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    Premium Shop in March: Prinz Eugen

    The Pi Day camos are pretty good for grinding out 19 point captains + freeXP.... but why only available bundled with wows premium time ?? 7/30 I already have 1yr+ wows premium I really dont need more at the mo. please make em available with out premium time.
  2. Yes they should run a test season before they decide if CVs make or break clan battles. Why do it now ?? WG are still actively patching the CV rework any data they collect about CVs in clan battles will have no value a week after the test. (AA,Fighters,Steering,UI, spotting and other possable changes to CVs and other lines) Not to mention if there are still issues with x-server connections, it muddies the data even more. I can't see the logic of testing a class that you admit isn't finished on a system you may or may not have fixed to collect data that is incomplete or of little value. If you finish the rework first then test the player base gets more time to grind the lines. and the data you collect is valid.
  3. "Maximum of one aircraft carrier" Sorry but why if you havent finished balancing CVs yet, would you include them....? I get that is a test season, and that last time there were some connection problems, but why add a broken class to the list of possable headaches ??? Edit: If my team doesn't field a CV will the MM Mirror that ?? or is there a chance we will face a team with a CV ??
  4. tilbury_99

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    Sound issues From the patch notes: Improved music and sound environment combination in the Port and in battle. To make this possible, we removed the 'Music' slider, and replaced the 'Music in Port' and 'Music in battle' checkboxes with sliders. This enables precise fine-tuning of the background audio to create a more enjoyable experience. So both sliders to 0 ->apply.... We should also mention the new Wwise – Auro-Headphones™ plug-in, which creates a full 3D audio environment for the game. To enable Auro-3D®, select the 'Earphones' mode in the audio settings, and experience the full beauty of the sound of naval battle! This has been turned "ON" by default set it to "speakers"->apply ie: audio settings ->Choose audio source -> from "Earphones" to "speakers"...
  5. tilbury_99

    Clan battles test season grey'ed out

    Posted by Crysantos on reddit a couple of hours ago... [PSA] Changed dates for clan battle test season "The North" to next week Hi guys! The clan battles test of the season "The North" has been moved to the next week for technical reasons. You will be able to participate on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (7, 10, 11 November). Thank you for your understanding and feedback!