OldPappy

    What do you find anti fun?

    Double cv matches in a dd! when my load-in is slow and I enter the game 2-3 minutes late having some lard assed idiot in my team shooting me for not playing the game! (This is a guy who instead of trying to play himself stays behind - on his own free will!!! - to shoot a teammate for 3 minutes while flaming that I am costing him the win!?!?! Go figure what world his mind functions in..... When its a rofflestomp either way. Cyclones!!! Hate cyclones!!!! My coffee getting cold while playing! Hurting my fist on a wall after a perticularly bad game!😬😂
  15. OldPappy

    Georgia or Jean Bart?

    I dont have Georgia or Thunderer, only Jean Bart. But that ship is dead fun! Very entertaining even though I am a poor bb driver!😊