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  1. H_A_R_L_O_C_K

    CGD Global Cool Down

    Hi and thank you for your answer, I've tagged moderators and developers, posting here, after support answer inviting me doing this post, because they said, have not direct contact with developers, asking me addressing you. Single fire is usually used with ships with single torpedos fire, in the case of a short engagement (like ad example an enemy catching you behind an island), you would be firing with cannons frequently and fast, trying to switch to single torps as soon the enemy would be in the right angle launch (single torps give you more possibility to hit especially in short distance. Of course, the problem is replicable, I've posted only the last time occurred yesterday. Kind regards.
  2. H_A_R_L_O_C_K

    CGD Global Cool Down

    For those who don't know what is it, it is the 0.5 seconds delay imposed by the game, between one shot and another. That is to say that if you keep the button constantly down or press quickly, you will never make a second shot before 0.5 seconds from the previous, and if you press again before that the 0.5 seconds are expiring, voilà, a new 0.5 seconds period will start and no shot (and so on). Someone perhaps would have already noticed in the anomalous wave event, when on board to a ship that had manual cannons and torpedoes, often in a close engagement changing from cannons to torpedoes quickly, the torpedoes are not been fired, and continuing to press fire in a situation excited, we get the result above, we added 0.5 + 0.5 etc etc and fired nothing. More often it happens in the game normally to those who use above all English ships with single torp launch, same result. See for yourself this replay in the final with a close engagement with the moskva, not even a torpedo has fired. This CGD should be corrected, at least when switching from cannons to torpedoes or vice versa, if not completely removed. Thanks for the attention (and sorry for english). 20190818_114919_PBSC110-Minotaur_28_naval_mission.wowsreplay
  3. H_A_R_L_O_C_K

    CGD ovvero Global Cool Down

    Per chi non sa cos'è, è il ritardo di 0,5 secondi imposto dal gioco, tra un colpo e l'altro. Vale a dire che se tenete premuto costantemente il tasto o premete velocemente, comunque non farete partire mai un colpo prima di 0,5 secondi, ma se per caso ripremete di nuovo il tasto, nel mentre che i 0,5 secondi stanno scadendo, voilà, partono nuovi 0,5 secondi (e così via). Qualcuno forse se ne è già accorto nell'evento onda anomala, quando era a bordo di caccia che avevano cannoni manuali e siluri, spesso in uno scontro ravvicinato cambiando da cannoni a siluri velocemente i siluri non partivano, e continuando a premere fuoco in una situazione concitata, si otteneva il risultato di cui sopra, si sommavano 0,5+0,5 etc etc e non partiva nulla. Più sovente capita in gioco normalmente a chi usa navi soprattutto inglesi con lancio silluro singolo, stesso risultato. Guardate voi stessi questo replay nel finale con lo scontro ravvicinato al moskva, non è partito neanche un siluro. Bè questo CGD va corretto, almeno quando si passa dai cannoni ai siluri o viceversa, se non del tutto rimosso. Grazie per l'attenzione. 20190818_114919_PBSC110-Minotaur_28_naval_mission.wowsreplay
  4. H_A_R_L_O_C_K

    Ridicolous matchmaking - simple concept for developers and moderators

    I see people don't understanding that here no one is asking favoritism by WG, we only ask to play and have fun! So if i am not a good player in statistics like someone "God Player" instead, i'm only asking WG to play with player like me! For sure in this case, i will not only defeat but win 50% instead! Read the content before give INSANE answer!
  5. H_A_R_L_O_C_K

    Ridicolous matchmaking - simple concept for developers and moderators

    You are limited to statistics i see... you are completely out of the content, again....
  6. This matchmaking is ridicolous! I'm not a top player, but i can't lose every or mostly of the battles i play. So, this is statistics.... i don't want to play with super players, I want to play with players like me, because if i lose every or mostly battles i play, then i will no longer play this game. Very simple concept: Play battles > mostly lose > boring > stop playing > no money for you wargaming.
  7. Hi everyone, after my first today battle after update, the battle summary correclty report the progress for each voice of the Fly Strike Win directive,....but when i went back in the arbour to check the directive, no progress has been updated.