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  1. Dark_Bishop

    custom textures...

    OKAY... found a way to fix it on the russian forums (thanks again to zFireWyvern): https://forum.worldofwarships.ru/topic/26291-0780-шкурки-на-корабли-от-vikingrdd-anime-warhammer-darksiders/?page=117&tab=comments#comment-4995758
  2. Dark_Bishop

    custom textures...

    So... after installing, I noticed that loading into the game (port), it crashed. A couple of minutes, and a few forum searches, later, the culprit was made out: I created and used several custom texture files for historical accurateness' sake. Apparently, those crashed the game on load. I proceeded to re-extract the corresponding original files, re-alter them according to my old ones, assuming there was a change in some encoding detail or some such, and re-launched the game. The result: Again, Crash/Freeze as soon as one of the textures is loaded. The same holds true as soon as I change a single random pixel in any texture *.dds-file used on a ship or ships part (flags seem to work)... Does anybody have a fix for this problem?
  3. Hi all, Did WG change Scharnhorsts Ship ID (PGSB507)? I'm asking because I changed its gunfire-sound in a mod, yet in-game no changes are observable... yet, if I replace the ship-ID with Adm. Graf Spee's (PGSC506), it works (well, on AGS, not Scharnhorst)... However, both shipIDs used are pulled from the official WG mod API... Does anybody have Scharnhorsts CORRECT shipID? Below is the snippet of the code I use in the soundmod. <ExternalEvent> <Name>MainGun</Name> <Container> <Name>SFX</Name> <ExternalId>SMainGun</ExternalId> <Path> <StateList> <State> <Name>ShipName</Name> <Value>PGSB507</Value> </State> </StateList> <FilesList> <File> <Name>SFX/MainGun/newGunSoundVar0.wem</Name> </File> <File> <Name>SFX/MainGun/newGunSoundVar1.wem</Name> </File> <File> <Name>SFX/MainGun/newGunSoundVar2.wem</Name> </File> </FilesList> </Path> </Container> </ExternalEvent>
  4. Dark_Bishop

    Unexpectedly low FPS

    well, it seems that the issue is resolved... after switching to a new SSD. Somehow that increased the fps to a stable bracket of around 60 (excluding sound-related issues, still going via on-board soundcard. dedicated is slated to arrive later this week.). ...Which begs the question: (I know it's not exactly a "nice" one...) Just HOW ABYSMALLY BADLY is WoWS optimized...?^^ After all, HDDs are STILL the current standard of data storage devices in home PCs... PS. thanks for the suggestion nti9, but apart from a USB-hub-driver, there were no new ones. I keep my drivers up to date since I had a related problem some years ago...
  5. Dark_Bishop

    Unexpectedly low FPS

    Well... I'm getting mixed results here. First off, THANK YOU. The NVidia Panel did indeed have some ... strange... settings set. After correcting them, I now peak out at about 40 FPS. So far, so good. HOWEVER, that only happens at the very start of battles (i.e. there's no "action") and while most of the time FPS are somewhat stable around the 20-mark, it still drops to 15 or lower rather often (i.e. whenever lots of things happen simultaneously, like being under heavy bombardment and suddenly detecting torpedos on top of it). Also, we seem to have different NVidia options panels... I'm not given that specified option altogether, I have to set every option I basically set in the Game options themselves in the NV-Opt-Panel...I'm not given the option which GPU the program should use globally (which may be due to the fact that I only have the one GPU, and no on-board GPU...). TL;DR: peak performance improved, low FPS-drops (FPS < 15) still frequent in-battle.
  6. Dark_Bishop

    Unexpectedly low FPS

    Hi all, I was wondering lately... many things, in truth. However, concerning WoWs, the main thing is: Why is my FPS-rate so terribly low? I'm running a GeForce GTX 1060, have 24 GB RAM, and a Win7 x64. And yet, I'd expect my FPS on maxed settings to be higher than the actual 10-15 FPS I get when in-battle... Am I just plain wrong or what?
  7. Dark_Bishop

    Graphics Issue

    Well, I, too, have that issue. It seems to be contained to Aegis, however. Even when playing this same map in different modes, the effect is not present... I assume it might be a scenario-specific setting related to the scripted time of day therein.