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  1. kenalb

    Grand Battle so is it active or inactive?

    No it is not fixed yet
  2. kenalb

    Collector's Club Launch

    thank you just got mine
  3. kenalb

    PT 0.10.5 - Bugs Reports

    Dont use america BBs they are useless, no matter the angle you die from only 2 shots from hannover. not fun
  4. kenalb

    PT 0.10.5 - Bugs Reports

    it does not work, the grand battle is active but when i press the battle button it saya that the event is inactive
  5. kenalb

    PT 0.10.5 - General Feedback

    i have issues with playing, i have hannover ready and the grand battle is ready but the battle button says that it is inactive why is that
  6. kenalb

    PT 0.10.5 - Grand Battle

    Why dosent it work? it says that Grand battle is active and my hannover is ready, but when i push the Battle button it says that the event is inactive. pls help
  7. kenalb

    First time for everything

    i know that it is not 360, and know that KF has about 300, but it was angled just enough that my rear guns could hit the other KF, and my secondaries should shoot, and they did until they stopped, just stopped, i dont understand why, dosent seem to ba module that can be destroyed that does that. so that OP P2W ship thunderer has a weaknes, that wil be exploited, i think she is op, she can set my bonfire of KF on fire just by strafing her, even with flag and fireprevention skills and so forth.
  8. kenalb

    First time for everything

    ok ill try to upload it again, hopefulley WG dosent delete it again
  9. kenalb

    First time for everything

    can someone explain how my secondaries suddendly and in mid game disables and stop shooting, i was in this nice close combat wit another KF and with 12km range on secondaries it was on, but suddently my secondaries stopped, and no i didnt push P i know that much, my secondaries was for better or worse disabled by WG and i really would like to know why they do that or atleast understand what happend. btw we won a dd took out the other KF. and i still believe that Thunderer is a P2W ship not even 5 ships shooting at it does any damage. and how is it that with 113k damage and 4 citas conquerer still has 82k xp, i would like to understand how this is possible, i was hammering it.
  10. kenalb

    First time for everything

    that makes sence, but shoulden i hit it anyway
  11. kenalb

    First time for everything

    can someone explain why the ships is flashing and only are visible for 2 sec after they fire, and if you get lucky to target them and fire, you hit nothing i have seen my shelle hit water inside a target because it reappears(get spotted ). at the right time, but why dont i hit the ship? is that a glitch? there are alot of videos on youtube of this, and a really would like to understand why.
  12. kenalb

    First time for everything

    then why do they remove my replays then wiseass, and i know that im not a good player, my aim suck.
  13. kenalb

    First time for everything

    well arent you a bad player then , thunderer is extreemly OP. 100 in almost everything outgun even yamato, 22.2 sec reload of mainguns, and for only 35k dobloons well i have seen it all, and its easy to find all the proof you need on youtube. i havent won a single game where thunderer was on the other team not one no matter what ship i played, i even im my yamato with best commanderskillset and all flags mounted and the best camo. the thunderer just hit my bow twice from the front and my ship was gone. i actually uploaded the replay, but WG removed it something about the format they said.
  14. kenalb

    First time for everything

    not really, a good player dosent use map exploits to shoot torps underneath islands, or good CV players don't shoot torps under islands aswel, I do often see in game variables being changed, like eg. in ranked your team leads with 800 to 150 then suddenly within one minute your team is gone, and with the P2W introduced in the game it is difficult for player that don't pay for anything other than premium. the 35k doubloon ship thunder is a example of a P2W ship, virtual impossible to sink, just played a battle where one took out 3 battle ships and a cruiser that was crossfireing on it, I got 30+ hits but no damage, but he shot my antenna and made 50k damage I a single shot from one gun, I know impossible you say. maybe but he did it any way. ingame variables change like suddenly your recovery consumable is disabled just before a torpedo hit, and suddenly dd guns do more damage than Yamatos main guns, and every time I submit replays WG removes them. guess im on to something.
  15. kenalb

    First time for everything

    well accoirding to WG anything is legal in the game, so yes cheaters are present, or the game really flawed , i watched videos of replays and something is very wrong, but if your stats like mine are shite, you will be bullied brutally and merciless. so for your own sake just dont, the hackers and cheaters will not tolerate bieng caught, neither will WG, they will make your game miserable to play, changing ingame variables, so that you loos like 45 games in a row. tried it myself about 4 times now. logically there is cheaters in every game ever made, and WG is no exception, you can report all that you want, but in the end WG decides.