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  1. That_Other_Nid

    Team Damage penalty and Torpedos.

    I don't think so. The threshold is very lenient since the change that reduced team damage. I've had collisions while pink and famously a torpedo hit that did a few k damage that did not effect the game counting towards losing my pink status. 3 day bans would need to be manual.
  2. That_Other_Nid

    Team Damage penalty and Torpedos.

    Nope. you would have had to have launched from way beyond him to allow enough time for him to turn around and run into them. He can't ear them at that range and they aren;t visible on the minimap so he would have needed to be actively looking behind himself to see the torpedoes and react. The reality is he was responding to something you can't see and got clobbered by your torpedoes by accident. Still your fault and the pink is where it should be. And you won't get banned for that. I've been pink 9 times in a month and twice in the same day without more than a 9 game pink penalty.
  3. That_Other_Nid

    Fen Yang guns.

    It actually works quite well except for being completely toothless versus same or higher tier DDs. I just got sunk by a lightning, the shame is real.
  4. That_Other_Nid

    Fen Yang guns.

    Clearly something is up because they do more HE damage - 1500 to 1200 - and have a higher fire chance - 8% compared to 5% - but their ROF is 5.2 seconds and their HE pen is 17 mm. They could do with either the pen or the rate of fire of the Akizuki guns as currently the ship is underpowered versus other DDs. this is what the old Akizuki looked like, but this ship has 5.2 second not 3 second cycle of fire.
  5. That_Other_Nid

    Why is nobody talking about big CV nerf?

    They were such a stupid addition to the game and so ahistorical even by WG standards. Just let fighters attack other aircraft.
  6. That_Other_Nid

    Worst dd in WOWS

    So dad, how do i get a Kraken? Well son, your team needs to be bad and the opposing team needs to be worse.
  7. That_Other_Nid

    General Submarines related discussions

    Yup, I'm a DD main and have sunk probably 40 subs in this and the previous open sub testing. The number of times I've missed or the target sub has escaped is very small. I've only been sunk by submarines twice? Run in at a slight angle and then slow down and unload 2 patterns on the sub as I pass over will get a kill 70% of the time. A third pattern will up the kill chace to 85%. The only hope for the sub is that a ship on their team stops me.
  8. That_Other_Nid

    General Submarines related discussions

    Agreed. Reduce their surface detection to 2 km and their submerged speed to 8 knots and delete the homing on all but the U 69 for one rear tube as flavour. Hell give them massive AA for all the A/S planes. Currently we have 1980s era submarines with 3D sonar and wire guided torpedoes that are even more intrusive and annoying than CVs
  9. That_Other_Nid

    General Submarines related discussions

    So, back to discrepancies between the mini map and the game. No sub on the mini map but visible in game. As i got within 3 km it was momentarily 2 submarines and then just the one both in game and on the mini map. Aftert I sank this sub I was pinged and had the glowing hull section with all the submarines on the opposing team being dead. Sub I sank was on the opposite side to the ping. Entirely boring game. Replay just for Devs. 20201031_140253_PASD005-Farragut-1944_42_Neighbors_Sub.wowsreplay
  10. That_Other_Nid

    Why is Podvoisky so utterly useless?

    The Russian DD line is a gunboat line. High speed, raining fire from max range is the playstyle. I started with the Russian DD line and have a couple million XP in the Leningrad. That said the playstyle does not transfer well to other lines. I play the US/Pan Asian lines now and have no clue what to do with Russian DDs. I remember Pod quite favourably for it's speed and all 5 guns turning through 360 degrees.
  11. That_Other_Nid

    Tips to get better??

    Use the mini map more. I make mine a lot bigger and focus on that for a lot of the game. Look at U Tube guides from good players on the play styles for specific ships. I remember one 7 minute video from Flamu completely changed the way I play cruisers. iChaseGaming also has a lot of useful U tube tutorials.
  12. That_Other_Nid

    General Submarines related discussions

    With 3 subs, 3 DDs and a CV staying undetected is quite the feat, so yes i was actually kiting. The bots on the other team were way forward so it was slightly hectic and I'd missed the glowing ship bit. When i finally heard them I couldn't turn fast enough to get them out of arc. The sub was 8.2 km away and had ignored 3 closer targets - the [edited]. Subs need shorter ranged torpedoes and that they can't transfer detection to other ships or it's going to be harder for all the non smoke cruisers in the game.
  13. Fat fingered smoke when trying to hit engine boost. 2 minutes later arcing through a cap and hit smoke for no effect because it hasn't recycled yet. Splat.
  14. That_Other_Nid

    General Submarines related discussions

    Oh I agree, noobs with only a couple thousand games should stay out of the comments on the new game mode.
  15. Have coal, waiting for Black.