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  1. Wish List for World of Warship

    1) Can be done in a training room, with clanmates for example. I think having it as a result game mode would be tricky, given e.g. automatic radar imbalance. 2) Every single warship in the game would have carried plenty of ammo of both/all types to last a 20 minute engagement. (Except maybe if they were packing incendiary shells for shore bombardment missions, but that's not really relevant here). Torps are the exception but they have to be unlimited for game balance reasons. It's fine as is. 3) As repairs do not cost credits, I don't really see the point. As can be seen from the recent thread about the Inventory, the port UI is complicated enough for people to miss features already; no need to make it more so. Also, imagine the salt if a teammate decides to bring only 75% HP to a battle. 4) Ah, that flag's called a 'jack' in English. I mean, why not? I guess it's unlikely to be a priority for the Devs though, at the end of the day.
  2. What is the charge for "Service"?

    Well, clearly it hasn't in WOWS. As it happens, WOWS is the only online multiplayer game I play, so I'm afraid I can't speak for other titles. I expect it wouldn't be too hard for someone with the time, resources, knowledge and necessary data to model the outcomes of doing what you suggest, to arrive at a balance of nerfing credit income and increasing other running costs that punishes poor play without premium at a similar level to the current system. It's a fairly simple formula, after all. I would emphasise again though – if you remove fixed service costs, you remove the automatic economic penalty for AFKers/sleepers. There's no way of getting around that, and I doubt you'll find many people willing to get rid of it. What would be more complicated would be testing the psychological impact, i.e. how your proposed system would change player behaviour. The question, really, is why it would be worth going to the effort of doing any of this when the current system does what it's supposed to.
  3. What is the charge for "Service"?

    The thing is, I'm not sure that would have the same effect. One important part of the service-fee model, as I see it, is that AFK players will always lose credits, and players who play extremely passively or don't have the requisite skills will lose credits on higher tiers. I don't think you could replicate that by simply reducing gross credit earnings and having camo, premium consumables and ammo resupply as the only deductions. Unless you massively increased the cost of all of those, which would create perverse incentives to play poorly (by not firing your guns as much, by not taking a camo, or by not taking premium consumables at tiers where you frankly need them).
  4. Please remove T8 from Tx MM

    That's good, I'm having that.
  5. Yes, getting More Resources all the time these days. I'm aiming to complete the Vive la France collection (wasn't able to play enough to do so at the time) and the Dunkirk collection (was before I joined the game) through the Arsenal. Really, the only disappointing possibility in those crates is more ramming flags... I might go back to picking camos and signals if I run out of some important combat signal like India Delta, but I can also just get a pile of those with coal and a 50% voucher or two... I realise that's an inefficient use of coal in some ways, but I'm not that interested in any of the ships currently available in the arsenal, and it doesn't seem significantly less efficient than opening signals boxes hoping to get the ones you want.
  6. The Damage Farm [BB Plague III]

    This. The distinction between 'easiest to play well' and 'easiest to feel like you're playing well (even if you don't understand how to play it well)' is an important one which should be made more often. And I say that as someone who was quite recently at the 'not understanding how to play it well' stage, and still has some way to go before I can consistently apply my – still patchy – theoretical knowledge of positioning, planning ahead, being useful without overextending etc. in practice – in both cruisers and BBs, tbf.
  7. Ghost Ship ? a Scharnhorst disappeared next to me

    As others have said, it's really nice seeing someone with a good attitude like this. Thanks, OP You can get more info about the spotting mechanics on the wiki page here, too: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Detection I can tell you from recent personal experience that, along with the forum, the wiki is another fantastic source of information about these kinds of questions.
  8. Submarines ingame?

    Ooh and what about the other two times in the past 3 weeks that OP has posted inaccurate or readily available info claiming it was a 'leak'? First it was a copy-and-paste of the 0.7.8 dev bulletin ('leaked', apparently), then a 'credible source in the devblog team' with a 'tip-off' that premium ammo would be happening in a couple of patches' time, and now this. This is not just bait; this is extraordinarily tedious, lazily executed bait marinated for 48 hours in the lowest-quality bull excrement.
  9. How's the Giulio Cesare?

    And has pretty fast-turning turrets for a T5 BB. The major weakness is an above-the-waterline citadel which will get your broadside punished hard if you expose it, but as the numbers presented in the thread linked above show, that weakness is not exactly enough to make it balanced at its tier. If you come across an angled target that you can't overmatch, and there are no better targets for your AP, you switch ammo and quite easily turn your opponent's deck into an oversized HE-fired pizza oven
  10. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I can't decide whether or not I'm a little bit sad that my first ever 100k+ game was in top-tier battle in a ship as, ahem, balansd as the Giulio. I definitely am sad that I didn't manage to get the last 690 damage for the kill on that Hiei but altogether a fun battle, playing 'backstop' as my team flanked pushed round the map through the other flank. On a generally... mixed... evening, things came together nicely here.
  11. How's the game nowadays?

    I joined the game around the same time as you left, and I still find it really fun (more so since I got a grip on the game mechanics ) though I can't really speak for the high-tier meta. Yes there are some rollover defeats/victories, but I still get mostly enjoyable battles tbh. The other change I don't think anyone has mentioned yet is the introduction of mirrored MM – so each team gets the same number of each class and tier, at least outside graveyard hours. If you have two T7 DDs, so does the enemy, and so on. It can occasionally mean someone gets dragged into an inappropriately high-tier battle to mirror a fail division, but that's much rarer than the old 2 vs 3 DDs used to be. Altogether I think it's a very positive change. The introduction of the Arsenal is great too.
  12. [GO NAVY!] Resource Tactics (team-switching)

    I know right, I've had the same. But it should be there in the client. Counting 25 days from the start date (27 July) also gives 21 August as the last day of the competition. So that gives us a day afterwards to spend any last tokens, if 0.7.8 does indeed go live that Thursday.
  13. [GO NAVY!] Resource Tactics (team-switching)

    The last day is the 21st, I believe – it should say so somewhere in the Go Navy tab in the game client, IIRC. The announcement on the website says that tokens will be converted into credits after 0.7.8 is deployed (just above the start of the 'Containers' section). Which I'm guessing will be on the 23rd, but that is only a guess. EDIT: Sorry, forgot to quote @Oldschool_Gaming_YT
  14. Presumably so – I'm just not convinced that either is a particularly good criterion (even before you take into account the Finns' perspective on b)!). But I suppose WG decides on the basis of what relevant laws and their markets demand/will tolerate, so meh. It doesn't wind me up particularly, I just find it odd/surprising.
  15. I'd always wondered why WW1-era German ships in the game had a nearly-Nazi-but-not-quite ensign instead of the IGN ensign, and why the IGN flag couldn't just be put on all German ships with the aim of giving WW2 ships an ensign that really existed but doesn't include a Nazi symbols. I hadn't realised that the IGN ensign could also be covered by the same ban. So I learned something new today. (On a more-or-less related note, I've never understood the thinking that leads to the Rising Sun being beyond the pale, but hammer-and-sickles being fine.)