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  1. Falcor99

    LFC. Transfer from CIS

    Hello, eGray You are welcome to join us over at MIAMI. Please see our post over at: With regards, Falcor99
  2. Falcor99

    59% WR, AVG DMG 92 500, PR 1880

    Hello Slayer, You are welcome in our clan. Please follow the link to learn more about us: Regards, Falcor99
  3. Falcor99

    Clan [MIAMI] wants you!

    We are a newly started clan with a decently built naval base, offering rebates and extra coal etc. What we offer: A chance to be a part of building a clan If you are not that experienced we can offer tips and tricks We are adherents of freedom of speech and all that jazz, as long as you express your views in a respectful manner Opportunities for divisions A clan that is eager for CB, with both a competitive team and a more relaxed one A Discord server What we are looking for: Average players and up Interest in CB, divisions and Discord banter Willingness to learn from, as well as help others improve game play If you want to be a part of building a clan, dont hesitate to contact me in game or here on the forum. You can also join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/8YxueR6A2h With Regards, Falcor99
  4. Falcor99

    Give away

    TY guys! Lifesavers :)
  5. Falcor99

    Give away

    Hi, Today when I logged in there was a give away that will span for 31 days. The last days reward was a supercontainer. I accidentally closed down that window. Does any one know where I can find it again and claim the first days reward? With regards, Ultra
  6. Falcor99

    [OLEUM] is looking for captains!

    This is my "bump": Bump
  7. Hi, I am looking for a competative clan to play clan wars with. Im an active player and will be available almost every evening. I have competative ships in atleast tier 9 and 10. For example I have Alaska B, Georgia, Thunderer, Halland, Shimakaze. My winrate overall isnt the best but it is improving fast as can be seen in my recent game stats, also in ranked battle. https://wows-numbers.com/player/549031929,UltraHyper/? I speak swedish and english, have Discord and Teamspeak. I am the only member in my current clan and will leave it for the right clan to join. I hope to hear from you. Regards,
  8. Falcor99

    Clan battles

    Hi, Can I as a clan member join a clan battle division of another clan as a legionnaire? With regards,
  9. Hi, We are a group of around 70 World of Tanks players, some of which have ventured into playing World of Warships. Our goal is to be able to establish our clan in World of Warships as soon as possible. At the moment we are 9 members in said game. Being a member of our clan will give you the opportunity to play division, there is almost always someone online on our Discord server to talk with. We have also started building our base to provide discounts on ships, more XP earned etc. Playing clan battles in the near future is something we are looking forward to. Further it is an excellent opportunity if you are also a World of Tanks player or want to try it as we will be able to provide membership in our clan for that game also, once you have gained some experience in the game and gotten a few tanks of higher tier. You will have access to the same Discord as all other World of Tanks players, opening up the possibility for platooning and learning about the game right away. If you would like to join or have any questions, please contact me in game or send a formal request to join With regards, UltraHyper, Trolljägarna