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  1. OldPappy

    Write here your biggest everyday annoyance when in WOW

    Don’t you like cvs???😳🤔
  2. OldPappy

    Write here your biggest everyday annoyance when in WOW

    Could be. 😊 it’s a point of view… But in my experience it’s better to go with the rest instead of going alone. Even if you know it’s not the best option. Unless you are very good and know you can hold your own. But 9 times out of 10 going alone to a cap IS the wrong choice.
  3. OldPappy

    Write here your biggest everyday annoyance when in WOW

    The ”I know better than the rest of you” player in ranked who speeds off alone to the third cap - which by everyone else has been ruled out. And he/she refuses to listnen to any advice or pleas and dies alone there after 2 minutes of the game. And it’s downhill from there!!! I suppose we have to be grateful that said player does not spend the rest of thst game being toxic in chat over the ”lack of support” and all of us ”p…ssies” being scared.
  4. OldPappy

    change nickname for free for chat insult

    If they insult you because you are good then they have some severe problems themselves. Because that does not make sense! Any form of cultural, national or religious slurs or similar are the act of very small persons!! I hope you can ignore them and keep playing well, proving them to be the idiots they are and make them smaller by just outplaying them! Good luck and all the best!
  5. OldPappy

    Brawl 3 vs 3 - Must fun I had in 2 years

    I agree. Its fun. Testing various ships against others of the same tier without the ranked advance hanging over you. More relaxed and brutal!! Great fun!!
  6. OldPappy

    Bad manners in game chat

    Ignore him. That is the only option really. Reporting that player will do no good whatsoever. He will carry on. There are too many infantile players to bother with out there. I know sometimes they get to you. But moaning toxic players like that most likely have other issues to deal with. Enjoy your game in your fashion and dont let the toxic taunters ruin it for you. They want a reaction and we have to stop feeding them. (I am far from free of sin in this matter, but I am working on it!😊)
  7. OldPappy

    ships Radar

    True. That risk is there!
  8. OldPappy

    ships Radar

    If a bb had no protection from dds then all bbs in the matches would be torped and sunk before the end. It is very hard to torp a bb that has one eye on the minimap and use WASD hacks on regular basis. And a dd that gets spotted have a hard time for 20 odd seconds even if he stays cool and goes dark asap. So the odds are about even on paper and then it depends on the players in each ship. A dd who knows his trade will never be spotted in a 1v1 situation, but against an equal ”non-potatoe-player” in the bb, the bb will not get torped to death either.
  9. OldPappy

    T10 matches

    I can relate to that. So many t9 ships, snd some t8 ships, that is fun to play no matter top or bottom tier. And lightning is absolutely a prime example. And the xp you get when you shoot those juicy t10 targets is so much better.
  10. OldPappy

    Dutch cruisers

    Only played De Reyter yesterday for the first time. Nothing special, not bad, not good. A decent performance. Mind you, it WAS only coop, but still. Guns are not impressive but ok. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. OldPappy

    DD life and a game!

    In the stat web page you can choose coop and then sort by nation. Dont know if you get a total avverage for all ships for a dpecigic nation but I havent tried doing it either, so it might be possible. http://wows-numbers.com/
  12. OldPappy

    cleveland <-> seattle

    Cleveland feels better because you face worse enemies. But I find her guns meh and slow. Seattle is a good ship in itself. Good aa, good dpm etc. But she just faces big guns bbs on more open maps that just blasts her out of existanse. The radar paints a target on her back! She cannot kite properly due to bad angles and shows broadside if she tries using all guns. in the right circumstances she is great! In normal ones she is a suicide on the level of Donskoi - one of my most hated ships. But Donskoi could at least do long range he spamming if sorts. I an just trying to get through to Worchester….
  13. OldPappy

    Ranked season in holidays > crap

    I think you are right. With the addition that they probably start seriously but get fed up trying to get through and then start farming/grinding instead. And so the problem rolls on. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  14. It’s a fun ship if you find the right situations but very hard when you dont. I played it in ranked a while back and capped, the yoloed and sunk their top dd and bb giving my team a very very good start!!!😀 Anyone care to guess who won????😬
  15. OldPappy

    NA account

    I know this has been asked before, but seeing that I seem to have the attention span of a five year old, please explain how to play on the NA server. (Like to a five year old!😂)