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  1. 10ThousandThings

    What are you the most unsatisfied with?

    I don't have too much of a problem with having to memorise other ships' armour – I wouldn't want to see it in battle. But I agree it wouldn't be hard to show values for what HE can pen, and what AP can overmatch (althought obvs AP pen varies greatly depending on distance and angle). And 100% agreed that those things should be turned on by default. I did send a rather long email to the friend I mentioned the other day, telling him how to set up his UI properly – it's absurd that it doesn't come with all of these very important things enabled.
  2. 10ThousandThings

    What are you the most unsatisfied with?

    Proper tutorials I recently got a friend into the game – he's enjoying it and chilling at T4 for a while – but there's nothing quite like it for realising just how much I should have been able to find out from in-game tutorials, rather than trawling the forums and YouTube for it. 'Don't give broadside', for example. 'Chill at T4 for a while' might be another. (Yes I know that the second point's not very profitable for WG, so is unlikely to ever become an official recommendation). Though the current state of the CV rework is a close second, with the UI also coming close behind again.
  3. 10ThousandThings

    Four codes from Wargaming fest

    Oh right, that would make more sense!
  4. 10ThousandThings

    Four codes from Wargaming fest

    A Twitch crate, I believe.
  5. 10ThousandThings

    Four codes from Wargaming fest

    Thanks @Fat_Maniac, all four worked. The first one worked after typing rather than copying and pasting it, so it's worth everyone else trying that if they're having difficulties.
  6. 10ThousandThings

    premium ships

    OTOH it's okay if you plan to play your high-tier premium exclusively in co-op until you reach (competence at) that tier in the tech tree. My Sims, Haida and Blyskawica will all agree that that can be fun too
  7. 10ThousandThings

    Console Ready CV's....We all told you so ;-)

    [I fear I may have misunderstood again]
  8. 10ThousandThings

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I should have died so many times in this match, but somehow kept pulling myself out of the stupid situations I got myself into, until a stupid misplay while distracted by torpedo bombers brought me out right in front of the enemy Nikolai with my torps on cooldown. I'm a bit irritated with myself about that, but still, my first heroic achievment in DDs and setting a new all-time personal best damage is not to be sniffed at. It kinda makes up for the rubbish start I got off to in Wakeful.
  9. 10ThousandThings

    Question about German DD shells

    This was me misunderstanding – I had in my head that with the 1/4 pen rule meant that CAs' HE was pretty scary, but hadn't realised about the low alpha. I stand corrected Okay, that makes sense. Thanks :-) This really is showing me the importance of 'going wide' – I'd have never grasped the full implications/complexity of all this without deciding to have a go at them myself.
  10. 10ThousandThings

    Question about German DD shells

  11. 10ThousandThings

    Question about German DD shells

    Okay, thanks for that. So still the same drill of mostly HE, except in the cases you mention? Also a note to myself to switch to AP more often to farm broadside superstructures and upper belts. I think the USN 127mm/38 guns have made me forget that that's a possibility, except at very close ranges where you can citadel certain CL/CAs. <— at myself I'd also be interested if anyone can direct me to a site where I can find specs like AP fuse time. Given that they don't seem to appear on the wiki...
  12. 10ThousandThings

    Question about German DD shells

    Hi everyone. I've decided to add German DDs to the lines that I'm actively grinding – as opposed to the many that are just there for when I need a change. I seem to remember hearing that – in contrast to the German CAs – the DDs' HE is pretty anaemic for the class, but on a decent target the AP can do significant damage thanks (in part?) to a shorter fuse time. First of all, please do correct my if I've misunderstood something there. Second, I wondered if anyone could tell me if that's the case through the whole line, and if not, where does it start to be the case? I've tried searching the wiki on the second point, but have come up empty – possibly my fault rather than the wiki's – so figured I'd ask here. Cheers
  13. 10ThousandThings

    Console Ready CV's....We all told you so ;-)

    I guess if they had done so, it would have created reasonable expectations that console and PC players would play on the same server, hence growing the playerbase. Or that if it wasn't going to be cross-platform, they could retain the current iteration of CVs for PC (given that such a significant proportion of current players – CV mains and otherwise – are not happy about the rework), and put a more console-friendly version on console. But no, neither of those seemingly sensible things are happening either, comrade
  14. 10ThousandThings

    CV rework new gameplay: what about low AA ships?

    Well said. While of course game balance > realism, it does seem a bit strange to give a health buff to planes in the most dangerous part of any operation, i.e. the actual attack run. Torpedo bombers especially were sitting ducks for fighters and AA, having to fly straight and level on their approach, and then often overfly the target after dropping their payload. I get that it's a mechanic to avoid frustration for the CV player, but seeing as planes barely seem to die anyway it's worth questioning whether the temporary health buff is necessary. But yes, altogether there should be a better balance between availability of reserves and aircraft survivability, rather than dialling both up to 11. Here's hoping that AA has been kept artificially weak in the tests up until now as a kind of 'proof of concept', and will now be made stronger to prevent the new CVs just being broken, OP DoT farmers.
  15. Although, if they're not going to bother making it work cross-platform, why bother changing it if (as it seems) most of the current playerbase are highly sceptical about the rework? *hopeful face* I guess there must be good reasons, but not making it cross-platform seems like a wasted opportunity to grow the playerbase; I'm a bit confused about that decision.