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    Developer Diaries: Update 0.7.12 - Discussion Thread

    He needed fix in the start since boat is complete trash comparable to tech tree same tier ships. P.S. since he will not get any upgrade I sold him shortly after get him.

    Developer Bulletin 0.7.12 - Discussion Thread

    Too much to do on PT for pitty rewards to main server. Not worth of time.
  3. I would like to say something special like ....Belfast...since it is RN offer!

    Alexander Ovechkin - Dual Russian/American special captain

    WG, when we speak about commander ,It should be option to transfer commander skill points to another captain for same nation. We grind 19 skill points on some commander and would be nice to transfer them to some new commander with special skils.

    Alexander Ovechkin - Dual Russian/American special captain

    Vladimir should be more logical than hockey player,HSF girls and similar nonsemce in this kind of game.

    Update 0.7.10 British Destroyers - Discussion Thread

    I play only destroyers and cruisers. I play 4 destroyers on Tier 10 , and 4 cruisers (Moskva,Des Moines,Worcester,Henry) so I know what are you saying. That what you say is more situational than full time advantage of that ship. When I play DD you can predict where Worcester or Des Moines going. They are not open sea cruisers,by default. They will search for middle sized rock to use their benefit shoting above rock. You cannot Problem playing in DDs on random is MORE bad support, or not support at all,so Worcester is less problem. Only real advantage with Worcester would be if you dont know his position on the map when he play stealth and you get into clinch with him. Mostly, you will know his position on the small map because he will shot at BBs so you know what part on map you should avoid. Worcester would not push capping site because of DD. He will stay behind rock and wait for radar,also like Minotaur and Des Moines. Minotaur have 9.1km detectability by sea,and Worcester have 9.5km. Mino radar 9.9 and Worc 9.9! You think you will escape Minotaur when you spot him at 9.1 km more time than a Worc ? Just because Mino is AP you think you will run 800metres out of his radar range alive ? You will survive Minotaur rate of fire 3.2 sec and will not Worcester 4.6 sec just because of his HE? Destroyers do not eat well Minotaur APs? Mino has better concealment 400meteres than Worcester ,and you will survive Mino and will not Worcester? Sure you dont play those ships what you talking about,like I play both, radarships and destroyers. You cannot nerf one ship advantage just because they caught you in that advantage. Point of game is that, you need to use your advantage and do not expose your disadvantage. You need to calculate reading map what ship is closest to you and how should you play against it. Main problem of players is that they find themself is some disadvantage situation and they blame a enemy ship because of it. Should we talk about all ships on that way? Nerf BBs AP so he cannot rip 90% HP with one shot on Worcester? or you will say "worc shoud not engage BBs on open sea"? What about when you face 120 sec of Z52 hydro when you find yourself in destroyer when capping, and half of enemy team shot on your DD behind small island and you cannot move and your team just watch? That is all situational not full time of advantage. I can compare every ship, and no need for it so you/other can understand that is no overpowered tier 10 ship. Every ship of tier 10 have his good and bad sides, just depend what you will expose in the game according the situating on the field. I am talking here about that, one ship of tier 10 isn`t more competitive. Now is just a random mode HE spam ship. Not anymore competitive like Minotaur and Des Moines! That only talk about WG . If some players complain against some ship, they will nerf it so they have one part of community satisfied,so they continue pay for virtual goods. I didnt start write because I am frustrated about one ship like you and some others. I start to write like Tier 10 player who play Worcester,Minotaur,Des Monines and also almost all DD tech tree.

    Update 0.7.10 - General Feedback

    Why you destroyed CL Worcester and didnt also Minotaur? Minotaur stayed competitive as Worcester is just unusable HE spam ship for Random battles. Where is your brain?

    Update 0.7.10 British Destroyers - Discussion Thread

    Totaly agree! Minotaur should be the same radar range like Worcester,or Worcester like Minotaur. They are same clas of ship, just different nation! Same coin,just other side! WG make Worcester useless.Just spaming HE bot ship! Both ships SHOULD have same base parametars! -fragile -low HP -good AA -good radar -high DPM -better concealment than CA but worse than a DD That is light cruiser !!! What are you at WG thinking? Every ship have bad and good sides. That is called balance Every player try to use good and avoid a bad sides. But balance isnt make some high tier ship USELESS!!! You just listen too much BB cry babies,which posting screenshots on reddit and showing their 250.000 output damage in BBs, from 20km distance, while "cancer" ships (so-called by BB babies) like Khaba,Mino,Worch need to approach on 15km and stuggling to have 70.000 of damage per battle. Think again and make ship competitive .....again!

    Update 0.7.10 British Destroyers - Discussion Thread

    taking 900m radar range from Worcester is a sh.it! he became HE spam bot for randoms instead of good radar ship for competitive gaming. Why Minotaur is stile 9.9 like Des Moines and Worcester is 9km? Both Mino and Worc are CL, why one is degraded rapidly and second not, or you do it because or cry babies? You did a crap! You make ship useless for competitive gaming!

    Ranked Season X

    Why will stile drop a star when we appear in top 3 on list after battle?

    Ranked Season

    1.Continously lose stars even if I get in first place on mine team! Fix this isssue with patch in few days , and give at least 20days more for ranked battles so we can complete our quests. At least that you can do that like compensation! 2. After 250 battles I drop from rank 2 to rank 7. That is just a waste of time. If your goal is to make players frustrated, than you complete your goal. At least, rank 5 should be irrevocable. 3. Matchmaking system should not just finding BBs,CAs,DDs and put them in two teams. All the time I get more radar ships in oposite team. Last battle was 3 Des Moines in opposite team, and 2 yueyang, so there is not chance you can even get in the site,and ofc, you lose battle. MM system should split ships according if they are radar ships or not...at first place, Des Moines and Minotaurs on second yueyangs and z52...

    Ranked Battles Season 9


    Ranked MM system is just piece of trash sh.t.....80% of battles I dont get radar ship,and playing is just frustrating and ranked is mostly based who will cap first. Other team get 3 Des Moines,and mine 1,etc etc... MM system detect them just like CAs,but that kind of game is unplayable,Radar is ON one by one. They just get on site and put smoke,and you can floating around while 3 DDs put smoke one by one,and time is on their side. Teams should be sorted not by "how much dds,cas,bbs"...It should be consider how much radar ships team get. With that MM system,you can easily go from rank 3 on rank 6,and nice one by WG...you can go up to rank 10....

    Bug Reports

    i cannot reach rank 1 in a one day! that doesnt have sence!

    Bug Reports

    I get personal assignment after geting "varyag" ship. It require tier VII ship but in "RANKED"...currently I can play only with tier VIII,so that personal assignment is useless and it long only 1 day. I dont know is this bug or not, but not seems regular..

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    The dynamic range finder is broken, it doesn't correct for range,