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  1. CallmeMessi

    Do you want submarines in the game?

    Oh the fun I can have torping campers, hiders, and lemmings. Anything forcing players to fight has my support.
  2. CallmeMessi

    Who should get top spot - Kraken or Survival?

    Maybe we are joint 1st and the logic puts the BB over a Cruiser - I don't know. I just feel if the base points are equal then the most kills should take precedence. If it was one point less then we wouldn't be chatting about it. In the grand scheme of things being 1st or 2nd does not mean much unless you are ultra competitive.
  3. Throw this one in to see how many players get tied scores. In my case, I died getting a Kraken, would you do it?
  4. CallmeMessi

    Frustration with Ranked

    The main problem is too many passive players who go into farming mode from the start. The saving star punishes the aggressive player who tries to get a cap. Let's consider qualifying for ranked battles: 1, open sea map with a circle 2, the ship must enter the circle within a specified time; DD 60secs, BB 120secs (exception CV although it would be funny watching a CV do this ) 3, a ship must achieve a minimum damage threshold within the circle 4, Once points 2 and 3 are completed in five battles they have qualified for ranked Win or lose The point of this exercise is to get players engaged in combat from the start.