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  1. Commander retraining bug?

    I have a 19 point russian captain I use across 5 ships, but 4 of them are premiums.
  2. Compliments

    I'm always offended when my karma goes above zero, i'm clearly off my trolling game.
  3. DD capping, in radar meta, is for the birds

    Sounds like I hit a nerve. You are a BB main I take it? Only happy when you are running away, hiding behind an island and humping a map edge at the same time?
  4. DD capping, in radar meta, is for the birds

    Yeah, it's always annoying to try to cap, and lose half your hitpoints even if you win. I tend to stay out of the cap and try to spot, but usually the team is hanging so far back they can't do any damage anyway. What the game really needs is a significant reduction in gun range for BBs so they stop humping the map edge.
  5. Nerf or Remove Radar

    Yeah there are radars, but not 8 a side. As for T4, I have Shenyang with a 14 point captain and the games are a lot of fun - for me at least.
  6. Nerf or Remove Radar

    Stick to T7 and below for DD play and the problem is solved. CLs peak at about T8 so I have those, but mostly I play T6 and T7 for DDs.
  7. "Yes I've heard this word. I think sociopaths use it in an attempt to discredit the notion of empathy"
  8. Submarines confirmed!

    I think that is what heppened here. I had rammed the wreck of a Bayern and got pulled under when it sank.
  9. Submarines confirmed!

    OK, I'm assuming this isn't rare, but I'm still impressed I did damage while under water.
  10. USS Alaska sighted

    Well it's not actually ugly, unlike every other ship in the US navy. I have a soft spot for Salt Lake City, Enerprise and Ranger, but for the rest they were butt ugly designs.
  11. Dilemma of IFHE on the Bismarck 105 mm secondaries

    Yup, your captains points should mostly be going into the endurance skill tree. Add somthing like Adrenal Rush if you have a couple points spare, but you can practically nullify fires with the right cpatain skills.
  12. I have a question about MM

    So, clearly someone waited more than 3 minutes, but all the radar cruisers on the same side? Really MM?
  13. Haida is in shop :)

    Yeah, i just find the smoke annoying. I keep outrunning it and it persists forever.
  14. Haida is in shop :)

    Yeah, it's in it's elemet running down DDs in caps. I find if you ignore the torps and manoeuvre to avoid theirs you can wreck them while they are trying to get their tubes in arc. That said though the arcs on the rear 120 mm are really terrible and the 102 mm seems to get destroyed nearly every game. It is ridiculously cute and it really has it's moments, but having the Gadjah Mada makes it feel terrible in comparison. When they finally do the Brit line or add a premium N class DD with hydro and conventional smoke, they are going to have that ship about 6k hitpoints to balance it.
  15. What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Bought the HMCS Haida