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  1. Well it could be a rather underhanded attempt to get the "no money" people to pay a tiny amount for a new ship. As these people might be suffering from gambling addictions or OCD, it is not very nice of them. Overall though, for me it is just a set of objectives to complete with new flags and and other goodies. 1 token for ramming flags means i should have a lifetime supply by the time the event is over.
  2. I died and got 5 stars anyway, so can't can't disagree. US destroyers with AA consumables and their fast turret traverse are exceptional at it. Of course if there are no US destroyers it would then be rather hard.
  3. You can't division with ships 2 tiers different.
  4. So there is a mission where you need T7 or T8 RN DD to complete so you can win a container that is in the shop for $4. Why are you all so excited? The mission does not affect the completion of the stage or getting a guinea so what are you all whining about?
  5. Reporting system easily abusable and kidna broken

    See that is a perfectly reasonable comment. Unless of course you are 15 km away behind an island at the time. Ordering all the other ships around the map for the entire game and then abusing people who don't follow your direction. Then sinking and blaming the whole team because they didn't follow your obvious plan. That tends to get the chat ban. I tend to silence anyone who posts 5 times in the first minute and report anyone who pings more than about 15 times.
  6. Reporting system easily abusable and kidna broken

    It makes them much less noisy, somewhat less irritating and cleans up chat a bit. I only wish the chat ban and disabling chat applied to pings as well. I have 10,000 games across 2 servers and currently have a harma of 2. My commentary in chat is almost exclusively non constructive and yet I have never been chat banned. Currently the system works exactly as it is supposed to. Take the hint and just shut up in chat occasionally.
  7. RN Destroyers

    Well I have the Tier 6 and it currently acts like a premium, so I dropped my 19 point Gallant captain in it. The guns are good, the torps 7 km, the hydro lasts for 3 minutes and the smoke is very neat. Lots of fun and probably quite workable. Looking forward to the T7 as it will be better again.
  8. You almost had a good event WG, almost...

    I got it in a container at christmas
  9. Nah, what is laughable is chasing an asashio into it's smoke cloud with a cruiser and then slapping it about while it tries to fight you off with it's guns. It is fine the way it is. It's like Khaba in that it is a very bad DD but a great damage dealer and irritator of BBs.
  10. You almost had a good event WG, almost...

    So in a free to play game where the makers are giving away free stuff, you are whining because 2 of the missions require T-7 or T8 UK destroyers, when the actual reward for those missions is a $4 container available in the premium shop? Once the personal mission for the DD is complete it pops up in port. It's arrival is not related to anything else.
  11. Ranked season

    Having seen the potato teams in ranked I'm pretty sure that ending up at the top of the losing team requires much less effort than you suggest.
  12. Shimakaze - Deep Water Torpedos?

    Torpedoes will sometimes pass under the sterns of ships without exploding, but it is very rare.
  13. What's with the DD meta these days?

    Oh sure, it just a lot easier with a 4.8 km stealth window compared to the 600 metre stealth window of the trashie. Even Grozovoi is a pretty indifferent DD. Detection is high for T-10. The guns are very nice and the torpedoes passable, but the detection and lack of manuverability let it down.
  14. What's with the DD meta these days?

    Ah divisions. Once we have finished calling each other names and launching torpedoes at each other - which don't all miss - we are then about as coordinated as dyslexic cats. My team XP and damage is dramatically lower than my solo XP and damage. Another thing is that some DDs are terrible at capping. I have the T9 Pan Asian and the T8 US DDs at the moment, and while I can't hit a thing with the guns beyond about 5 km, my damage and XP have gone up from doing destroyer-ish things. Russian DDs suck at just about everything but Dakka.
  15. Z-23 "From The Bottom Of The Ocean" Camouflage

    No idea about coal, but the $4 ones came with 45 tokens, a dragon flag and some other random flags or camo. I used 2 to finish off the Edinburgh camo.