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  1. CallmeMessi

    Clan Battles: "Greece" Season

    Try restricting by nation. Seven different ships will bring in the tech tree. As an example: JB - French Pommern - German Alaska - USA Riga - Russian Brindisi - Italian Jutland - UK Ostergotland - EU
  2. CallmeMessi

    Report/+1 system

    If karma is to have a purpose why not tie it to economic flags. @MrConway I'm sure where there are more than one clan handle name present in the same battle they can be excluded from handing out karma to their team mates.
  3. CallmeMessi

    Statistics for the 1 vs 1 Brawl ?

    Played three yesterday. Massa vs Edinburgh - poor thing didn't want to show Kii vs GZ - good scrap but succumbed at close quarters Massa vs Cossack - it capped and tried in vain to burn me down with no caps Sure it's not even, but a challenge to overcome odds against you. When I play a DD or CA, I won't be moaning when you crap all over me. I will though enjoy every victory I earn twice as much when the odds are against me.
  4. CallmeMessi

    Somers worth it?

    Just get it, great team boat & enjoy torping
  5. CallmeMessi

    Dead Eye will be changed from scratch

    WG will reset all ships with Deadeye selected or not and maybe 100 doubloons just in case you don't like the new setup.
  6. CallmeMessi

    :server issues"

    Yep, I can't login
  7. Just done it in the Jean Bart 15 fires
  8. Why would you even contemplate gambling at 49/1 odds? A quick check on the cost of 1500 gold £€4. So think of this as a fruit machine and you spend £€4 every time. Worst case scenario you spent £€196 for a silver ship you can get in a few weeks time. Who am I to judge, it's your money to spend as you please.
  9. CallmeMessi

    AFK Players in ranked

    Well, Today, I've got into battle around 10 to 20secs after the timer ran out. It's happened in every game. Pingplotter was ok Router ok Broadband speed ok What else am I missing?
  10. This replay is for the players who never-give-up, even when you have no caps and down to the last five ships after nearly eight minutes of battle. To sum up this battle; calm (5m), disbelief (6m), despair (7m), and wtf just happened as the game ended. I'm sure you will enjoy this 17m and 21secs of CVs, AFK DD, superb positional play, and questionable risk-taking by yours-truly during your coffee/tea break. Unless you were on the losing side!! After a battle like this, I need to savour it before going back in because I'm sure MM will bring me back down to earth with a splat. 20210216_202343_PBSC110-Minotaur_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay
  11. CallmeMessi

    Is the login service down?

    Yep, I'm getting the same problem. Although it took approximately 5mins to get in to the game. I've got a dual core server gathering dust you can have.
  12. CallmeMessi

    Justdodge ™

    Look at the wake of the nearest torp at your bow as you dodge them. You cross its wake and looked back. That torp is missing. You dodged nothing I would have been If that happened to me. How many others have suffered like you?
  13. CallmeMessi

    Stuck in "Free Look" bug

    Nope not had that happen to me. If it happens again or to others then it's likely to be a bug. At least we have a thread started.
  14. CallmeMessi

    Smolensk is dead, in front of the dead eye

    In a battle yesterday where our Smolensk took on a Vermont and Midway. The Smolensk had to stop the Vermont from capping and with no smokes left carried us to victory. Dead eye Vermont