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  1. Nope, spending them all on credits.
  2. That_Other_Nid

    Message when I`m citadeled

    All this hate for using the search function. I didn't even notice because all the posters are current.
  3. That_Other_Nid

    Message when I`m citadeled

    Well in the detailed screen you can see how many shells hit you for what damage. My Helena took 27k damage from 5 New Orleans shells. I was too lazy to check the 8" shell damage but I would be able to calculate the number of citadels I suspect.
  4. That_Other_Nid

    shoot in smoke with DD .... bug

    So you were spotted. It happens to me all the time, but then I know it's another ship to the side or behind me doing the spotting.
  5. That_Other_Nid

    I'm absolutely rubbish, or so some say

    1/ The logic driving some players is impenetrable. You have fun, and contribute as well as you can. 2/ Yeah that happens. Watch out for confirmation bias though as they really do tend to even out. 3/ Dead team members can be muted and can't use the F keys. 4/ Nope, people plateau. I'm old and crippled, have a shitty internet and a ping of 180. I average about 52%, and have been averaging that for the last few thousand games. Other people plateau at lower levels, with the worst actively contributing to losses because they are so useless. Win rate is like the stock market, don't pay any attention to it from one day to the next. Ignore everything but the average in your summary. As a boringly average player with a rocky start will usually be around 48%. Literally half the player base is worse than them, and the other half better. Use guides and watch videos by better players and work on your weaknesses and try to reach that 48% if you aren't there yet. This game can be addictive and a money sink, but as long as you are having fun, everyone else can go play in the traffic. The Advice. 1/ While damage is the primary metric in this game is is largely meaningless unless it results in dead ships. Doing 30k damage and sinking 2 DDs is a lot more use than doing 100k damage and not sinking anything. Most fire and flooding damage is fully repairable. Shoot at DDs and cruisers as a priority, they win games. BBs are usually too far away to hit anything and will often make themselves irrelevant to winning the game by humping the map edge. 2/ Map awareness. Spend a lot of time checking the map. Also keep in mind you can enlarge it. 3/ Don't hump islands. You will generally turn away when shot at while outnumbered, so always try to ensure you have room. This is a very specific reason to be map aware. That is basically it. There is a lot of detail you will pick up over time, but that is the basics. kill enemy ships, don't hump islands and keep track of as much of the enemy team as possible.
  6. That_Other_Nid

    Fiji - Deepwater Torpedos?

    Yup, seen both of those happen.
  7. That_Other_Nid

    Better Alpha Strike Upgrade for disgruntled FILI Player

    Given that Fiji is one of the highest performing of the T7 cruisers and your complaint appears to be about kill stealing, there is not really much to say. It is entirely a L2P issue.
  8. That_Other_Nid

    Tier Ten no skill required (

    It's not restricted to T10. I just did 85k damage to a Colorado which chased me all over the map firing HE. I was in a Myoko.
  9. That_Other_Nid

    Use of Premium Consumables

    I always take consumable containers, you get 3 minimum plus flags/coal/credit. It's the most cost effective way to play the game unless you need the resources for something.
  10. That_Other_Nid

    Use of Premium Consumables

    You mean the endless whining about being on fire didn't give it away? A lot of players, especially BB players, are completely ignorant of how to configure captains skills, modules and consumables.
  11. Regrinding an an entire line with a 19 point captain is just going to start the seal clubbing earlier, irrespective of what the final reward for completion is going to be. This might also be the reasoning behind the rentals, as people will be lacking their favourite ships a lot of the time.
  12. That_Other_Nid

    reward (dds for) teamplay.

    BB players are generally too stupid to understand how other classes play so there is not a lot of support for anything that does not involve spotting or capping. BB "why did you leave the cap?" Me "I was being radared and shot at by a Haragumo in smoke" BB "Noob"
  13. That_Other_Nid

    What is your most played ship?

    Truly a man with no friends at all. I always cheer an Atlanta being sunk even when it is on my team.
  14. That_Other_Nid

    reward (dds for) teamplay.

    Doing damage is rewarded, actually sinking ships seems to have no bearing on the game at all.
  15. That_Other_Nid

    What is your most played ship?

    Most of us have a favourite class or even ship, so lets see your excuse for having no life and playing WOWs too much. 700 plus games.