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  1. kenalb

    difference in XP

    i figured it out, thanks for clearing it up for me
  2. kenalb

    difference in XP

    well thank you for the answers, i didnt know that they took B hull into account, but still it dosent make sence that you have to pay for the B hull twice, ex. french tier 8 you pay 161000 for it but you still have to pay for research of the B hull so why do you have to pay twice for the same thing. and @juanx i didnt know that WG did this. if i had known i wouldent have asked. and if i have all the precding upgrades made , i still have to pay for the upgrade, that is wrong, and serves only greed from WG, ex my Normandie is full upgraded with hull B and everything, so what am i paying for on the Richelieu, since the hull need to researched anyway. if you are correct i have to pay for the same hull upgrade twice.
  3. kenalb

    difference in XP

    I have noticed that the Difference in XP price on ships is not the same in the tech tree. like the french richelieu , in tech tree it says 136000XP to research but when i click on it then price is now 161000XP why is that? anyone knows that?
  4. kenalb


    I have noticed that some players seems to be able to jump several squares on the mini map, has anyone else noticed that, like this guy i just played against, he jumped 5 squares in the minimap is that a known bug? or am i missing something and how can my ship miss spotting him when he is 3km from me in open sea no islands or anything, my secondary should have fired, but it didnt, and he sunk me in one shot. he had virtually no damage at all at the end of the game, witch ofcourse his team won. and this was ranked battle tier X. guessing he is extreemly skilled or he knows stuff about the game, stuff i would like to know too. thanks
  5. kenalb

    My short guide to "how to play Großer Kurfürst"

    Ok ill make one
  6. kenalb

    My short guide to "how to play Großer Kurfürst"

    ok so it is possible, thought i was loosing it and BTW i allways use that flag
  7. kenalb

    My short guide to "how to play Großer Kurfürst"

    NO caouse that would make sence, i wrote main guns and i mean main guns,
  8. kenalb

    Karma time for Karma

    well i will stop reporting people when they stop using gatlink mod
  9. kenalb

    My short guide to "how to play Großer Kurfürst"

    nice work, but i have but one question. how is it that she can easyli be destroyed by a DDs mainguns, wait wait i have heard over and over that this is impossible but it happes all the time, one hit to the nose and boom 50k gone, i would very much like an explanation for that.and how to awoid it.
  10. kenalb

    French BB indestructible???

    Yes i have almost only played german BBs i find thay ar awsome, and i can take down any ship except the damn french, i took down yamato over and over with bismarck.
  11. kenalb

    French BB indestructible???

    aha Thank you
  12. kenalb

    French BB indestructible???

    that sounds plausible, so witch angle should i be firing from then
  13. kenalb

    French BB indestructible???

    Why is the french BB indestructible? i drive a german tier X and cant damage a french bb, i hit broad side after broad side with no damage at all this sucks bigtime. so what am i doing wrong?
  14. kenalb


    Well Bismarck is good, but i DD can sik her with its mainguns in one shot so she is made of cardboard, but not always, some times she can pack a punch.