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  1. I mean I think this might be a bit optimistic, but have definitely done it in about 12 games from 3 points in Phoenix with premium time, Restless Fire and maybe some special signals – presumably quicker at higher tiers with bigger XP gains. Good point you make about Haida's concealment too. Words cannot express how much I love that ship since I started playing her in randoms.
  2. Legit it takes so little time to grind a 10-pointer tho, and I say that as someone who doesn't have any 19-pointers yet... I can see how playing Haida without CE can be less than wonderful, sure, but calling it discrimination is just hollowing that word out until it becomes basically meaningless *shrug*
  3. TeaAndTorps

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    These are good points both – maybe any gap between them can be bridged by saying players should be better informed that they are being rewarded? Even if that way is just making the spotting damage display bigger. Stick it on the front page of the results screen to give it more parity with damage dealt. It's a shame people don't just get a good feeling from having a big spotting number, but hey ho. Tbh though, I haven't noticed DDs being noticeably worse than any other time over the last 2 years. Just maybe fewer of them.
  4. TeaAndTorps

    Why WoWS creates toxic players and fix

    Ooorrrr, and hear me out, people who start to feel homicidal over a video game could make time in their lives to learn how to process their emotions in a healthier manner?
  5. TeaAndTorps

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    For a first T8 BB (it fell out of one of the Unsinkable Sam crates) that I probably shouldn't actually be playing but I want those secondary hits for the directive, I'm overall pretty pleased with how I'm doing in Bismarck. It's a lot of fun to play! This match lost me 2 karma, which I actually find hilarious tbh.
  6. TeaAndTorps

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    [shiptoast] [#SorryNotSorry] So apparently the key to getting 1) your highest ever credits from one battle 2) four achievements in one battle for the first time... is to play while a bit *whispers* under the influence of a Wednesday evening. Makes easy Kraken comrade! Oh it's possibly very important to also have Rise Against playing to encourage you too, I don't know, I don't make the rules.
  7. TeaAndTorps

    Maybe an idea....

    this must be the first time anyone has (indirectly) called me an expert player but yeah achievements for spotting, capping, decapping and tanking are still a good idea that should happen.
  8. TeaAndTorps

    So they will reverse the "gun bloom change"

    Finally! (hands up who else finds it low-key hilarious to compare how long this has taken, with the time the CV rework had from concept reveal to beta testing to live. just saying the quiet part out loud)
  9. TeaAndTorps

    Anniversary Coupons

    Yes, EU players do get coupons for their player anniversaries. Got me a Dunkerque with my recent one. But I agree that email was vague, and they could have been more explicit in saying you need to log into the premium shop to find it. I knew I needed to from previous in-game notifications, but wouldn't have known for sure if I had only had the email about it. Just going to send @MrConway a bat-signal in case that's something that should be fed back to the relevant department (in a helpful rather than an angry spirit, I hope you understand). Presumably there is a policy of not giving out coupons to replace ones people missed out on. In the same way as coupons and special offers from your supermarket of choice, the expiry date is non-negotiable and absolute or where do you draw the line? Obviously I'm on the outside, but I'd guess the reasoning goes something like that.
  10. TeaAndTorps

    Anniversary Coupons

    Looking at that email, you were given that stuff not for the anniversary of WOWS as a whole but for your anniversary as a player. Having recently had my second, I can confirm that you do get a coupon for that. I would have thought that email is your notification, and you could have logged into the premium store to find it. Sadly it will have expired by now. I think you should have got an in-game notification telling you that? That's where all of my coupon notifications have come in the past. But it is poor that the email doesn't include instructions on how to find your coupon, considering it's not necessarily 100% obvious. @ everyone else: think the general anniversary rewards are a separate issue? Or is there something going around that I've missed?
  11. TeaAndTorps

    Discounts on defeats this month ???

    'money-grubbing' would be a good translation. It's what companies tend to do under capitalism. Indeed it's their legal responsibility. I won't say whether that's good or bad, but I will say that if it makes you unhappy it might be time to think about joining a trade union But I'm not sure what that has to do with win rates?
  12. TeaAndTorps

    11 campers losing in 10 minutes is the new meta

    Clearly some wins are more fun than others, but I don't think it's necessarily linked to whether it's a steamroll or not. I once got 3 kills including 2 dev strikes, High Calibre, 2 caps and 113k damage in my Shenyang in a roughly 10-minute battle when the enemy just rolled over. Was a lot of fun despite being a steamroll
  13. TeaAndTorps

    How do you play "Daily Missions" in WoWs?

    Mostly I ignore them and I get what I get, these days. Occasionally if I'm just a short distance from finishing a chain I'll go into co-op to do so. But mostly I know that with the amount I play I should finish the 'Medium' monthly mission without special efforts, and that the 'Hard' one is basically unattainable without playing considerably more, so not worth making special efforts for.
  14. TeaAndTorps

    PSA Regarding AA Guns Modification 1 on DDs

    Thanks not sure how I missed that!
  15. TeaAndTorps

    PSA Regarding AA Guns Modification 1 on DDs

    I'm replacing it on most ships (read: all DDs; less sure what to do about the cruisers) where I had it equipped atm. I wish I wish I wish that WG would tell us the ranges at which flak clouds will spawn now – the infographic from the patch notes shows that it covers part of the mid-range and all of the long-range aura, but no mention of exact values in the client If anyone has any idea where to find this info, I would be very pleased to hear. Ngl, I might just replace it with the aiming systems mod on every ship anyway, especially while upgrades are half price.