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  1. Takethatyoubeast

    Matchmaking - does it become more crap?

    ^^^ This The skill or lack there off is the biggest problem in the game Wins tend to be blow outs, losses tend to be blow outs Ranked game today where we lost 4 ships in 4 mins - that’s game over before it even starts Cruisers sailing broadside to BB’s, DD’s pushing caps with 2 radar ships spotted and waiting for them and randoms is not any better
  2. Takethatyoubeast

    Best steel ship 2022

    You make a strong argument
  3. Takethatyoubeast

    Best steel ship 2022

    Is there any other way to survive in a cruiser atm 😢
  4. Takethatyoubeast

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Always a pleasure o7
  5. Takethatyoubeast

    Do you like 12 vs 12 brawl?

    Can you imagine that Worth playing just to not see anyone 🤣
  6. Takethatyoubeast

    Do you like 12 vs 12 brawl?

    Randoms but without the fun of different ship classes
  7. Takethatyoubeast

    Beautiful - Lindo

    Minotaur has a very high skill ceiling - too high for me and a lot of players It has a spectacular ability to explode when looked at, paper thin armour and is very vulnerable if caught in the open It can produce great results but it needs a lot of work
  8. Takethatyoubeast

    Do you like 12 vs 12 brawl?

    Agreed 12 vs 12 with most players sitting at the back and sniping is dull Maybe they should call it “Snipe and Hide” instead of Brawls 😂
  9. Takethatyoubeast

    "There are no medals for critiquing play, only for winning"

    Well I don’t F£&@ing see anything wrong with what he has f¥$king well said 😂
  10. Takethatyoubeast

    "There are no medals for critiquing play, only for winning"

    Everyone raises good points In game lectures are never a good idea but I can understand why people do it Grinding a line at the moment in Operations and the quality and intelligence of some players is appalling Raptor rescue - 3 games 3 losses - worst offenders sub 42 % players Narai - Same as above I don’t know why some players continue when they are so bad. Had one player over 35,000 games and below 40 % WR in randoms And whilst that number of games is high the WR isn’t unusual If you play a single player game and you are no good then you either learn and get better or give up This seems to be the only game where a bad player expects to get a free pass and not called get called out on it Agree there is a time and a place but more importantly we need players to want and try to improve rather than just be bad and think it is ok
  11. Biggest problem in Cherry Blossom is that a lot of ships won’t move forward to engage / protect the USMC positions and just sit in the spawn I was the only ship near enough to spot and fire and was overwhelmed by about 6 enemy Both positions were lost 🤦‍♂️
  12. Takethatyoubeast

    About BOT focus fire in OPS

    I find Aegis in a BB the worse Even when I have pulled back to 15 km the AI targets me rather than ships 5 km from them I guess it helps the team to draw fire but when you get set on fire for the 10th time it gets a tad annoying 😂
  13. Takethatyoubeast

    Lutjens - where did the fireworks go?

    Maybe you have been married too long….. Ill get me coat
  14. Takethatyoubeast

    Some advice regarding Raptor Rescue

    Yes very good advice I think a lot of players are new playing Tier 8 ships and don’t know the threats or where they come from So I second the advice, stay with the Raptor