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  1. Excellent. 😊👍🏻 Sail fast and aim well, friend! ( Although not at me, of course!😬)
  2. When I get this message and error - which I have had a few times - it has always worked to restart the client program. Then it dissappears.
  3. OldPappy

    Musashi, to push or not to push

    The Musashi I find should be played like the Nelson for instance. They both have very accurate guns as opposed to most other BBs. So staying at a distance favours them both. They have squishy armour and big citadels. They get punished when brawling och crossfired. When I play them right and with patience I get well rewarded. Unfortunately I seldom do. 😬 Bismarck and Gneisenau suits me better as I always get impatient and too aggressive!
  4. OldPappy

    CV player Poll

    I have played the current rts style cv and it’s ok. Sometimes a relaxing change to normal play. Only played up to t6 though. I also tried the new cv’s in PTS. It’s arcade fun.. But in order to do serious damage and sink sink enough ships to have a real impact on the game you have to be good in this new style. I think we will see a lot of new cv players doing very widespread but minimal (per ship) damage. The AA is more realistic this way as it won’t be a ”no go zone” as it is now around a Mino or a Worchester etc. DD s will be spotted more frequently, yes. But it’s hard to hit them with torps, rockets or bombs. A US squadron used to have 6 torpedoes that might be hard to dodge, but the new dquadron have only 3? An old style cv had several squadrons to disperse around the map but now it will be 1 per cv. And no cv player will hang around a dd spotting it for the team when they can farm damage instead. They cannot do both anymore. I think a 2 cv game right now is harder for any type of ship. I havent played higher tier than 6 though and they might be different. So I say, wait and see. This might be more rejuvenating for the game than you think.
  5. OldPappy

    The Ranked One thread (post here when you reach Rank I)

    No CE on the captain. 😊 So I think there are other dds with better concealment then.
  6. OldPappy

    Ship you love. That everyone else hates

    For some odd reason I do well in Hatsuharu. There is no reason why I should. I only have a 7 point captain in it. So bad concealment and only those measly guns and the slow torps. But, appearantly we like each other. I also like that floating, giant citadel: Omaha. AND I actually find the guns on Gneisenau to my liking.
  7. OldPappy

    The Ranked One thread (post here when you reach Rank I)

    Reached rank 1 this morning. 21 battles. 2 in cruisers, 1 with QE (loss) and the rest in various DDs. Did my best games in the Hatsuharu, believe it or not!
  8. OldPappy

    Code: Win Battles for Containers

    Worked fine when I wrote without the brackets just now! Thanks!!
  9. OldPappy

    1 day premium account bonus code

    Excellent! Thank you!😊👍🏻
  10. OldPappy

    warned for team damage. torpedoes

    Torping a teammate is like rearending another car. ALWAYS your fault no matter what the circumstances. Sad but true.
  11. OldPappy

    Humble Bundle WoWs bonuscode

    Very nice! Hat off to you, my friend!
  12. OldPappy

    player saying he reporting me for no reason

    You loose a karma point. End of story. Too many idiots reporting people when they don’t do what they are ”told” to do. I get reported every now and then for not ”pushing agressively into the cap” in my DD. So my advice is to ignore him when you know you have done nothing wrong.
  13. OldPappy

    4:th skill RN BB-line

    Thank you! And I have EL on all my bb captains!😬 (Dare I confess that I even have a 12pt captain on my Farragut without CE!?) But I appreciate your breakdown answer! Learning is a painful process...😌
  14. OldPappy

    4:th skill RN BB-line

    If so, I am in trouble!!😳
  15. OldPappy

    4:th skill RN BB-line

    CE it is then! Thank you for such prompt advice! cheers!!