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  1. TeaAndTorps

    Srsy WG? How drunk are you?

    Just imagine having been away from the game for several months, deciding to have a quick look at the forums to see what's new, and reading the words 'airstrike of researchable cruisers' Lmao
  2. TeaAndTorps

    Great captain rework still holding strong

    And this is why I no longer give money or GW or WG. Businesses need to turn a profit, obviously, but there is a fine line between that and blatantly rinsing customers. A fine line that both companies mentioned have left waaaaay in their rear-view mirror at this point.
  3. TeaAndTorps

    Should WG ban all sub 50% wr players from randoms?

    I am not, but I might or might not be satirising a former British Secretary of State for Education, one Mr M. Gove.
  4. TeaAndTorps

    Should WG ban all sub 50% wr players from randoms?

    Of course, I want everyone to be above average. /s
  5. TeaAndTorps

    1/2 Citadel damage for Cruisers

    Playing cruisers would be just fine if it weren't for the BB overpopulation. I'm not sure that halving citadel damage to cruisers is a way of reducing the BB overpopulation. Off the top of my head, it might be more effective to give BBs something of a manoeuverability and/or turret rotation and/or concealment nerf to make them less forgiving when played poorly. Or just give them more easily accessible citadels themselves.
  6. TeaAndTorps

    Is it time to disengage and close your wallet?

    I'm having a lot more fun in Sea of Thieves these days, actually. Key differences include a total lack of power creep and no sense of a hamster wheel (e.g. with the upcoming captain rework), and a dev team who seem to have a clear philosophy of what the game is about, what they're aiming to achieve, and not just lurching from one massive change to the next. So no, I don't see myself renewing my premium time when it next runs out, and if I do then it'll just be running down my stock of doubloons. It is a shame but so many decisions over the past year or two make me doubt that WG even understand their own product.
  7. Well, there's another reason to extend my break from WOWS There are plenty of games out there that seem to succeed without hamster wheels and power creep...
  8. TeaAndTorps

    Worst patch since CV rework?

    Honestly, the additions @DFens_666 mentions were enough to tip me from 'maybe, maybe not' to 'I am buying Sea of Thieves and spending a while on that'. BB SAP strikes me as especially silly.
  9. TeaAndTorps

    What WG have done right

    Being able to farm many good camos last patch was good. Other events have been a tad meh this year but the last one was enjoyable (in large part because the directives were doable with normal play). The ship models, as ever, are good. Learning curve is, for me at least, just right – challenging enough to be interesting but it's not super hard to get good results. Apart from the 457-spam, I find surface gameplay pretty well balanced. They appear to have calmed down on the pace of premium releases compared to 5 months ago? The game has its problems, sure, but the core of it is good and usually rewarding.
  10. TeaAndTorps

    Why did you do this, WG?

    My understanding was that the maximum has previously been increased earlier in the game's life (idk, might have that wrong, I wasn't around) and previously max-level captains stayed max level. May be totally off the mark there though. Either way, gonna be doing a lot with my whole two 19-pointers for a while
  11. TeaAndTorps

    Why did you do this, WG?

    0.10.0, which will come after 0.9.12. I don't think there's any confirmation that 19-pointers will or won't become 21-pointers though, unless I've missed something? Hoping for clarification soon as it makes a big difference to whether I'm gonna hoard elite commander XP or promote my Richelieu captain to 19 points...
  12. TeaAndTorps

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Shenyang is an amazing ship. The guns hit enemy DDs hard for the tier, decent stealth, lots of smoke. A worthy rival to Clemson. Highly recommend.
  13. TeaAndTorps

    What exactly is a devastating strike?

    Pretty much what everyone above has said. I did have a weird one once though, that maybe suggests that the DoT doesn't have to come from the last salvo. I was playing my Texas. Had HE loaded but the target I had loaded it for was now sunk, so I fired it at the enemy Iron Duke that was pushing me, set him on fire, and switched to AP. While I reloaded he turned broadside to me. My next salvo smacked him for a double cit and some standard pens – over half his health – but didn't quite kill him. The fire was still burning though. One or two ticks of fire damage later, the Iron Duke blew up and the game awarded me a Devastating Strike. This was pre CV-rework so idk if that's changed. Wish I had got a replay video :/
  14. With the new rule that you can also knock off a snowflake by earning 300 BXP, a month in co-op shouldn't be necessary, should it?
  15. TeaAndTorps

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Well, that'll teach me to say nasty things about the mid-tier USN BBs, won't it? Also, the game felt more relaxing since I switched all the voiceovers to Jingles today. This was the first time having him inform me 'That's a paddling'