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  1. I see people don't understanding that here no one is asking favoritism by WG, we only ask to play and have fun! So if i am not a good player in statistics like someone "God Player" instead, i'm only asking WG to play with player like me! For sure in this case, i will not only defeat but win 50% instead! Read the content before give INSANE answer!
  2. You are limited to statistics i see... you are completely out of the content, again....
  3. This matchmaking is ridicolous! I'm not a top player, but i can't lose every or mostly of the battles i play. So, this is statistics.... i don't want to play with super players, I want to play with players like me, because if i lose every or mostly battles i play, then i will no longer play this game. Very simple concept: Play battles > mostly lose > boring > stop playing > no money for you wargaming.
  4. Hi everyone, after my first today battle after update, the battle summary correclty report the progress for each voice of the Fly Strike Win directive,....but when i went back in the arbour to check the directive, no progress has been updated.
  5. H_A_R_L_O_C_K

    Chat Ban - Supporto Utente RIDICOLO

    Ciao ^qualunquemente^
  6. H_A_R_L_O_C_K

    Chat Ban - Supporto Utente RIDICOLO

    Oddio che ridere
  7. H_A_R_L_O_C_K

    Chat Ban - Supporto Utente RIDICOLO

    Per quanto tu possa essere esperto allora sarò capitato in questo caso in quello 0,1% anche perché non sai neanche cosa è successo mi pare
  8. H_A_R_L_O_C_K

    Chat Ban - Supporto Utente RIDICOLO

    E' solo abitudine e quando non sei bravo come me, quante piu info hai a disposizione meglio è....
  9. H_A_R_L_O_C_K

    Chat Ban - Supporto Utente RIDICOLO

    Mi dispiace ma non posso scrivere nulla, altrimenti mi bloccano anche qui, perchè dovete sapere che non si puo contestare il servizio clienti.... e già....
  10. H_A_R_L_O_C_K

    Chat Ban - How it works?

    Not really unfortunately, when you ends up in the chat ban vortex, it happens again and again even if you don't say nothing in chat.
  11. H_A_R_L_O_C_K

    Chat Ban - How it works?

    First thank you everybody for your interest in this post. I have been chatbanned serveral times, and i can confirm in mostly case even if i have not written in the chat, and only because i've received multiple reports by the same division disliking my type of play. So, i think probably there is something to review in this semi-automatic system, because if i don't write nothing, but i see in chat multiple messages to me saying i'm bad player, coming up from the same division, and after that i'm banned...something is not good. Another time, i asked in chat why i was left alone capping without any support, and the answer was "you are a wr 43". I tried to replay, but i was already chatbanned again, the one answered was in a division in 3 in my team, and in the enemy team there were a division of 2 of the same clan. What do you think about that? Thank you all for your attention.
  12. H_A_R_L_O_C_K

    Chat Ban - How it works?

    Is there anyone who can explain how the semi-automatic system of chat ban works? Are the players complaints involved in it, and how? Is the player karma also involved by players making complain against other players?
  13. H_A_R_L_O_C_K

    Exeter Parte 4 Fase 3 - Trova la differenza

    Perdonami ma hai fatto qualche confusione. L'osservazione che ho portato all'attenzione si riferisce alla sola fase 3 della parte 4, ovvero alle tre kill. Nel manifesto (news) viene indicato debba essere completata in un numero qualsiasi di battaglie, in game invece richiede che siano effettuate in una sola battaglia. Nulla di differente invece per la fase 4 parte 4 sulle 20 cittadelle che chiude la maratona