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  1. That_Other_Nid

    Why don't we have historical flags?

    Only nazis want to have nazis flags on their ships.
  2. That_Other_Nid

    How and when does 30% discount voucher drop?

    Got one a couple days ago for my third anniversary. Bought more premium time.
  3. That_Other_Nid

    Why don't we have historical flags?

    Why? What scale of mass murder did they engage in compared to murdering 25 million people in just over 2 years?
  4. That_Other_Nid

    Why don't we have historical flags?

    Yeah, it's political, and also just a courtesy to those people who had millions of their relatives murdered in the name of those symbols to not use them. I'm old enough that in my case they were my aunts and uncles.
  5. That_Other_Nid

    I'd love a solo mode with intelligent bots

    But if you have a team of bots you will miss out on games like this. Note the mini map. And who killed the two enemy DDs. Some of those ships sailed from A to be in that blob.
  6. That_Other_Nid

    Subtitles for Azure Lane and other specialised Captains

    I'm sure it's all about stretch marks and the problems of finding H bras as a thirteen year old.
  7. That_Other_Nid

    Is the Asian DD line obsolete?

    The firing arcs and training speed are excellent, they are still as fast or faster than most of the DDs at the tier. The torpedoes are 106 seconds (might be 108) compared to 88 for the Gearing when they are both torp boats. Gearing drops to 78 with the 10 km torps. Yueyang has better smoke that gives it significant protection from carriers, and is just as maneuverable as then Gearing, which is a huge plus in gunfights. I cannot number the times I've blown the crap out of another DD because it was trying to get torps off rather than shoot, or the number of times I've died because I turned to get my torps in arc and ate a bunch of enemy torps instead. Yueyang has 4 guns on the bow and can do a quite passable job of nuking another DD because it starts shooting straight away and isn't maneuvering to get tubes in arc. Realistically though DDs should only be picking fights if they have fire support because in a straight DD versus DD fight even the winner can take far too much damage. Edit. My last game in Chung Mu. Damage farming in a potato team.
  8. That_Other_Nid

    Belfast coming back...

    Edinburgh is a WWII Belfast model, it has the girdle that they put on Belfast because of it's broken back.
  9. That_Other_Nid

    Belfast coming back...

    Well it is their most stupidly brokenly OP ship ever, so my guess would be no.
  10. That_Other_Nid

    Is the Asian DD line obsolete?

    All the nerfs have not changed the PA smoke and DW torpedoes being huge advantages. Play to those and the rest won;t matter much.
  11. That_Other_Nid

    Is the Asian DD line obsolete?

    I take the fire option just to mess with their DC. For me dakka is more a matter of getting in the first shots. That amounts to 3/4k HP which matters more than buffed ROF.
  12. That_Other_Nid

    Is the Asian DD line obsolete?

    Yueyang has been outgunned since the nerf. All it could kill before was Shima and Z52. It still has the smoke, better detection, the 13 km torps and better maneuverability.
  13. That_Other_Nid

    Is the Asian DD line obsolete?

    Gun arcs, not shell arcs.
  14. That_Other_Nid

    Is the Asian DD line obsolete?

    Same DPS as the Gadjah Mada with worse arcs. Torps are the same or plus 1.2 km. AA is better but you ain't going to fight of rocket planes with it. Only actual buffs are speed and detection. All that and you have to deal with more radar and T10 CVs. I don't keep the T8 from most lines except for Akizuki, and Loyang which i got in a container. I bought Siliwangi but that thing is a hoot with a 19 point captain for the occasional game.
  15. That_Other_Nid

    Is the Asian DD line obsolete?

    Just ground that line for the second time. Fire one set rather than two, and otherwise play like a Japanese DD with much better smoke and better AA. At the moment the BBs are unusually stupid, so winning is a real trial, but you can spot and damage farm for reasonable damage most games. With caps it's pretty simple. Spot early and stay out of the cap till 3 or 4 minute point, launch single sets at speculative targets to get some early damage use, smoke when CVs try to attack you. And don't fight other DDs, that is your team's job. You will lose half your HP in the first few minutes of the game for no good reason. Hsienyang has better detection and can keep those French and Pan European DDs spotted without getting involved in the fight.