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  1. I_come_bearing_gifts

    Trade in, new event? Good or bad?

    I've got plenty to trade for an Enterprise or Benham. Oh wait... I'll get them back in the Santa crates. I won't buy them. Hang on, then WG will bring out another overpriced OP ship where I'll have to buy it or buy the crates Well there are subs and they are most likely power crept. Hmmm. Nevermind.
  2. I_come_bearing_gifts

    What do you think of Jager?

    For the sake of argument. 39 torp hits for 225k in damage averages 5.8k per torp. Excluding flooding. I wouldn't recommend rushing a half health BB or Heavy Cruiser you won't survive
  3. I_come_bearing_gifts

    Update 12.5 - Bug Reports

    Ok, I got it. Thanks
  4. I_come_bearing_gifts

    Update 12.5 - Bug Reports

    To be clear. I deselected (deactivated) SIX 20% credit bonuses and it still shows 19 in both the economic menu and inventory (see below) instead of 25. Define 'boni'? Are you saying once a bonus is activated it cannot be undone? If so, why can we deselect and not get the bonus after the battle? Can you try it and show your results? Thanks
  5. I_come_bearing_gifts

    Update 12.5 - Bug Reports

    Economic bonuses bug. The below screenshots will show you the problem. In short, when you deselect an economic bonus, in this case, credits 20%, the overall quantity does not increase. I decided to deselect a number of 20% bonuses but I have not seen the quantity increase. The below screenshots show that after a game the post-match stats are correct for the basic 5% but when I select the 20% credits bonus the overall quantity of the 20% credits has not decreased. This was 20 mins after the game ended. Before battle Post battle Reselected the 20% credits bonus
  6. I_come_bearing_gifts

    Mouse button problems

    Here you go
  7. I_come_bearing_gifts

    Mouse button problems

    Yep, I had the same problem earlier today and posted a replay on the 12.4 bug report. So annoying when it mattered to kill a ship to Win.
  8. I_come_bearing_gifts

    Update 12.4 - Bug Reports

    The left-click mouse button bug returns at just the right time. I've just killed the CV and heading to B near the end of the battle, I'm up against a T10 Thunder and a DD when you guessed it I can't fire. Then we lose. Replay enclosed. 20230529_143623_PGSB002-Tirpiz-1942_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  9. I_come_bearing_gifts

    Restart or Terminate

    Roll back to the previous graphics driver. And I think you've solved it.
  10. I_come_bearing_gifts

    Game doesn't register left clicks

    Yep, that did happen. After the planes died I kept getting player info when I clicked the minimal.
  11. I_come_bearing_gifts

    Game doesn't register left clicks

    There's me near the end of the game flying my torps squadron to kill a BB when my CV is taken out and then I couldn't attack it with my torps. All I could do is spot. There you have it people, WGs way of nerfing a dead CV
  12. I_come_bearing_gifts

    Random Unsportsman like conduct penalty

    Ok, you've just logged in and your last battle when you logged out was in the Alaska. If not that battle it could be any before that. The notice is the normal standard with no reference to what battle you are being punished for. Fair warning though a few players have posted on here believing they were harshly treated only to be informed via the mods that replays do not lie. There's a sticky reference for this so if you want to pursue it try there.
  13. I_come_bearing_gifts

    Your carriercontainer haul

    Yep that's the Graf and devours Subs too It took out a half health Musashi in 90secs. As for CV drops I got a Hornet from 1 of 2 crates after the Brisbane.
  14. I_come_bearing_gifts

    EU Server problem?

    After 20mins I'm in.... hoorah!
  15. I_come_bearing_gifts

    EU Server problem?

    Now it's the first evening of CBs, a sever restart tomorrow, and I can't log in after 15 mins. Here's an image to amuse yourselves!