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  1. That_Other_Nid

    Bug in Narai?

    I had the same thing a few days ago. Game ended early by 3 to 10 seconds. I play with a ping of 180 though.
  2. That_Other_Nid

    Worst and best coal ship you ever bought?

    Another for the "Black is terrible" pile. The radar is neat but hydro is better and the slow torpedoes really are limiting on maps with terrain.
  3. That_Other_Nid

    Tier 11 super in burning credits.

    Yeah they are OP credit sinks, WG said that when they launched. You need to play other ships to make the credits to play supers.
  4. Are you at level 14 yet? You might have to play other game types until you reach level 14 and have the tier 6 to 8 ships for operations become available to you.
  5. That_Other_Nid

    Ever been on the real ship?

    HMAS Vampire back when she was still active in the 70s. Main reason I have her in-game.
  6. Last game I sat in a smoke cloud and destroyed one with a Benson. They are easy to destroy it just requires someone to shoot that them.
  7. Yeah Aki, Benson, Gadjah Mada are all extremely strong. I think my only complaint about the opposing ships is that there are a lot of fire hoses, Kitas and Mogamis, a few less of those would be nice.
  8. Players. This is our 3 BBs after a quiet stroll up the map to keep clear of the enemy fire trying to work out how to win now that the cruisers are all dead. The modes are fine but the unwillingness of BBs to tank damage is the main issue same as always.
  9. That_Other_Nid

    the new op is too hard or low exp,shall we?

    It's fine, a lot of people are playing ops now that haven't since the T-8 ops were removed. I'm completeing most ops with 3 to 5 objectives so the base is smart enough and getting the hang of the new format. Cherry Blossom is the only one causing issues because people do not realise they have to push into the waves of IJN ships to complete the objective.
  10. That_Other_Nid

    Ships that Perform well in the new Operations.

    Gunboat DDs and 6 inch cruisers with torpedoes work. Kutusov, Benson, Gadjah Mada, Lazo, Budyonny and Blyskawica have all worked for me.
  11. That_Other_Nid

    DDs impact on ranked

    DDs trying to do anything while 2 of the BBs on the team are hiding behind an island while the third is charging a cap on the other side of the map by itself is the problem. Ranked play is built around DDs and if the rest of the team does not support them then that team will lose.
  12. That_Other_Nid

    Narai orgy

    Yes that one selfish person who runs a weimar or atlanta in every game and tries to hog half of the kills. I've stopped playing Narai because of them. It's only really funny when there are more than 1 and they argue about kill stealing the whole game.
  13. All of this. Save det flags for when you are running a lot of stupidly expensive flags or playing ranked or clan.
  14. Cruisers are fun and quite restful compared to DDs. I find BBs boring and so never play them, besides there are quite enough BB players as is. With only 50 games I would go back to the lower tier ships or stick to co op until you have the basics of playing cruisers. They have a very steep learning curve and a higher skill than other classes except DDs.