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  1. _CHILE_

    Update 0.8.2 - General feedback

    server kick me every day 2-3 times in the middle of the game so I need to type mine email and password again... Its happening more than a 2 month!
  2. _CHILE_

    Bug Reports

    when you wil fix button bug on CV? if you press fast double 1,or 2,or 3 when sending planes from a deck - game crashed. This happening since CV rework presented!
  3. _CHILE_

    Bug Reports

    It often do when I play,but mostly when I launch them from a deck. They spin in a cyrcle so I need to return them to ship!
  4. _CHILE_

    Bug Reports

    they should give us 1 year of premium time because of that or stay amateurs!
  5. _CHILE_

    Bug Reports

    Is was not just game servers. Their forum was stucked in lag.I waited 2 hours to login!
  6. _CHILE_

    Bug Reports

    invest some money in servers,because this evening was terrible!
  7. what do you amateurs in WG think about use of CV tier 6 fight at tier 8 with full AA build enemy?
  8. _CHILE_

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.1

    Look like WG doesnt sence for balance. On one hand CV is drastic OP and after that is useless. What about a little mathematic WG? You have 25 year boy for senior game balanse. How serious.
  9. _CHILE_

    Collector's Club Launch

    why are those emblems so simmilar? can they be little different? you just adding little on every upper insignia....
  10. go fix MM ....CV tier 6 matched with 80% team which is tier 8......Planes only dissapear... tier 6-7 mixed could be ok,but you make game more worse and worse.... you make OP CVs than they was before,and than you nerf them totaly....
  11. Why more flooding on stalingrad and kronstadt? fire duration to 60sec like BB isnt enough,now it has to leak quickly? why dont you put them in BB section,so we dont need to call it CAs!
  12. _CHILE_

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.1

    Optimized visual effects of torpedo trails and the sea foam that occurs when a ship is destroyed. what about adding a foam when ship have hard turn left/right? example: IF ship turn hard in left side,on right side should be lot of foam on front right side, so if ship have hard turn in right side, he should have lot of foam on left front side. Now you dont have that effect,so ships when turning left/right look like they are sitting on the sea,not like they are 4/5 meters bellow sea. This effect will make ships looks less plastic and unreal. I dont know how did you miss that part of visual effect when you create a foam caused going front,back,right,left
  13. _CHILE_

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    So,where is reward from PTS?
  14. _CHILE_

    Bug Reports

    generaly ,game is lagging...FPS drop continiously...I have solid game rig and stille lagging on low graphic settings
  15. _CHILE_

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    I sign it ...ecpecialy first one..why should someone be in sight when he is behind the island? it is nature element,and common logic