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  1. fourteenfour

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery
  2. fourteenfour

    Can't use multiple Servers log in

    I did not know I could make additional folders for different servers
  3. meanwhile i bought some $5 crates and got fucked with that stupid [edited]camo over and over and over and over and over [edited]them
  4. fourteenfour

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Type 59 Camo is a crap reward from a five dollar box. Really disappointing to see crap like that in a five dollar box. Camo and flags to me are trivial items regardless of quantity. Ain't buying more of this crap. since I did win a ship from a $3 crate I will never ever [edited]play can I just sell it?
  5. fourteenfour

    Diana action station codes.

    Diana, +slot +1000 doubloons this is not an invite code is it? I have seen codes which specifically say they are invite but this one I cannot tell (invite usually has premium time and doubloons)
  6. fourteenfour

    Free Bonus Code for Marblehead and 7 Days of Premium Time

    No luck as well, if anyone has an extra code I would appreciate it. Granted I have only made it to T4 so far but I will get there.
  7. fourteenfour

    Ishizuchi and Mutsu, I don't see Mutsu in game to purcahse

    only fix was to download the EU client. Apparently running the NA client with xml changes to allow region switching does not let me see all ships for sale in the client.
  8. fourteenfour

    Ishizuchi and Mutsu, I don't see Mutsu in game to purcahse

    well crud, I see Ishi and Atago. I wonder what is different in the OS X client? How can it be different?
  9. News clearly states both are available for discounted doubloon purchase but I only see Ishizuchi in game via tech tree but don't see Mutsu. so.... ?
  10. fourteenfour

    Campbeltown invite code question

    that makes sense., i wonder what code they gave me
  11. fourteenfour

    Campbeltown invite code question

    so besides the ship, 3 point captain, and seven days premium, is that all? When using this specific code I thought there additional rewards when doing first t6 battle and similar.