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  1. 10ThousandThings

    Fires on DD

    Admittedly that doesn't appear to have been updated since 0.8.0, but those changes to fire only affected CVs.
  2. 10ThousandThings

    Fires on DD

    http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fire Max of four, duration of 30s without modifiers, ticks for 0.3% of HP/s.
  3. 10ThousandThings

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    Ah right, so they're not removing P but making air detection at least equal to AA range for everyone except DDs. I can see how it makes sense, but let's see how it works out on live. EDIT: And thanks. Not sure how I missed that!
  4. 10ThousandThings

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    Where did you hear that? Can't see it on the development blog or the main website. That would be pretty stupid as a change, given how much time they've spent telling us to 'just use P' when playing DDs in CV games.
  5. 10ThousandThings

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    I mean, surely being able to immediately think of multiple troll uses is precisely what makes it a terrible idea? As for the rest, agreed 100%. The salt that would result from anyone burning down with a friendly CV in the game would be out of this world. Altogether, these ideas for 'support CVs' kinda strike me as semi-formed thoughts that should never have been put into the public domain in such a rough state, even as mere suggestions.
  6. 10ThousandThings

    Premium ships vs doubloon camo tech tree ships

    Sometimes I do wish that I could pay to activate free captain transfers à la premiums on silver ships (even if it was restricted to T6+ to prevent it being a licence to club seals with 19-pointers). E.g. When I move onto Helena, 1-2k doubs would allow me to continue to move the captain back to the Dallas as much as I wish – far preferable to having to train a new 10-pt commander on the Phoenix (I refuse to do so on the Omaha, and I'm not playing Dallas without IFHE; see also not playing T5+ DDs without CE). Actually make that 3 new 10-pointers – I suspect I will want to keep playing Helena and Cleveland as well, even after reaching Worcester in the far-distant future. And multiply that by several other lines with a number of 'keepers'... I said 'sometimes' though. Sadly whenever I think it through I still come to the conclusion it would probably end up breaking the captain XP economy And I guess WG would be concerned that the resulting profits might not make up for any related decline in premium ship sales.
  7. 10ThousandThings

    Which account will be the most fun to play in the long run

    I think the quoted comment is pretty solid advice – if you want to 'kill' one, then continue with the one with the most paid-for content and valuable resources (FXP, 19-point commanders, etc). If you miss playing one of the lines from the other (and that really is down to personal preference), you can always progress down it again on the account you choose to continue – you don't have to limit yourself to just the lines you already have unlocked.
  8. To go off on a slight tangent: whoever comes up with the URLs does at least bring a bit of levity to a Monday morning :)
  9. Interestingly, I have it on good authority that it's continued to be used in the Republic of Ireland since 2002 to refer to euros. So you both get to be right ;-)
  10. I would guess deliberate. There's thus an option to get it for free by grinding or having played a lot up to now, and there's a paid option for those who want it now without the grinding. The fact that they're making it available for money, at a significantly lower price than the doubloons needed to convert all of that XP, strikes me as a customer-friendly move; I can't see it making anyone lose out, no matter how hard I try to think of ways it could. I suspect that WG are also calculating that, among players who want an Alaska but don't have and can't/don't want to grind the FXP, they'll sell more than twice as many Alaskas for +/-€65 than they will convince people to convert the XP for +/- €130. So win-win, right? I had one drop back in October. I've not really got them very often, so the gap since then doesn't strike me as very odd, but I'm sure others have more first-hand experience of these things than me.
  11. 10ThousandThings

    GUI fix/ revamp is needed before new ship lines

    Seconded. It's got beyond the point where 'new content comes first' is a reasonable attitude, imo.
  12. 10ThousandThings

    Bug Reports

    There's another, much clearer instance of this in the first five minutes of this replay. Enemy torps this time. No alarm until they're are right on top of me, even though I'm sure they're spotted further out by hydro. Yes I'm tunnel-visioned like an idiot and forgetting my WASD hax, but I don't think the torpedo warnings can be working as intended here. (Why does this always happen in replays that are otherwise embarrassing? ) 20190223_220832_PASC206-Dallas_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay
  13. 10ThousandThings

    The Odd Man Out

    This. Unfortunately I still get quite a few moments where I think my team are in a position to spot a target if I smoke up and farm it a bit myself, but then discover I was wrong when I do smoke up. I'm working on better situational awareness for that kind of thing. So I would add to the above – if you find yourself in that situation, just leave your smokescreen and go spot for the team again. It sucks to have wasted a consumable charge, yes, but it sucks more for your chances of victory if your big guns lose eyes on their targets, and they might be able to make use of your smoke themselves. Don't sit there like a lemon waiting for your team to reaquire the enemy. Pan-Asian and RN DDs might be good for learning that, due to faster cooldowns and more charges. Sorry, @Saltface, if this sounds obvious to you – but for me it took hearing Flamu rage about a friendly Yueyang just sitting in smoke for me to realise I needed to reassess how I used offensive smokescreens (thankfully I hadn't got above T5 at that point!), so it seemed to bear saying explicity here. (Obviously only referring here to situations where you're using smoke offensively – using it to escape is kinda different, but even then I would try to re-establish spotting as soon as safely possible.)
  14. 10ThousandThings

    Why the Hell is Tier 8 being put with Tier 10, insanly UNFAIR

    I refer you to my comments on your previous thread on this topic: Please understand that I'm not suggesting going and playing more at lower tiers (in random battles, anyway; co-op is a different story) with the intention to insult you. I simply say so because there is a lot to learn in this game, and everyone except some very rare natural talents will get far better results from taking it one step at a time and learning gradually, rather than throwing themselves into the highly unforgiving environment of T8+ matches with limited experience. Insults and, especially, threats are obviously unacceptable, but people aren't having a go at you just for playing a T8 ship, but for playing a T8 ship without the requisite skills and understanding to be effective in one. (Having a bottom-tier ship in one's team does not compromise the chance of victory, as the other team has a bottom-tier ship of the same class in return. What does compromise one's chances of winning is having a newbie in a match otherwise populates by experienced players).
  15. 10ThousandThings

    CV players, it's not over for you yet

    CE. You'll still get a decent number of games with no CV (I have been), or where there's only one CV and he's concentrating on the other flank. In those situations, not having CE in your DD (if it's not Russian, I suppose – I don't play those atm so not as sure) is a bit like walking around with your trousers round your ankles. Also, everyone has just got a huge air concealment buff (though it remains to be seen how that plays out over at keast a few days or weeks). Then take RPF when you have 14 points. Use it to figure out where other DDs with better guns, better concealment or both are coming from, avoid getting spotted in disadvantageous positions, drop torps where they aren't expecting them, profit.