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  1. Takethatyoubeast

    Rate the Captain rework update - Poll

    Not played a lot of games but DD’s seem better for me, cruisers too early. Yet to play BB or CV
  2. Takethatyoubeast

    Yeah...now Cruisers are useless...

    Cruisers can still work Had good games in Budyonny and Charles Martel, Graf Spee difficult to tell as I spent the game holding back 2 DD’s from our CV, Edinburgh not bad but no real changes for her Amalfi though - Yowzer, got spanked twice in her Still early days
  3. Takethatyoubeast

    Why play in the weekend?

    Have the theme tune for Curb Your Enthusiasm on a loop and then look like Larry David when it goes horribly wrong 😂
  4. Takethatyoubeast

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Could we have a “I survived 5 minutes” achievement because it seems to be hard for 1/2 the players on every team I’ve been on today Managed to lose a game today in 6 minutes which is a tad frustrating Still, onwards and upwards
  5. Takethatyoubeast

    Does Strasbourg make Dunkerque OP?

    I quite like my Strasbourg - good fun with the reload booster and can get good pens on broadside BB’s
  6. This probably sounds crazy but how about more experienced players “mentoring” newer players in exchange for steel, free xp etc I rant as much as any, possibly more, but if we want the game to survive / improve then maybe we need to ask for things like this Something along the lines of a “waiting room” where you can division up with a less experienced player and help them And I’d be happy to be mentored by someone with more games than me - share the knowledge
  7. Takethatyoubeast


    Thank god for that then
  8. Takethatyoubeast


    How is anyone with 12 games allowed in ranked 😂
  9. Takethatyoubeast

    ARRGGHHH !!!

    Sad but probably true fact 😕
  10. Takethatyoubeast

    ARRGGHHH !!!

    "we'll come back and defend after we've capped..............!" Well I'll be damned, that is the stupidest thing I've heard Agree we all have bad games and whilst I don't like it, I'm happier to lose to a good team than have the game handed to the opposition due to my own teams "Potato" shenanigans
  11. Takethatyoubeast

    ARRGGHHH !!!

    Man those curves.....excuse me, I'll be back in a minute
  12. Takethatyoubeast

    ARRGGHHH !!!

    Yes a carry in California would be hard
  13. Takethatyoubeast

    ARRGGHHH !!!

    Perhaps they should cut the time from 20 mins to 10 mins with an ever collapsing map like in the Octagon :)