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  1. Spjuvern

    Euro 2020 Emblem looks a bit....iffy?

    Well as for the finnish airforce the symbol came from swedish Eric von Rosen. He gave the finns their first airplane and the swaz was his personal symbol, 1918
  2. Spjuvern

    2 years posting, WG ingnoring

    Good luck on getting wg to notice you. The community has reported that cvs are a bug for years without answer.............
  3. Spjuvern

    New codes

    tx dude
  4. Spjuvern

    WR accurate?

    Solo wr is the important one. Check that, general one also weighs in division play
  5. Wowsstats just shows 30 days or something?
  6. Spjuvern

    the "carry harder!" thread

    I just feel sick after this game, and no i wasnt deadeyeing, i was over on their side of the map. My team just died and died and died by yolos and botplay
  7. Spjuvern

    Nerf British HE shells

    buff british bb armour
  8. Spjuvern

    Dead Eye

  9. Spjuvern

    Dead Eye

    i dont get that ppl say you have to play thunderer on a-line. Its exellent to get close and then kite, it has good concealment. I rarely hang out in the back, and at later stages of game you can often push. And for me that playstyle works great (mostly....) I think it yeild better results than backlinesniping
  10. What cvs are fun and engaging, all the kids used their coupon to get the fdr this christmas
  11. Spjuvern

    Chat server/armoury solution

    tx worked so i can access armoury and see chat tx
  12. Spjuvern

    Yoshino or Salem for Coal?

    yoshino is not good, long range hespammer, and very easy to cit......
  13. Spjuvern

    Share your Santa Loot Here!

    bought 8 mega, dublons and camos and signals....
  14. Spjuvern

    Swedish destroyers have wrong guns

    suggests småland gets right reload rate....